"Bandit and I like the service we get there. But Bandit wants better treats. LOL he is always glad to go there. You helped us when HE had his problem with D mange. Also when I was have money problems due to lack of work. You All ARE GREAT I WOULD RECOMEND YOU TO ANY LOCAL FREIENDS. "
- Stan Alderman
05/11/2022 19:44:07
"Very quick and precise work . CuStomer service always great here "
- Jesse Tomeo
05/11/2022 01:02:26
"Wonderful first experience"
- Judy Poekert
05/10/2022 22:20:55
"They did pretty good considering my problem dog."
- Ken Timbrook
05/10/2022 20:38:12
"Kelly is an awesome groomer. "
- Mary Emerson
05/10/2022 20:07:52
"Very attentive by all staff members"
- Sally Weidner
05/09/2022 16:21:58
"Excellent service and staff."
- Marek&Charmaine Letko
05/08/2022 16:37:32
"Doing very well. I'm a little concerned that one vet might get overwhelmed, but so far she is very attentive to the concerns I have expressed. There are so many details to attend to, so I imagine that it can be super hectic at times. I do want to express how important an efficient and supporting staff will be invaluable to her.. I also want to mention that one of her staff members, Sierra has been very supportive to us, she has paid attention to detail and does call back when she says she will. Follow up is such a necessary part of the job.. "
- Katherine&Richar Barlow
05/08/2022 12:42:40
"I have been very happy with my pets care since coming to your practice. I came to the veterinarian practice because my son brings his pet to you. "
- Ruth Zandy
05/08/2022 02:22:45
- Kostas & Gloria Ktistakis
05/08/2022 01:26:30
"Even though I didn’t have a scheduled appointment for my pet accommodations were made so she could be seen due to an unexpected health issue. "
- Linda & Michael McCarthy
05/07/2022 23:15:26
"everyone was friendly and nice. They all were caring and attentive. "
- Donna & Carl Paoletti
05/07/2022 17:35:51
"I keep coming back because the staff is always so friendly and accommodating. Keep up the good work!"
- Laurie& Terry Mc Lane
05/06/2022 18:50:28
"The entire staff, the doctor, the techs, the office staff, continually go above and beyond to insure the best care for our furry friends. We've been using their services for almost thirty years and could not be happier. We recommend Animal Hospital of New Port Richey without reservation."
- Sandi & Andy Kelleher
05/05/2022 20:38:10
"Took excellent care of Chip and jelly as always. "
- Emily & Trenton Bainbridge
05/04/2022 23:10:31
"Everyone in the office is so wonderful and the doctor took the time to answer all the questions I had without feeling rushed. I am so thankful I found this office for my pup. "
- Amanda Littlefield
04/30/2022 21:04:27
"I was able to pick my dog up early after dropping her off."
- Catherine Greene
04/30/2022 20:24:39
"I am so happy with animal hospital of NPR. All of the staff are very caring and professional. Any time that I had to leave a message I received a call back very quickly. All of my questions are always answered and my two dogs love the staff and of course Dr Presley too."
- Anne McQuade
04/30/2022 16:30:40
"I was able to bring my dog in at the last minute and received excellent care. All staff were friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Animal Hospital of New Port Richey for all your pet’s needs."
- Catherine &Scott Jackson
04/30/2022 16:09:55
"We are very pleased with the care you give our Roxie! She loves to come to your office and an occasional visit for a few days is always fun for her! Thank you for the great care. Your staff is very helpful "
- Anthony&Elizabet Bobbie
04/29/2022 22:44:44
"I surely appreciate the kind caring staff & an AMAZING DOC. Wish it didn't cost so much"
- Barbara Pearce
04/29/2022 16:40:23
"Thank you for reviewing what is involved in dental cleaning and suggesting using the dental chews for Smokey's tartar."
- Marilyn Frederick
04/28/2022 18:41:03
"We really appreciate you being able to fit us in for quick refills and vaccinations. Looking forward to our first boarding experience."
