"I love taking my babies here because they always been treated right with love, care like I do they always give me the best advise to help them with what I need "
- Brenda & Stephen Scheck
09/25/2023 10:24:14
"My fur baby is treated with TLC & we are reminded of any upcoming appointments so he never falls behind in his care"
- Mary and Russ Chambe
09/23/2023 20:16:45
"You're doing great! "
- Rita & John Schwier
09/22/2023 23:25:24
"Came in there with a newborn & a kitten without a crate -bad choice lol-. The staff helped me keep pumpkin tame & watched my baby so I can make him a bottle. They gave me private time so I can get him situated. The vet gave me information to where wasn’t wasting money but still got the help my kitten needs. The staff swapped baby stories & animal stories so I felt like we were all friends lol"
- Dylan & Chalsea Bowers/Snellenbe
09/21/2023 16:41:37
"Kelley the groomer did a fantastic job grooming Sasha. Sierra and all the office staff are very polite and helpful. "
- Vicky & Michael Tantillo
09/20/2023 20:09:53
"With having 8 Pomeranians and being seniors , and a husband on a walker, you are always there to help when we come in. Although we just bring 2 at a time in a dog stroller so we do fill the room . Everyone is very friendly and its always a pleasure. "
- Susan & Frank Brierton
09/20/2023 18:16:44
"everything is good"
- Garry & Kristine Winget
09/20/2023 13:22:08
"Always a great experience. Everyone always takes such good care of our pet"
- Lisa & Bill Plattenburg
09/19/2023 19:37:20
"Very friendly and professional."
- Barbara MacGillivray
09/19/2023 15:20:55
"The staff at Animal Hospital of New Port Richey are friendly and knowledgeable. We were there this time for a quick visit; our dog just needed a nail trim and we picked up medication. We appreciate how they tried to calm our dog, who hates nail trims. "
- Joanne & Jim Kowalski
09/18/2023 16:06:13
"Always a great vet . Always smiling, friendly and knowledge. I love them . "
- Joyce & John Brown
09/17/2023 19:27:45
"Professional, friendly and caring staff."
- Sharon Sexton
09/16/2023 22:09:08
"Everyone was helpful n efficient."
- Susan Crosby
09/15/2023 23:29:03
"The staff is wonderful! They are so good with our dogs!"
- Ray & Susan Sillence
09/15/2023 02:46:57
"I’ve had some awful vet experiences in the past, but Animal Hospital of New Port Richey has restored my trust & faith in Veterinary clinics! I always feel like my dog and I are part of a family when we walk in. Everyone is so welcoming and kind. "
- Cara & Tad Clements
09/14/2023 12:24:38
"I really love bringing Kobe to see everyone there. The entire staff is so caring for all that Kobe needs. The Dr. Is very caring, and gets right to the point of all of my Yorkies issues. I would never leave The Animal Hospital, they really are the best."
- Diane Angel
09/14/2023 03:40:45
"We were getting hair cuts & this lady was talking about how great her work is. Conversation included animals etc. When she was leaving I ask if she was a Vet. She replied, a tech. I asked who & she told me. We were not happy with current Vet, and decided to try you. It was an enjoyable experience & we are glad we made the decision."
- Nadia & Wanda Miles-Thomas
09/13/2023 22:01:11
"I am so appreciative of the care my Papillon receives from all the staff. Thank you for your responsiveness, attentiveness, knowledge and superior care delivery. Keep up the good works!"
- Nicole Schaeffer
09/13/2023 14:08:48
"I called on a Monday morning not knowing if I would be able to have Momma Kitty seen by a vet. You were so kind and accommodating to me and I was able to have my cat seen and the appropriate treatment ensued for her. You are all so kind and thoughtful and I’ve referred my friends to your clinic."
- Terry Witty
09/13/2023 11:18:40
"The company is doing great. The only problem is you’re to booked . Need more help. Not enough of you to go around. Clone some of you"
- Kathy Sizer
09/12/2023 12:52:35
"We were there for grooming with Kelly. She’s awesome. My dog is very weird with people sometimes but he loves Kelly. "
- Wendy Rihel
09/11/2023 17:26:31
"Everything went very smoothly and the service was excellent. Everyone was very caring and interested in the health of my cat."
- Janice & Earl Peak
09/10/2023 22:55:07
"We went to this facility by chance and location. I had an animal in distress. She is a very shy, elderly female cat that, after diagnosis, was in heart failure. They were able to quickly assess her needs, get her stabilized for transfer to an emergency center, call them, and send records, blood, and diagnostics, so we did not need to repeat. They texted me along the way to communicate the conversations they were having behind the scenes, and they followed up with us. This is above and beyond what we have experienced, and I am so pleased to find a veterinarian( whole) office that truly cares. Thank you for being there when we needed you. Mama cat is home now, eating, drinking, and slowly recovering :) "
- Connie & John James
09/10/2023 17:23:23
"I was very happy. "
- Carol Tomaras
09/10/2023 13:28:23
"Always a great experience "
- Patricia Anderson-McCabe
09/10/2023 11:38:29
"Every one is amazing and always so sweet and kind to my baby Morgan. Always strives to get me in as soon as you can when I call. So glad I found you!"
