"I totally trust animal hospital with my babies, they are very kind awesome with them , treat them with care and very efficient "
- Brenda & Stephen Scheck
05/19/2024 16:21:27
"You have nice people working there who are nice to talk to and explain things to you. I like the text reminders about appointments."
- Frank Steinbeck
05/19/2024 11:09:26
"Everyone is so nice. Doctor was very informative. "
- Susan Schultz
05/18/2024 19:06:51
"You are the best veterinarian! You and your staff are very compassionate and always have been there for each of our dogs’ needs. Tootsie Roll is doing much better thanks to your treatment! Always appreciative!"
- Rob & Teri Glenn
05/18/2024 15:51:40
"Thank you for your compassion and understanding regarding our furry baby Ricochet. We look forward to seeing you again soon "
- Debbie & Steve Tincher & Smith
05/18/2024 15:25:12
"We had an excellent first visit. Dr. Presley was so nice and so was Sierra. We def found our new vet home :) "
- Melissa & Josh Cummings
05/17/2024 14:42:10
"This is the best veterinary care I have ever experienced! I will never take my puppies anywhere else. ALL OF THE STAFF MEMBERS ARE MOST EXCELLENT AND CARING, IN ADDITION, THE VETERINARIANS ARE COMPETENT AND KNOWLEDGEABLE!!! Thank all of you at the Animal Hospital of New Port Richey, you are the best!"
- Chrystal Gomez
05/16/2024 15:09:42
"It's easy to see everyone working there has love and compassion for our fur babies. I'm so thankful for everything you girls do!!"
- Debbie Eck
05/16/2024 14:02:09
"Excellent care from all vets and staff. "
- Charlotte & Bob Brandt
05/16/2024 11:30:27
"Absolutely love the staff and Dr Presley. Best Vet I have ever had. Everyone is friendly and caring and compassionate. I had to put down one if my fur babies for the first time ever and Dr Presley and staff showed patience and compassion for our loss thank you all for being so amazing "
- Beatriz & Albert Sentner
05/15/2024 16:11:37
"Everything and everyone is awesome "
- Sandra & Ed Unsworth
05/12/2024 13:14:42
"Amazing Doctor, techs, receptionist. Always treated warmly and feel secure with how our dogs are cared for."
- Jude Miller
05/10/2024 13:57:55
"You were so compassionate & caring about my cat and what possibly could’ve been wrong with her."
- Terry Witty
05/10/2024 11:37:45
"A wonderful staff and topnotch vets who are great with our kitties keep us coming back! Friendly, caring people!!!"
- Melissa &Kenneth Greenfield
05/10/2024 03:32:02
"The best!"
- Pam Peterson
05/09/2024 15:03:45
"the staff has always been great to work with. They always fulfill my needs for Sheba."
- Sue Wolfe
05/09/2024 13:19:31
"Friendly staff, although my dog barks constantly. Took all my dog goodies and gave them to her during her visit."
- Deborah & Darin Porter
05/07/2024 23:40:07
"The best Vet eva!!!"
- Denise Cleaver
05/07/2024 17:15:04
"I moved to Port Richey 3 months ago and asked for recommendations. Animal Hospital of New Port Richey and Kelley came highly recommended. So far I have had my Maltese groomed and I also boarded her there. When her vaccines are due she get them at this vet hospital. "
- June Michel
05/07/2024 13:09:42
"Everyon ewas real nice anf friendly. The only problem was the high cost of the visit, as seniors living on ss and high cost of living it is very hard to take care of our pets."
- Eva & Dennis Ewert
05/06/2024 11:35:59
"You guys are the best. Mozzie loved you all and now Mavy loves you all."
- Bonnie & Eric Eriksen
05/05/2024 17:07:04
"I was very happy with Willows grooming and now will be a regular customer for all her needs. "
- Richard Numbers
05/05/2024 13:08:38
"You guys are awesome and take such good care of both my dogs!!! You guys really saved franks life and I’m so grateful for that. Thank you all for everything Bella and Frank thank you guys as well "
- Rebecca Burkhammer
05/04/2024 13:04:55
"Great care & discovered the secret to nail trim-cheese whiz"
- Steve/Annette Duffy
05/03/2024 12:11:02
"we have been with this office for 25 years and love the whole place!!!!! great staff and animal care!!!"
