"You are the best vet I have ever been with. You all are so kind and wonderful! You all truly care about my baby and it is felt. Service is perfect and pricing is so appreciated. Thank you !"
- Deborah & Jim Geoghegan
10/05/2021 15:24:36
"All went good. Dr spent plenty of time with me. Went over all my concerns. The only thing I would like to say is have a summary of the days appointment."
- Andrea Farwell
10/04/2021 18:59:58
"I hate not going in with my pet. "
- Ben DiGregorio
10/03/2021 22:11:46
"My visit with my cat was good. I just wish my cat wasn't so mean when ppl are trying to help her, but she doesn't know that. Well trying again and see you next week. Hope all goes well and my cats issue is resolved. Appreciate the staffs time and patience 🙏 "
- Janice Shank
10/02/2021 02:00:48
"Good visit. Quick and efficient. I like to get things done quickly. "
- Rudy Ducos
10/01/2021 22:17:21
"I love you guys but I hate the parking lot separation from Pepper and Dr Pressley when visiting for her examinations. It’s especially troublesome with my senior pup. "
- Ralph & Adey Reyes
09/30/2021 22:07:44
"You have always been excellent in the 20+ years we have been using your services. You've treated our dogs throughout their lives and we're most compassionate at the end of them. We could not appreciate you more. Thank you."
- Sandi & Andy Kelleher
09/28/2021 17:07:20
"Never had a problem with this Vet. Always treated with kindness and good with my pets."
- Sue Wolfe
09/27/2021 00:03:33
"Excellent "
- Robert Thompson
09/26/2021 17:29:21
"Everything is satisfactory...... no complaints ...."
- Ken Timbrook
09/25/2021 20:49:57
"Absolutely wonderful staff and doctors "
- Lisa & Bill Plattenburg
09/25/2021 10:20:05
"Kim is always ready for us when picking up meds."
- Stephane&Michael Barrett
09/24/2021 19:59:57
"While I understand the need for curbside visits, I do miss coming into the office with my babies and interacting with the doctors and techs. I always feel iike my pets are being given the best care at the Animal Hospital of NPR and that the employees really care about their patients!"
- Pat & Larry Zimdahl
09/22/2021 23:43:23
"Very good experience "
- Pam Duffy
09/22/2021 19:42:33
"Everything is good "
- Alex & Martha Grimberg
09/22/2021 18:36:48
"The vet techs are always so friendly and I got to meet the new Vet for the first time this visit, he was very upfront and told us everything we needed to know about Our pets visit. "
- Dawn Stevens
09/19/2021 19:55:48
"I feel my Sammy is getting excellent medical care with the staff at Animal Hospital of New Port Richey. I would prefer to come inside the office with my dog during visit as it is easier to ask questions and express any concerns."
- Catherine &Scott Jackson
09/18/2021 21:17:50
"No bad all excellent staff."
- Shirley & Buddy Patterson
09/18/2021 18:06:28
"Always a great experience with any of my pets"
- Jeanette Przybyszewski
09/18/2021 03:45:09
"We love Dr. Presley! She is great with our pup!"
- Emily Delgado
09/17/2021 21:36:31
"Tex has been a patient at the faculty for several years for everything from routine checkups, to regular grooming maintenance to a couple of oral procedures. The staff has always been attentive, caring and professional. "
- Richard Murray
09/17/2021 20:16:32
"Everyone at your clinic is so knowledgable and helpful and its such a great change of pace for my family and pets because of all the other bad experiences with other vets. You treated my cat Percy for a UTI without being able to test him unlike others vets that refused for the past 2 years and he has already started showing improvement. He rarely came around us the last 2 years and he cuddled up in bed with us last night after the medicine you gave him at the clinic. Percy thanks you and so do we."
- Ricky Haviland
09/16/2021 23:13:58
"We think you guys are doing a fantastic job ! "
- Lynn Heck
09/15/2021 20:47:04
"no problems"
- Rollin & Rhonda O'Dell
09/15/2021 20:44:18
"The techs are very helpful and friendly, its just a pain in the neck with all these rules from this Covid crap, nothing due to anyones fault at the clinic."