- Sally & Brandon Robinson
04/27/2022 21:27:33
- Jim Pletcher
04/27/2022 16:58:07
"You are doing great! "
- Jane Yaden
04/26/2022 22:16:34
"This has only been the second appointment for us since moving here from Clearwater and we are very pleased with the service and care we get :)"
- Jessica & Scott Garwood
04/26/2022 21:05:48
"Best Vet Techs and Docs ever!!!!! I know I can relax because my babies are in the best and most loving hands! "
- Linda Shepheard
04/25/2022 11:54:46
"They’re always great! (I’m there a lot)"
- Jennifer Blanker
04/24/2022 18:12:39
"It was great getting to come in with Toby for his physical "
- Domenica Occhipinti
04/23/2022 23:12:50
- Mike & Lahn Tadlock & Bain
04/22/2022 18:14:28
"I feel very comfortable bring Lucy in everyone is always nice takes there time explains things. I don’t feel I am being rushed."
- Patricia Glidden
04/21/2022 15:07:49
"You guys are doing great. Whenever I come in for a visit I always feel welcomed, keep up the great work."
- Lori-Ann Mckenzie
04/21/2022 15:02:43
"phone call and did a great job following up."
- Suzanne & John Corcione
04/19/2022 21:07:02
"Wonderful staff were able to work with my dog who hates nail trims. Can’t say enough about them. "
- Donna Penwarden
04/17/2022 20:32:46
"All good"
- Rob Thalheimer
04/15/2022 13:12:47
"Everybody is super sweet. They all get along and seem like they enjoy coming to work. And they love our 3 labradoodles!"
- Tina & Cary White
04/15/2022 00:00:26
"No matter what the need, I know my pups always receive the very best of care by Dr. Presley and her staff for 6 years now and counting. I’m so grateful for everything they do"
- Roberta Cohen
04/14/2022 03:42:19
"Dr. Presley and staff are very caring people and Dr. Presley takes the time to explain all that is going on with your pet so you understand it. She answers any and all questions you have without hesitation. Can't get any better than her!"
- Sherry John
04/12/2022 13:50:20
"I had a great first experience with yall. Every one was pleasant and down to earth. It was nice to interact with a vet who listens instead of just making a 2 second diag and pushing me out the door"
- Jessica Eberhart
04/12/2022 12:26:36
"Love that we can come in now! We were very pleased with grooming(Grizzly desperately needed to be groomed after neuter)...Kelley did a great job! Also, Brittany is super pleasant at the front desk! Thanks!"
- Angie Castner
04/11/2022 13:14:26
"Since it was my first time meeting the Dr. I was totally impressed! She checked Maggie, explained that she was going to get x-rays, then explained just what the x-rays showed. She also explained a treatment plan. All of the staff was just as wonderful! Very cordial & you know they love their job because of the treatment they gave me & Maggie. Keep up the good work! I love coming here & communicating on the phone with all of you !"
- Lynette Maty
04/10/2022 13:48:22
"It makes us happy to know our pet is loved and well cared for."
- Stan & Jeannie Mills
04/10/2022 02:06:12
"It was nice actually coming into the building (first time for me). Everyone was very pleasant and professional. Thanks for the way you treat my four legged buddy! "
- Kathy Keefer
04/09/2022 23:04:06
"So far so good. I am glad we switch over from another vet to you. I feel much better about the care Baya & Giugno are getting. Thank you. "
- Charles & Nina DiCarlo
04/08/2022 19:07:37
"You're good. I've only been using your services for a few months but have only had good experiences & my dogs haven't complained so..."
- Jack Waters
04/08/2022 18:05:12
"Thorough exam. Friendly and loving techs, office staff and vet. "
- Constandina/Gary Tanner/Ketchum
04/07/2022 21:41:10
"Always pleased with the care and service here! Your staff is welcoming and friendly!! "
- Tracy & Michael Krlin
04/07/2022 10:49:41
"Good to be able to walk in with our dog Harley instead of waiting in the car. Finally it feels more normal now! Staff did a great job of holding it together and make it it a great experience."
- Rudy Ducos
04/06/2022 20:16:44
"The communication is good and that made it easier to leave Minnie with you. The only negative I had with this experience was being told one time for pickup and then another. It was difficult because it was right around dinner time and busy roads during work traffic coming home."