- Trudy & Jack Pruitt
05/03/2024 11:42:05
"Staff always great with my cats."
- Judy Emery
05/02/2024 14:51:50
"Very pleased with our first visit. Very thorough. Thank you. "
- Robert Kenworthy
05/01/2024 23:42:49
"Dr Presley has saved my dogs life by removing a piece of a plate from her body that I did not know was in there. The doctor does not rush and takes the time to explain things as well as the staff the front office staff is always so pleasant and I typically have to pick up diet food for my baby and they are always ready and available"
- Melanie Schlicter
05/01/2024 21:35:33
"Everyone there is excellent! You couldn’t treat my puppers or us any better! I genuinely appreciate all of you. "
- Donna Marie Marrero
04/29/2024 00:24:39
"Excellent service and care for my little man. They are professional and awesome with pets. They will be taking care of my little ones for years to come."
- Michael Goldthwait
04/28/2024 16:15:43
"Vet tech Lisa can't say enough good things about her. She is very caring, listens, understanding and truly goes out of her way. I took my chihuahua Daisy here and she sadly passed away from old age. Now Daisy's brother Rascal and Lisa is always amazing! Will recommend this place to everyone. "
- Laura Budanovic
04/28/2024 14:20:51
"Bandit loves you all. He gets so excited when he see's where we are. you take good care of him and always remind me when he needs his treatment. I have nothin bad to give you yet!!!! but when I do I will let you know. Keep up the good work!!!"
- Stan Alderman
04/28/2024 12:50:49
"Very happy with our grooming service!"
- Trish Hickey
04/27/2024 19:34:49
"Absolutely wonderful. Your staff and vets act like my pets are their family and take such good care of them and you don’t push for me to get anything that isn’t necessary. Thank you so much. "
- Ranee Dejanovich
04/27/2024 16:53:29
"Your team is amazing everyone is always willing to answer all questions and treat your animals like they are their own fur babies."
- Lisa & Bill Plattenburg
04/27/2024 11:58:14
"Great "
- Carol Tomaras
04/26/2024 15:34:42
"Excellent care, great staff!"
- Sharon Sexton
04/25/2024 16:52:01
"Everyone is always so nice and professional we have never had a bad experience "
- Michael Williams
04/25/2024 01:31:39
"Love everyone! Great service, reasonable prices and wonderful staff "
- Patricia Anderson-McCabe
04/24/2024 21:05:44
"You guys are great. "
- Mike & Susan O'Hare
04/24/2024 18:01:30
"Very happy with the visit. The vet took a lot of time with Angel and answered al my questions."
- Linda Albrecht
04/23/2024 10:54:23
"The staff was very friendly. Harley gets very nervous and everyone made him feel loved. It was very nice to see. Last vet not so much took us a few visits to get him in a room. Vet was very informative and took the time to explain everything. Loved it! I will definitely recommend this office to family. Thank you. "
- Stacie Pesa
04/21/2024 11:45:09
"My dog loves it here! Always in time. Nice to have boarding in case he has any medical issues when I am out of town."
- Rosie Horsch
04/18/2024 17:30:43
"I took our new little dog in for an exam, shots etc. Dr Presley and all the staff is amazing. They are so great with all the animals. They treat them like their own. I was able to get her in for grooming the same day with Kelley. Kelley is fabulous. She is so skillful and does an amazing job grooming. I highly recommend Animal Hospital of New port Richey, Dr Presley and Kelley, the groomer. "
- Ron & Darlene Rihel
04/17/2024 23:29:07
"The only Vet we will go to!!"
- Renee & Elwood Wingeier
04/16/2024 23:05:51
"Thank you for your help with my fur baby - she is a vital part of the family."