- Tony & Audrey Bucaro & Guinn
09/09/2021 19:20:37
"I love Chewy! I also work for an Animal Shelter where we have residents bring us food if there was a shipping error. A very nice service. "
- Diane & Frank Oberlander
09/09/2021 19:14:59
"I met the new vet with this last pet issue Speaking with him , I glad my babies will be in great hands. "
- Monique & Shawn Connolly
09/09/2021 19:10:52
"Staff persons are always friendly and helpful."
- Theresa Mitchka
09/04/2021 20:54:31
"We've been using the Animal Hospital of NPR since moving here in 2018 and love their services....they truly take the best care of our two dogs as though they were in their family. The doctors and staff are all very knowledgeable and caring individuals and really do care for our pets. We highly recommend Animal Hospital of NPR for all your pet needs."
- Peter & Donna Del Pietro
09/04/2021 20:43:02
"I know my little Boston is in great hands "
- Lisa Coyle
09/04/2021 12:58:52
"We are very pleased and your staff is awesome. Very helpful and answer all questions. "
- Carmello Graziano
09/04/2021 08:10:17
"Fast appointment. Met me in the parking lot on time . Friendly and professional!!!"
- Gregg Persons
09/04/2021 01:29:22
"Everyone is nice and knowligable and caring and Expediant . For a fair price"
- Don Schnitzhofer
09/03/2021 16:53:38
"Always a great experience. I believe all of you love our pets as much as we do!!!"
- Tina & Jim Kristoff
09/01/2021 17:30:24
"I didn’t like the curbside service. However, Dr. Blanchard changed all that for me when he joined the office. The fact that he takes the time to come out and explain what the problem is. "
- Pam Larkin
08/31/2021 19:24:38
"Everything is fine I need to stop by as I forgot to get flea meds"
- George Westermann
08/31/2021 18:14:19
"Very knowledgeable, courteous! Easy to get appointments!"
- Gail & Robert Stamey
08/27/2021 18:18:00
"It was a great visit. Of course I was confused at first how the exam would be done in my vehicle but then when I got there they take your pet inside it was a little hard at first because I'd never been there and I didn't want Monte to be scared but the staff seems so great and he was fine. Looking forward to coming inside .... someday ."
- Heather Renna
08/26/2021 23:50:50
"Always treat Mei-Li great and always friendly!"
- Angela & Terry Stringer
08/26/2021 22:05:56
"Really appreciated the personal and professional feedback from Vet Tech, Lisa, as well as the medical notes and recommendations from Dr. Presley. Always appreciate the kindness shown to the pets and to me."
- Elaine Woods
08/26/2021 21:30:20
"I think it would be better if we could come in with our pets. It would be easier to ask questions about the recommendations."
- Angie Castner
08/26/2021 20:11:27
"My experience was very positive the appointment process was fairly simple and I appreciated the transparency regarding cost. I would recommend this vet to anyone looking for a new one."
- Brooke Banfield
08/26/2021 19:32:26
"The wait was extended yesterday, but I presume that was either caused by an emergency or a shortage of staff."
- Jo Raley
08/25/2021 16:44:35
"Well I am very happy that my pets are in great hands. Samantha is one of my favorites and Doc Presley is the best however I met with Doctor Blanchard for the first time Saturday and I am very impressed. Thank you for making my fur babies comfortable for there doctor visit."
- Elizabeth Simmons
08/23/2021 13:24:25
"Very happy with our first visit and looking forward to future ones. Even with curbside appointments I didn’t have any concerns. The technician and Vet answered all my questions. "
- Teresa & Wally Rusciano
08/22/2021 23:42:27
"Kelly does a fantastic job grooming Molly. She is very caring and friendly."
- Jean Jestus
08/22/2021 16:43:31
"The whole staff is great. Chinook is nervous but the staff makes him calm and his experience is good. No trama"
- Vicky & Mark Krajicek
08/22/2021 01:50:56
"I believe the vets and staff at Animal Hosp of NPR are extremely knowledgeable and caring of all their patients. I certainly am grateful for the care my pets get."
- Maryann &Richard Knight
08/21/2021 15:29:35
"You are awesome!!!"
- Donna Hufford
08/21/2021 10:19:53
"The staff was very kind as well as the doctor, thank you so much for helping my boy!"
- Landra Elsenheimer
08/20/2021 19:11:13
"On time, friendly and accurate with my little guy's grooming appointment with Kelly."
