"There is hardly ever a waiting time. Again, you took me in as soon as I arrived. Everyone is so nice and the doctor and assistants took the time to thoroughly evaluate my dogs. I am very happy I switched to your practice last year. Thank you all. "
- Charles & Nina DiCarlo
03/16/2023 14:04:31
"Great "
- Don Schnitzhofer
03/14/2023 17:25:28
"Dr presley and staff are truly the best team. I feel 100% comfortable and confident in the care they give and show my dogs. Definitely recommend them to people "
- Chelsea & Kellye Booker & Studer
03/14/2023 14:12:06
"Always 5+ stars to Dr. Presley and all the loving girls who have cared for mine, 6 years and counting. We are so grateful "
- Roberta Cohen
03/13/2023 03:36:09
"Excellent caring staff "
- Candace Southerlin
03/13/2023 00:40:59
"All the girls are very helpful, upfront when you receive a call from them and also the vet technicians. They go over home care instructions and make sure you have everything before you leave the office. "
- Mary & Vince Anderson
03/12/2023 16:09:21
"Friendly and fantastic staff. We wouldn't take our two kitties any where else. These ladies love our pets like their own. An awesome place to get exceptional care for our fur babies. "
- Diane & Joseph Clark
03/11/2023 17:40:45
">Every visit has been professional & pleasant "
- Susan & Frank Brierton
03/08/2023 12:52:44
"Staff is always patient with Daisy, especially when she's uncomfortable and fussy. My husband and I felt awful during our last visit when Daisy showed her teeth, but the Doctor and techs we're completely understanding. We are extremely appreciative of the care provided"
- Linda & Michael Poole
03/07/2023 18:20:21
"Shelly is the best groomer ever❤️"
- Jean Jestus
03/07/2023 12:43:04
"The staff are experienced and professional and caring. Good with our pet and us. "
- Kathy & James McGarrigle
03/05/2023 00:51:59
"I have been coming here since 1983 with my family pets. I won’t go anywhere else. I had one single event bad experience long ago with a temp vet I’ll never forget but the staff, the care is amazing thank you "
- Heather Numbers
03/01/2023 01:28:27
- Steve & Angela Wilsey
02/28/2023 17:55:30
"Everyone is doing a great job!"
- Wendy Carter
02/28/2023 15:22:46
"Staff is very friendly and we didn't have to wait long to be seen, thank you for always being so patient with my dog "
- Leslie Price
02/26/2023 11:05:34
"We appreciate the caring staff, clean facility, professional services from this awesome animal hospital. Dr. Pressley is one of the best doctors my animals have ever had!!"
- Denise & John Woods
02/25/2023 12:13:06
"I will NEVER go to another place again! Everyone takes such good care of Ollie, ZJ and Link and treats them as their own. The Vet is so knowledgeable and she is just overall a great doctor! "
- Dianna& Jonathan Desiderio&Morgan
02/24/2023 13:06:40
"This vet cares.. talks with you and explains. Thank you! "
- Denise Cleaver
02/24/2023 11:24:41
"The staff is professional and caring. I love how Dr. Presley takes time to explain and doesn't rush us through the appointment. We would not think of going anyplace other than Animal Hospital of New Port Richey. Only one complaint, the messaging system. I followed directions, left a message, then hit the # when I was done. I was stuck on my phone, the message explaining how to leave a message repeated, and I couldn't hang up. "
- Marty & Mary Betts
02/22/2023 13:41:39
"The staff is excellent!"
- Brittney Scott
02/13/2023 23:32:41
"All I can say is the entire staff is wonderful to our fur baby Spanky and US."
- Shirley & Buddy Patterson
01/29/2023 17:04:57
"My little guy was in distress when we arrived for his grooming appt. The techs. and veterinarian were wonderful in providing for him. A health issue was discovered. He was medicated and is doing good at home. "
- Jane Yaden
01/27/2023 23:10:38
"Great service......caring employees."
- Ken Timbrook
01/25/2023 17:33:31
"Great care"
- Steve Garrett
01/24/2023 22:18:25
"Our dog Roxie has been going there for 16 years love the care she receives by all the staff and doctors. When she walks in the door her tail is always wagging to show she is happy to be there."