- Justine & Carl Perkins
04/02/2022 21:10:09
"Personnel are very courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. Would recommend to friends!"
- Gail & Robert Stamey
04/02/2022 16:50:37
"Everyone is friendly and helpful. "
- Diane & Richard Mierzwa
04/02/2022 13:31:14
"Glad to be able to come in with my pup at long last! Everyone was very professional and friendly!"
- Pam Duffy
04/01/2022 22:36:34
"I love the staff and Dr. Presley. I enjoy that Dr. Presley takes her time and is so kind and knowledgeable. Also the pricing is very reasonable. Thanks to all at the office, it is always a wonderful experience! "
- Pamela & Andrew Telfer & Sannar
03/31/2022 01:43:52
"From the moment we stepped into the building we felt welcome. Everyone was kind and seemed to really care. I hope I never need anything major, but if I do, I feel good about the care Xena would have there. I have been trying for 6 years to find this kind of care. Thank you all."
- Dana Smith
03/31/2022 00:47:00
- Arlene Ippoliti
03/31/2022 00:41:08
"Thank you for fitting Nitro in, he is doing much better!!"
- Felica & Cory Fulton
03/30/2022 23:55:54
"Everyone is very helpful"
- Sharon & Billie Ranges
03/30/2022 20:49:33
"Staff is wonderful and thorough! They are very kind and careful with my dog."
- Michelle&Isadore Manzo
03/30/2022 17:08:23
"I love this office! It's so clean and the staff is so friendly! "
- Joe Melucci
03/30/2022 16:08:16
"It's the first time I have been inside since curbside was lifted. Very impressed with the whole atmosphere of the entrance section. Nice and bright and "shiny". The staff was friendly and efficient. The tech was absolutely great. "
- Audrey Zullo
03/30/2022 14:09:22
"I was there to pick up medications for my 2 dogs. They were ready and efficiently packaged. All questions were answered. As always, Staff are terrific."
- Elaine Woods
03/29/2022 19:02:56
"Excellent staff and customer service. Always caring and kind. Thanks for always listening and understanding."
- Daniel & Karen Wise
03/28/2022 11:03:48
"We had the best experience. My dog Baby enjoyed herself and loved the attention she received. She usually leans against the door wanting to leave but not this time. We have found a great new vet here in our move to Florida. "
- Debra Naumoff
03/28/2022 02:16:47
"You are ALL AMAZING! I’m So happy I left my last vet and found you. Morgan was just there for her toenails to be clipped and the girls are just amazing everyone is so sweet and you can tell how much they care about the animals!"
- Donna Marie Marrero
03/26/2022 18:52:51
"doctor and her aid were great at explaining everything and giving options"
- Lindy Taylor
03/25/2022 17:09:38
"I was in the office to pick up some dog food, but it felt wonderful to be able to come inside again. The person at the desk was very pleasant and helpful."
- Barbara Svehla
03/24/2022 21:07:26
"Great Vet! I am so pleased with the Doctor & Staff! They make you feel part of the FAMILY!😉"
- Terri Carter
03/24/2022 20:42:53
"Thank you to everyone from the Doctor to staff, we had a great experience and appreciate all the good advice."
- Trish Hickey
03/24/2022 17:27:10
"Awesome "
- Donna Hufford
03/24/2022 10:50:04
"Good "
- Sharon & Robert Zurfluh
03/23/2022 22:15:20
"Tate has been a client here for over 8 years. Sam and Lisa have given Tate unconditional care and love. Dr. Presley always is on top of Tate's health needs."
- Eileen & Paul Martinec
03/22/2022 23:16:17
"Excellent service provided by the entire team"
- Donna & Gus Nielsen
03/21/2022 23:49:51
"Brought my two pups to see Kelly- they were taken good care of and came back beautiful. Thank you."
- Donna & Micheal Auger
03/21/2022 13:46:34
"Your team is the most caring group of individuals. You treat our fur babies as if they were your own and it means a lot."
- Peggy & Stephen Mandich
03/20/2022 22:26:44
"Good response to a devilish 8 wk old puppy. Thanks."