- Jane Yaden
08/20/2021 18:12:25
"I was very pleased that the Doctor and the assistants gave my Misha wonderful care . The last Vet I went to did not seem to care if he got better or not when he had digestive troubles. I had to find solutions on my own. You guys jumped right in and told m what was wrong and how to fix it."
- Mary Ziegler
08/20/2021 16:14:47
"Took in our dog for annual checkup, Dr Blanchard took time to explain the best option to deal with our dog eye issue. The technician Lisa is always great."
- Peter & Manuela Rando
08/17/2021 16:41:50
"You have always taken the very best care of my dogs, and Zoey is no exception. I have vets that are closer to home, but I would never consider changing."
- Tracy Knight
08/16/2021 11:55:51
"You guys are great"
- Megan & Ben Depecol
08/15/2021 02:28:07
"Service is always good."
- Lisa Huston
08/13/2021 21:50:43
"DOC is feeling much better. Sleep has been uninterrupted without licking. Taking all meds without trouble"
- Louise & Craig Levine
08/13/2021 20:20:57
"No wait time. Dr Blanchard and Lisa were very thorough , professional and answered all of our questions. Ziggy is in good hands at tbe Animal Hospital of NP R!! "
- Beverly & Terry Mckinney
08/13/2021 16:34:21
"Missy RECIEVED caring and gentle treatment "
- Elizabeth Daley
08/13/2021 11:42:57
"Lisa is awesome!!! so caring listens to my concerns and loves my dogs!! she is a true asset to the Hospital. thanks to all the staff.....everyone goes above and beyond"
- Beth & Jeff Bredbenner
08/12/2021 10:45:20
"You are doing great. Everybody came out to the car to talk, get Max & told us how the exam went in the pouring rain."
- Jim & Laura McFadyen & Novak
08/10/2021 22:29:55
- Dolores Kaczmarowski
08/10/2021 22:22:55
"The curbside service is o.k. but being involved with the Dr. and staff while examining our pet is still a better option. I look forward to the day when we can do this again."
- Leona & Harold Peterson
08/07/2021 14:32:04
"Has always been good"
- Joan Sutton
08/06/2021 20:58:51
"Doctor and staff great!!!"
- Laura Livio
08/06/2021 01:06:49
"Wonderful as always. Love how personal our doctor is. He truly cares."
- Joseph Everard
08/05/2021 22:04:59
"Would like to be with our pets during the exam. Don't mind wearing a mask or whatever is necessary."
- Steve Garrett
08/04/2021 13:19:58
"I love all the ladies and so do my boys! They truly care about my boys! Always an amazing experience"
- Sierra Lewis
08/03/2021 01:53:18
"It is always a pleasure seeing everyone again. Winston feels as comfortable as he can get when visiting. He enjoyed meeting Kevin, and hopes to see him on his next visit. "
- Anita & Wilbur Douglas
07/31/2021 13:47:39
"I was a little put off . Curb service for my pet which is like family. how would you feel if a family member went to aplace and you were left standing in a parking lot. I understand the covid 19 thing . but i got vacinated and had a mask. the doctor came out after wards and visited. He was very helpful in giving information. So I was pleased with the service of the place. {except} Maybe it was the time of day. Early"
- Stan Alderman
07/30/2021 21:21:39
"The staff are compassionate professional and caring."
- Wanda Weber
07/30/2021 20:41:04
"We have boarded macy and lucy twice and have had the best experience. When we were away we did not have any worries because we knew the pups were well taken care of. Thank you"
- Sheryl De Stefano
07/28/2021 22:44:19
"Friendly staff that truly cares for your pet"
- David & Carol Rice-Mc Nabb
07/28/2021 22:27:20
"Staff was great! Service and communication were phenomenal! Couldn’t ask for a better vet to take care of my fur baby! "
- Adrianna Dennis
07/28/2021 16:48:19
"Shai has never been healthier and happier since joining your family 5 1/2 years ago. Going strong at 15! She’s in great hands and we’re grateful for all you do "
- Roberta Cohen
07/25/2021 04:18:39
"Great care and expedient service on medications. Thanks."