- Anthony&Elizabet Bobbie
01/24/2023 19:35:43
"Very well , answered all of my questions and we felt comfortable during our visit. "
- Brian Kakalec
01/19/2023 22:04:38
"Dr. Presley is very knowledgeable and takes her time explaining things to patients' Moms and Dads. The whole staff is extremely caring about your pet and you. Can't think of any negative things at all. You all are very much appreciated! "
- Sherry & Robert John
01/19/2023 14:24:48
"I wish I could tell you how to make things better but I seriously can’t think of anything to say! Thank you for always being there for my babies!! We truely love y’all!!"
- Tammy Nunnelly
01/18/2023 22:29:30
"Always receive excellent care at your facility. My pets have always been treated with love."
- Marianne &Donald Alexander
01/18/2023 01:36:55
"Great place, very caring."
- Michelle Deberry
01/17/2023 22:32:24
"Always friendly, super understanding"
- Brianna Perez
01/17/2023 19:32:01
"Grizzly had a great spa day with Kelley! He looks and smells great now! He was also able to get the bordetella oral at this appointment...which makes things easy. Easy to schedule his next grooming appointment too. I would also like to mention that I really appreciate the reminders of when he is due for his next vet needs."
- Angie Castner
01/15/2023 20:19:28
"Well, their never is a bad review! My Yorkie gets nervous, but it’s no one’s fault! His visits are always very quick, and the staff is extremely helpful and friendly! I find everyone their to be very knowledgeable! Thank you for taking care of my Kobe!"
- Diane Angel
01/15/2023 00:30:25
"Everyone was very helpful and nice. A good experience."
- Yvonne Le Comte
01/11/2023 23:02:40
"ALL the staff is amazing from the office to the techs to DR. you all treat my fur babies like they are your own....thank you!!!!"
- Beth & Jeff Bredbenner
01/10/2023 13:33:13
"Good customer service & great technicians!!"
- Suzanne & Louis Camp
01/06/2023 23:32:44
"Great staff! Wonderful, caring doctor."
- Michelle&Isadore Manzo
01/06/2023 23:18:27
"The best care ever !always great !animal hospital is the best"
- John Micciche
01/06/2023 17:37:20
"Great care for my dog who is now a senior and having more health issues. Appreciate the care the doctor provides. All the technicians are great. Thank you."
- Peter & Manuela Rando
01/05/2023 21:42:42
"Everyone is extremely nice and helpful. Nyla is comfortable being there. It’s helpful that we can keep in touch and see how she’s doing there. "
- Kathy & James McGarrigle
12/31/2022 22:38:33
"You are all awesome! The service that you provide is second to none. Asher loves coming there for boarding and that gives us peace of mind knowing that we have left him in good hands. That is priceless. "
- Chance & Enrique Martinez
12/31/2022 22:31:55
"all is good"
- Garry & Kristine Winget
12/28/2022 21:01:08
"Very friendly and caring staff!!!! My dog Luna loves the place"
- Candace Southerlin
12/28/2022 17:13:16
"I have no complaints I feel you're doing excellent"
- Trudy & Jack Pruitt
12/24/2022 19:32:47
"Everyone is always do nice to us and our 3 girls Mila, Bindi and Sushi"
- Tina & Cary White
12/24/2022 00:54:30
"You guys are doing a great job,"
- Joy & Ray Teofrio
12/23/2022 16:44:21
"Excellent care! Personable and knowledgable."
- Gail & Robert Stamey
12/23/2022 13:49:10
"You have been taking care of my babies for years. You are absolutely the best techs and doctors there are!!!! "
- Linda Shepheard
12/22/2022 21:11:21
"It is always a pleasure to bring my "babies" to Dr. Presley and her team. Dr. Presley is so knowledgeable and spends time examining the pets and explaining everything. Dr. Presley is also very pro-active in an effort to ensure my dogs are "on the right track" for their health and well being. Also, all of the Vet Techs and office staff are fabulous and take such care of my dogs. I fell very fortunate to have found this Veterinary practice."
- Elaine Woods
12/18/2022 20:04:03
"Friendly service at front desk."