- Donna Marie Marrero
09/07/2023 13:36:01
"I love bringing my cat here. All the staff here from the receptionist to the vet techs to the doctor are all so sweet and loving with him. I know he's getting excellent care when we come in. Thank you for all you do!"
- Brittany Cook
09/03/2023 13:09:46
"We really love and care about you all. Your exceptional and we appreciate your care for our Halko hounds.."Woof"!!"
- Jett & Stephanie Halko
09/01/2023 15:22:20
"Hemmingway loves you"
- Ann & Theodore Wodrich
09/01/2023 12:58:17
"The staff always try to accommodate to my schedule when it comes to last minute needs. I love having them as my dog’s vets!"
- Gabriel Cabrera
08/30/2023 18:20:47
"Office rules changed, I did not have an appointment as was told before at my last visit I didn’t need 1 and they took us in anyway. Thank you for that instant change as I will always make an appointment for anything I want to have done there from now on. "
- De Corbin
08/30/2023 12:04:29
"No matter when or why I stop in, I’m always welcome. The staff is fantastic; the clinic reminds me of the care I received in the past in Illinois. I highly recommend your service when asked where I take my babies. You went out of your way when my sister needed your service for her dog even though you never saw him before. "
- Joy Kuhn
08/29/2023 15:30:07
"Always excellent care!! Front staff is so amazing! Always accommodating! Than you for such good care of our Daisy!!!"
- Susan Stebbins
08/29/2023 15:04:21
"I always have a good experience and feel my pets get the best care "
- Cheryl Draga
08/29/2023 13:15:03
"Absolutely wonderful ❤️ "
- Donna Hufford
08/26/2023 17:32:55
"Excellent job, very professional, caring!"
- Gail & Robert Stamey
08/26/2023 17:30:53
"Everything was good, & everyone was very nice! The time was a little long on waiting , but that’s the way it goes sometimes. You were all good!"
- Mary Pettit
08/22/2023 17:35:20
"You my me feel like my pets are loved and that is such a great feeling and your prices are better than anyone else.. that helps a lot"
- Denise Cleaver
08/22/2023 16:15:40
"My dog is a little hyper so we are glad they see him"
- Loretta & Steve Blauvelt
08/21/2023 16:33:34
"You must be doing something right since they can't wait to get in the door"
- Mary T Valenti
08/21/2023 15:35:42
"Always great service"
- Jake & Carol Ameel
08/20/2023 11:14:00
"Best staff ever"
- Debbie Ignacz
08/19/2023 13:46:27
"Waiting time after appointment time was long before Sheba was checked over."
- Sue Wolfe
08/19/2023 13:16:32
"Great job! Very happy with staff and even though Maple hates his shots, he is now a happy cat once again!"
- Iris & Butch Roberts
08/18/2023 23:43:06
"Dr. Presley gives a lot of time answering all questions and giving clear explanations. It’s obvious that she loves dogs. The medical assistants render great care and all of the front office staff are always friendly and helpful. I’m very pleased with Tex’s care. "
- Richard Murray
08/18/2023 20:43:01
"Your staff is very friendly and professional and treat our girls with care and love"
- Elizabeth & Rich Daley
08/18/2023 18:34:04
"The entire staff was so incredibly kind and patient with my Ben who is very cautious of meeting knew people. "
- Alexandra Borrella
08/18/2023 15:38:41
"Friendly and caring service. "
- Lena Norfelt
08/16/2023 12:57:11
" friendly staff good communication helpfull suggestions over all a satasfactory visit"
- Luca Guiguard
08/16/2023 09:15:18
"After loosing our wonderful vet of over 20 years I tried two others before I discovered you and you wonderful staff. Hope you never change and keep up the good work. Thank you"
- Judith Simpson
08/14/2023 13:34:43
"The entire staff is very attentive and very caring."
- Rena Drake
08/14/2023 10:45:01
"Don and I apologize that Chief was so uncontrolable for his nail clipping. We will be working with him to prevent such chaos in the future. Thank you all for ;your kindness. Cheryl Fournier"
- Cheryl & Don Fournier
08/13/2023 23:21:08
"Expensive compared to other local Vets in Hudson"
- Sally Weidner
08/11/2023 17:38:40
"Always great care of my dog"
- Rosie Horsch
08/11/2023 16:08:27
"The communication with the vet regarding medical options for our kitty were clear. I feel like she understood our sensitivity for our pet and gave us good options."