- Keith & James Butler & Rimmer
07/24/2021 22:11:28
"The care given to Jazzy was excellent, as usual. Sam is a fantastic tech, and the entire staff is top notch. While the clinic's protocol certainly has been necessary during the pandemic, I am eagerly awaiting the day when we once again can accompany our pets during their appointments!"
- Melissa &Kenneth Greenfield
07/23/2021 16:14:15
"Would prefer to come in with my pets but I understand why you are doing curbside. Will this practice ever revert back to bringing our pets in and actually seeing the vet?"
- Joy Kuhn
07/23/2021 09:02:32
"I really like to come inside with my cat! I hope you will open the waiting room soon."
- Janet Zimmer
07/22/2021 05:16:36
"Our fur baby is handled with care we feel confident with discussing any issues about our gur baby with the Dr. & staff they have always been pleasant when calling & respond to anything we need that day or within 24 hrs "
- Mary and Russ Chambe
07/20/2021 20:08:03
"The Doctors and staff are great !"
- John Dibble
07/19/2021 03:18:10
"Everything is wonder except Waiting in the car. I understand since it was explained to me."
- Cheryl & Michael Rebik
07/17/2021 23:17:05
"Animal Hospital of NPR is the best place to take your pets. Very kind people and your pet will get the best care . "
- Joyce & John Brown
07/16/2021 23:40:32
"Even though we still have to wait outside while you examine our pets the service is excellent the doctor and his assistant comes out in a timely manner."
- Danielle Bomin
07/16/2021 12:10:27
"We had a good first visit with Dr.Blanchard. He listened well to our concerns and followed through today with a call to our home. Good communication helps to ease our worries and allows us to deal with the risks better. Thank you for your concern."
- Stan & Jeannie Mills
07/15/2021 20:09:06
"I like that you take the time to listen to us when we talk."
- Donna & Carl Paoletti
07/15/2021 20:07:20
"Wish we could have gone inside for Bug's first kitten visit. Otherwise, all went very well and the curbside visit was very efficient. "
- Valarie Monopoli
07/15/2021 19:10:03
"Good just waiting for the day people can go back in the office instead of curbside "
- Theresa Weisberg
07/14/2021 13:56:37
"No complaints......just wish you would do away with the curbside system. It is always good to be able to accompany your pet for her visit. "
- Ken Timbrook
07/13/2021 20:53:21
"We are relatively new to your practice and were referred by our neighbors, Jim and Joanne Kowalski. We have nothing but great things to say about your service and staff -- very satisfied and happy we found a place to care for our wonderful dog, Stormy!"
- Debbie Ignacz
07/13/2021 20:51:40
"Doing well not liking have to stay out in my car, like to be with my pet"
- Joy & Ray Teofrio
07/12/2021 09:33:40
"You didn't have me bring Punkin in since she's so frightened when she visits. I picked up medicine and have been in contact with the office. You have been so nice, so helpful. This has been so hard having her sick and your support is so appreciated!!"
- Angie & Gregory Cooper
07/10/2021 17:17:29
"Doing Great "
- Ed Peters
07/08/2021 23:48:05
"It’s time to allow owners back in with our pets so we can discuss problems with the doctor face to facec"
- Ben DiGregorio
07/04/2021 18:38:20
"Our 3 fur babies have been well cared for. Thank u for always taking care of them..for surgeries and the basic needs."
- Melanie Schlicter
07/04/2021 15:53:36
"I have been pleased with Roxie's care at your place. Wish it didn't have to be curbside but the people that have taken her in and brought her out seem to be very caring of the animals. Roxie is understandably nervous since these are people she is not familiar and so far someone different each time. But I like the time taken to explain what was done, etc. Glad we chose your place last year when we first moved to Port richey. "
- Audrey Zullo
07/03/2021 20:20:22
"Everything about the visit was great. Thank you!!!"
- Jessica Detwiler
07/02/2021 22:04:46
"Been bringing Sammy here since he was a puppy 10years now would never consider taking him any where else great care and a great place to get him groomed"
- Frances & Jack Brandt
07/02/2021 01:03:35
"Always friendly and helpful staff. Our dog loves visiting. Great services provided. "
- Dianne Sullivan
07/01/2021 21:38:17
"Our visits are usually quick and easy! Always has been a good experience for us owners - pets would disagree "
- Linda Gardner
07/01/2021 20:18:16