- Margaret Penrod
04/14/2024 16:41:17
"I only bring Bella there for grooming and we love Miss. Kelly. everyone is very sweet there."
- Carol Brisbin
04/14/2024 02:44:43
"Kramer needed anxiety meds for upcoming thunderstorms"
- Dianne & Scott Williams
04/14/2024 02:35:25
"Always a great experience! "
- Rachel & Ron Keller
04/13/2024 11:03:18
"you guys are great and your staff are so friendly i couldnt ask for a better vet and kelly the groomer is great too ,"
- Patricia Houlihan
04/12/2024 12:44:55
"Very goid"
- Nancy Street
04/11/2024 22:59:30
"Ease of Appt Professional Care Technicians/ DR Sound Medical Standards Very Compassionate. Great Team Work"
- Kim & Bob Flynn & Dowd
04/11/2024 19:23:24
"You folks take care of us. You do for our dogs without us asking. Its always a pleasure coming in. "
- Susan & Frank Brierton
04/11/2024 12:55:59
"excellent care and friendly"
- Garry & Kristine Winget
04/10/2024 16:56:39
"I loved the attentiveness the entire team displayed to me and the pugs. It was a very friendly environment and positive visit. I love Dr Pressley and the entire staff."
- Kate Cerrone
04/10/2024 13:20:21
"I like your staffs knowledge of animals and care while my cats are there. They are so friendly with my cats which makes it easier on me and my cats. Dr Presley is wonderful and experienced."
- Janice & John Shank
04/09/2024 14:46:59
"Doing a good job. In our case there was no waiting. Came in on time and went right to room. Shots, testing for both dogs, Q&A and out the door in about 20 minutes. "
- Diane & Richard Mierzwa
04/08/2024 20:57:32
"Love you folks. Check out goes a bit slow but always pleasant and professional."
- Kim & Charlie Hutton
04/08/2024 19:42:25
"Everyone is so friendly the moment we walk in. I did referred you to a friend. His name is Titan Rip"
- Jeannie Dutraferea
04/07/2024 19:56:07
"right on top of evaluation"
- Kerri Franek
04/07/2024 12:36:03
"I I thought things went well. Everyone was friendly and tried to give me some ideas about how to get my older cat to give our kitten a break. He just wants to play. "
- Arlene Ippoliti
04/07/2024 01:09:41
"No complaints up to now LOL"
- Kostas & Gloria Ktistakis
04/05/2024 18:40:22
- Susan Crosby
04/04/2024 17:18:28
"Always have a great visit and appreciate your team! "
- Jan & Rob Baker
04/02/2024 13:17:16
- Brad & Amber Frazier
03/31/2024 14:36:47
"My cat was a little bit grumpy but everyone was patient with her!"
- Eileen Kelley
03/31/2024 03:08:37
"Office staff helpful and friendly to the pets. Tech staff did a great job trimming the dog nails that isn't so easy at home. They made the dogs feel less nerviest during their visit. "
- Joseph Ferraioli
03/29/2024 21:07:40
"You're the best and we will miss everyone !"
- Shirley & Buddy Patterson
03/28/2024 14:03:40
"I always have a great experience and feel like I’m putting Nova into caring hands. "
- Starr Robinson
03/28/2024 13:02:00
"Dr. Presley and all her staff are caring and friendly, yet professional. They are very good when handling Paco. "
- Linda Howard
03/28/2024 01:14:50
"Staff is always friendly. "
- Sharon & David Ouellette
03/26/2024 12:34:27
"The techs treating Eloise were wonderful! Very attentive and caring and made sure her procedure was quick and easy. Thank you all so much. "
- Stacey & Joseph Perry
03/26/2024 05:52:43
"Love all the staff! Techs and vet are very accommodating with my buddy Bella!"
- Kathy Keefer
03/25/2024 00:14:06
"Your office help, groomer, and techs are all doing excellent. Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Place is kept clean. My dog loves going there. "
- Carmello Graziano
03/23/2024 09:39:45
"Love your staff. I have a lot of confidence and respect for everyone there. Don't mind paying to have Thor's nails clipped. But I think $20 was a little expensive."