- Paul & Patti Harold
12/18/2022 00:21:25
"Wish trying to get an appointment wasn't so far out."
- Susan Schultz
12/16/2022 17:10:11
"You took time out to explain Honey’s diagnosis. You gave me hope when I didn’t see any. You went out of your way to treat her and me with kindness and compassion. Thank you!"
- Patti & Frank Ellis
12/16/2022 05:52:49
"We love you guys! Your kindness and amazing knowledge about all things dogs and cats makes us the happiest pet owners possible. To say that you go above and beyond what is expected would be an understatement! ❤️❤️❤️ Love Baloo Kola and Suzy Q"
- Susan & Mike Schnessl&Fanzini
12/15/2022 17:31:38
"The staff is so cheerful and helpful. I always enjoy my visit with Kiki"
- Maria Mejias
12/14/2022 17:08:16
"Dr Pressley is very caring and smart..she looks at everything possible to make our pets well...Lisa is also a great asset as are all the staff I know"
- Aimee&Scott Ruppert
12/13/2022 22:07:01
"The tech's (Lisa) were very good at doing what she needed to do to Zoe. She is always so kind to her when she needs to come in."
- Arvella Auer
12/11/2022 19:21:20
"Your staff are kind , empathetic and professional. The Veterinarian is excellent. I have been taking my fur babies here for 6 years 👍"
- Carolyn Collins
12/10/2022 01:45:46
"Pleasant, kind, and caring. Our animal's health is important, and the staff shows their interest in making sure they receive the best care."
- Anita & Wilbur Douglas
12/09/2022 00:32:29
"Doc is awesome, very caring and honest. The staff is awesome also, great place, don't have anything negative to say, I highly recommend Animal Hospital of New Port Richey to anyone who loves their fur babies and need a good vet."
- Ana & Roberto Vargas
12/06/2022 03:46:27
"Always helpful. "
- Pamela Levier
12/04/2022 14:20:00
"We always love seeing Lisa when we come in. 💜 she's so good with the dogs. I never have to wait long for appointments. I have been a client since 2000 and wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Judy & Robert Ludwig
12/03/2022 22:59:53
"Everyone helpful and friendly"
- Grace Cittadino
12/03/2022 20:06:58
"Always friendly staff and great service . Been taking my kids there for years 😬 "
- Jesse Tomeo
12/03/2022 17:13:09
"We love the service our pets receive"
- Jett & Stephanie Halko
12/02/2022 22:47:46
"Love the Doctor & staff!"
- Terri Nagle
12/02/2022 14:01:51
"I felt heard, witch was nice I was not rushed. I love my child and it felt that the staff was with me on helping her. Thank you."
- Daniel & Jen Parker
12/01/2022 22:37:19
"The staff at your Animal Hospital is awesome.... no further need to say anything else."
- Walter Bode
12/01/2022 21:31:22
"We were very happy with the care and attention to our Sammy as always."
- Catherine &Scott Jackson
12/01/2022 21:07:49
"Very happy with Dr. Presley and staff. We have a blind shepherd and a white shep with skin issues and they have been very good to us. We are relatively new clients. We had been with our previous vet for 20 years, but recently moved."
- Sharon & David Ouellette
12/01/2022 19:55:37
"Very content with the level of service and care. "
- Wayne & Dory Smith
12/01/2022 19:23:57
"Listen and thoroughly examine my dog. "
- Richard Numbers
11/30/2022 22:10:24
"Your staff is super helpful and friendly. I feel welcomed and always am taken care of with concern. They actually listen!"
- Lisa & Chester Sapino
11/30/2022 03:56:26
"Always very helpful..........no complaints......"
- Ken Timbrook
11/26/2022 19:19:01
"Everything about my visit was excellent. There isn't anything that I would change "
- Janice & Earl Peak
11/24/2022 17:49:53
"I love my vet techs there the best "
- Steven Evangelista
11/23/2022 13:18:53
"Professional, friendly and compassionate staff!"
- Sharon Sexton
11/19/2022 22:57:23
" I've been coming to your practice for over 35 years and have always been completely satisfied."