- Keith & James Butler & Rimmer
03/20/2022 19:41:09
"Doing great "
- Kathy Sizer
03/18/2022 20:46:41
"Ali has been coming there for years as there are other pets before that and we love it just as much now as we did 20 some years ago"
- Trudy & Jack Pruitt
03/18/2022 19:24:48
"Panchito our Pug, has been with animal hospital of New Port Richey for some years now and the care you provide is outstanding, We are satisfied and we Thank You All from the veterinarian to the front desk where the girls Go above and beyond. Panchito's family "
- Virginia Morales
03/18/2022 03:51:35
"So glad curbside is over, we missed talking to the vet face to face. I love that Dr. Gail takes the time to explain everything and gives us options on our pets care."
- Cynthia&Louis Modery
03/17/2022 20:09:00
"We have been with you since 1982. You have been compassionate with every one of our pets. We are completely satisfied with all your services. You are the best. Thank you."
- Antonio &Marilee Martinez
03/16/2022 19:46:35
"Kind, professional,Expediant"
- Don Schnitzhofer
03/16/2022 19:30:36
"Caring staff and informative doctors, I loved how everyone made us feel right at home, everything was well explained and I feel like the whole staff is passionate about what they do"
- Madison Nelson
03/16/2022 18:24:45
"Satisfied with care"
- Lillian & Ronnie Smither
03/16/2022 12:40:58
"Animal Hospital is the best vet to go to. They care about your pet and treat everyone with kindness. And they also have the best grooming fro your pets . Kelley takes alot of care with her grooming and the pets come out looking so good. I love her !! "
- Joyce & John Brown
03/12/2022 13:39:48
"Sam was great with my concern for our dog Rocky. As busy as the office was, Doc Presley took an extra minute to check his paw. With a 7 day RX, some advice for a joint supplement, and directions for a follow up phone call we were on way. We have had almost 18 years of great service from professionals who love our pets as much as we do!"
- Stephane&Michael Barrett
03/12/2022 13:10:26
"Always have very satisfactory dealings..... good service from everyone."
- Ken Timbrook
03/11/2022 18:26:43
"Friendly group. Kelly does such a wonderful job on grooming Molly"
- Jean Jestus
03/11/2022 15:33:51
"Easy scheduling an appointment. Caring professionals. "
- Cindy Jolly
03/10/2022 00:01:47
"Always a good experience when we visit AHNPR. Very professional, friendly and caring service. "
- Lynn & Richard Oliver
03/09/2022 17:25:43
"Everyone from the front desk to the veterinarian where very helpful and enjoyable to meet. Great service and kind to your part. Will always go back for my dogs healthcare."
- Paul & Patti Harold
03/05/2022 20:47:22
"Very pleased with how we are treated, you’re very thorough and our Esme is in very good hands."
- Joy Kuhn
03/05/2022 20:27:17
"Staff was excellent "
- Jean Carmichael
03/04/2022 22:18:34
"Everything is very good"
- John Micciche
03/04/2022 17:08:27
"I am so please with everyone there from the groomer, techs, and to the doctor. All understanding, they explain everything, knowledgeable, and so helpful. Appointments are scheduled well so no backups. I have also boarded my dog here with no problem I highly recommend this place. "
- Carmello Graziano
03/03/2022 11:52:05
- Irena Doleza
03/03/2022 01:26:42
"I love the employees! They care about our pets as much as we do!"
- Terri Nagle
03/03/2022 00:31:33
"Once again we were pleased with the care Maxwell and Sophie received. Your staff always treats them (and us) as family."
- Diane & Joseph Clark
03/02/2022 21:05:43
" I brought in my dog yesterday for shots and nails, she has cancer, and the technicians were really gentle with her which I appreciated."
- Peter & Manuela Rando
03/02/2022 19:40:40
"You guys are all awesome… very friendly and professional. I’m so Glad Gail recommended you and Zoey and Turbo are as precious to you and they are to us…. Warmest regards "
- Ioannis & Maria Michas&Psihoulas
03/01/2022 23:56:29
"Very caring & friendly doctor & staff"
- Steve/Annette Duffy
03/01/2022 23:24:23