- Josie & Arnoldo Hernandez
03/22/2024 13:16:28
"You're doing great "
- Beth Colligan
03/22/2024 12:09:43
"Everyone is extrenely nice, caring for out pet and professional"
- Jerry & Sasun Lowman
03/20/2024 18:17:56
"The women at the front desk were very welcoming and it was great to have Kelly back to groom Audie after her recent illness. I am always happy to come to the Animal Hospital of NPR."
- Cindy Suite
03/17/2024 12:17:19
"Like any doctor you have to trust and respect them, I have trusted the staff for the 5 years I’ve been bringing my pets. Highly recommend AHNPR. Thoroughly explains each step and expectations of outcomes."
- Sally Weidner
03/15/2024 14:52:36
"You all are awesome and we love the way you love the babies!"
- Amanda Givens
03/14/2024 11:42:26
"Always a great and very satisfying experience. You take such good care of both Georgia and Coco!!!"
- Marilee Hall
03/12/2024 20:33:28
"As always everything was great. "
- Donna Hufford
03/11/2024 11:23:36
"No bads as Sheba was treated good. I'm happy with the clinic."
- Sue Wolfe
03/10/2024 20:41:48
"We feel our cats were well taken care of and their nails were clipped, as we requested. "
- Carol & Ed Bartlett
03/09/2024 02:12:29
"We love you guys. Always a pleasure to see you guys."
- Candice and Nick Kovacs
03/08/2024 11:41:07
"Always a good experience with the staff and team of Animal Hospital of New Port Richey! :)"
- Martha Limonta
03/07/2024 13:35:15
"Dr. Presley is extremely educated and tenured. She’s exceptional with her medical information and I absolutely trust her. She has never misdiagnosed our dogs and she’s always trying to be cost-effective without compromising care. She’s truly a phenomenal leader in the world of animal care."
- April Trainor
03/06/2024 17:05:23
"Truly always a great experience everyone is so kind and helpful"
- Landra Elsenheimer
03/06/2024 15:05:37
"I've always enjoyed everyone there - they really do care."
- Becky Maxey
03/05/2024 20:01:20
"It was great getting Mac in when he needed care, he is doing ok now hoping the vomiting stops😏"
- De Corbin
03/05/2024 02:02:27
"We are so glad that Mozzie had you all for his care and Mavy was thrilled to meet everyone. Thank you from us for being so compassionate about your services. Always so grateful to have such a dedicated team."
- Bonnie & Eric Eriksen
03/01/2024 12:55:01
"Dr presley and vet techs are amazing I wouldn't take my 4 dogs to any other vet. They are so patient with my dogs and really take the time to go over every thing with me. "
- Kellye Studer
02/29/2024 17:28:47
"Dr. Presley and her staff are extremely helpful. I always feel confident I am getting the best care for our pet at Animal Hospital of New Port Richey."
- Andy Denmark
02/27/2024 16:32:43
"Couldn't be happier! Peanut has been coming here for 8yrs and has always received the best of care. "
- Lawrence&Roseann Fett
02/26/2024 17:46:29
"no complaints, always helpful"
- George & Margie Hoffman
02/25/2024 16:43:50
"Always a great experience from check in, with all the vet technicians the doctors and at checkout. I would highly recommend "
- Lisa & Bill Plattenburg
02/25/2024 12:30:38
"Everything was fine girls always helpful friendly "
- Helen Taglialatela
02/24/2024 16:33:04
"Excellant! We consider you one of the best firms we have ever dealt with. Keep up the good work!"
- Harold & Toni Amundson
02/24/2024 15:13:04
"The visit was absolutely awesome! Your team is wonderful! "
- Kristen & Hal Bolter
02/24/2024 13:55:11
"Love your caring staff members and all your help. "
- Beverly & Donald Lever
02/22/2024 20:30:54