- Barbara Svehla
11/18/2022 22:15:28
"Always a friendly atmosphere whenever we come in for all of our family pet needs!"
- Laura & Ramon Viray
11/18/2022 21:10:15
"I could not be happier about the care that was given to Beau. Everyone there went above and beyond to make his visit a truly excellent experience. Thank you all for everything you did to make him fell safe and comfortable."
- Nancy Thomas
11/17/2022 10:19:09
"I have no complaints your care is excellent "
- Susan Stebbins
11/16/2022 22:01:06
"You are doing great! We called in with a problem, you called back with a solution. We appreciate how your staff interacts with us regarding any problem we have had, asks us pertinent questions, and then after consulting with the doctors, calls us back with the solution. You have a great team and we feel like we are heard and taken care of."
- Frank and Tammy Versaw
11/15/2022 18:50:08
"you all treat Bandit well and have kept him health. most of time price's effect me because of being on Social security. I know prices are rising. and S.S is not for me budgeting my income(S.S.) is hard.I have to give up some things to make it. My problem... but you do treat my family well (Bandit) Keep it up!!!"
- Stan Alderman
11/12/2022 15:29:37
"I trust you all completely with my family. "
- Justine & Carl Perkins
11/11/2022 17:15:32
"As I was scheduled for surgery, I used Animal Hospital of NPR to board my Corgi. At first, I was concerned when put in the run as couple big dogs next door barking & scared my girl. However once settled in, all was good. Thank you Sierra, Brittany and April for taking good care."
- Alexia & Randy Sherman
11/10/2022 21:51:33
"I appreciate all those who handled Shadow. Good experience and thank Lesia for her compassion. "
- Alex Grimberg
11/09/2022 02:08:10
"Staff is Always pleasant and helpful"
- Annette & Dean Wagg
11/06/2022 02:30:23
"Great animal hospital all around. Techs are excellent and love Dr Presley as well "
- Patricia Anderson-McCabe
11/05/2022 22:53:03
"Everyone is super friendly, very down to earth practice."
- Cheryl Draga
11/05/2022 18:06:28
"You’re doing rigth,That’s You’re rigth,and that’s the reason for I would keep you for the care of my two dogs.You’re very concerned about the health of my pets.You’re doing awesome…Thanks ,for a your attention in each visit…Julia and Samuel "
- Julia & Samuel Gonzalez&Falcon
11/03/2022 23:58:01
"Miss Kelly and entire crew are very positive, and really take care of my boy when he is in their care. "
- Geoff Cocks
11/03/2022 18:39:56
"Service is very good, just sometimes it is hard to get an appointment"
- Peter & Manuela Rando
11/02/2022 23:24:31
"You are awesome. Waldo is so much better today. "
- Donna Hufford
11/02/2022 20:13:27
"I love the staff! Friendly and professional always. "
- Michelle&Isadore Manzo
11/02/2022 18:00:35
- Sharon & Billie Ranges
11/02/2022 17:07:21
"You know who my pet is and his history. You all are caring and professional."
- Stephane&Michael Barrett
11/01/2022 00:04:18
"Always efficient and pleasantly "
- Katie & Mark Como & Dremak
10/31/2022 03:01:30
"Dr. Explained everything she did and didn't do and why. Very clean. Caring techs."
- Bruce & Denise Levitt
10/28/2022 18:25:34
"Even though the Dr wasn’t there, I felt like my kitty was in good, caring hands with Lisa, the vet tech. I so appreciated that they worked us in with little waiting time. Ziggy is feeling much better now due to great treatment at Animal Hospital of New Port Richey"
- Beverly & Terry Mckinney
10/28/2022 17:13:43
"We couldn’t ask for better people to care for our babies! You have always been there for us and always go the extra mile. Thank you and never change..you are the best of the best!💗💗💗"
- Deborah & Anthon Iannuzzi
10/27/2022 22:20:00
"The staff was very nice in helping me with the stray I brought in I'm happy to report that Gray Kitty was claimed when we put his picture out there. His name is Grayson and he had been missing for a month! Happy ending to that story. Thanks for your help"
- Eileen Kelley
10/27/2022 19:56:17