- Kirk & John Miller
08/11/2023 12:37:12
"Love that both of my dogs are excited as soon as we pull into the parking lot! They seem to not realize at all that we’re at the vet. It’s just a place where they have friends that take care of them and give them treats. "
- Marcel Sirois-Martey
08/10/2023 20:54:21
"Front office ladies are always friendly and personable. Sam is the best vet tech 😊"
- Brianna Perez
08/10/2023 16:55:45
"Mozzie loves to visit and we could not be any happier with your service. Always nice to see everyone. "
- Bonnie & Eric Eriksen
08/09/2023 20:03:23
"Always great!"
- Tony & Marie Cuomo
08/09/2023 16:01:38
"Even though Thor was aggressive my experience with your handling of him was excellent."
- Josie & Arnoldo Hernandez
08/09/2023 12:28:10
"Fantastic!! I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Everyone is so caring. "
- Denise Goldsmith
08/09/2023 12:10:46
"Everything is going well, especially when compared to other vets we recently visited for an exam. Spent almost double the time at the other facility getting checked in, waiting in lobby with many other dogs for a room to open, and then completing the tests. With AHNPR, you know we’re coming, we go directly into a room, and within minutes someone comes in to greet our kids (aka the pups) and then we are done. Love it!"
- Kathy & Tom Wetzler
08/08/2023 23:21:37
"Wonderful staff, great care of Ruby"
- Sharon & Chris Lentricchia &Nap
08/08/2023 23:01:13
"I love all the staff everyone is always very nice, same with Dr P. I do wish I got a more in depth breakdown of the results of my doggies physical exam. Overall I am very satisfied with this office! "
- Reisy & Agustin Camman& Casanova
08/08/2023 21:22:26
"Dr presley and staff are the best. They really care and take the time to answer any questions . I always recommend her to everyone I know. "
- Kellye Studer
08/08/2023 21:14:34
"I don't see anything bad as we have been going there for 25 years with two different dogs"
- Trudy & Jack Pruitt
08/08/2023 18:53:50
"I only bring Bella there for grooming with Kelly, not for anything else. I would like to compare her health care with yours. Then maybe I could bring her to one vet instead of two places."
- Robert & Carol Brisbin
08/08/2023 17:35:00
"As always, everyone was wonderful!"
- Patricia Getty
08/08/2023 17:19:52
"You are awesome. Your love of the animals and how you care for them is just wonderful. I’m so grateful to have a competent and trusted vet like Dr Presley. All staff are incredible "
- Margaret Murray
07/31/2023 04:31:58
"I was in Friday for my pet to get immunizations. Staff is always friendly and courteous. Technicians are always caring and nice to my dog Bunny. They are professional and administer treatment in a gentle manner "
- Carol & Douglas Jones
07/30/2023 12:31:07
- Madelyn Larson
07/30/2023 02:21:59
"Very satisfied with the customer service...... everything from the top to the bottom. Even the front office is always very helpful and the Dr. is very knowledgeable and shows a genuine caring attitude. Great Service !!!!"
- Ken Timbrook
07/29/2023 19:41:05
"Wonderful staff, clean"
- Bruce & Denise Levitt
07/28/2023 15:37:00
"My Kitty's Dr. Was thorough and explained every aspect of the physical and EKG procedure. The staff also gathered information for me regarding a referral for a pet cardiologist specialist. We were not rushed or delayed."
- Sandra Hart
07/27/2023 18:36:56
"Like the friendly personnel."
- Velree Jackson
07/27/2023 17:27:45
"Easy to deal with From setting the appointment till delivering the service "
- Peter Gabriel
07/27/2023 10:34:10
"Rascal and Daisy my two chihuahuas boarded at Animal Hospital of NPR for first time. My dog Daisy is blind and needs insulin. April the boarding manager was very understanding and caring. The entire team at Animal Hospital of NPR is always there to help in any situation. We are blessed to live close to this hospital and know that our furry animals are well taken care of by this amazing group of people. Thank you for all you do Animal Hospital of NPR! "
- Laura Budanovic
07/26/2023 19:09:38
"we are really happy with you "
- Cliff & Rose Taylor & Macri
07/25/2023 17:46:29
"Dont weigh dogs with their harness vests which also have tags. I weighed his harness and it almost was 3 ounces. Makes a difference when your dog is only 11 lbs. When checking out pay attention to what the dr. prescribed instead of going by the weight you see on his chart. The dr. wanted him to have a lesser HWT medication from our discussion at the appointment."
- Debora & James Parini
07/25/2023 17:14:35
"Always excellent csre, personable, caring Always positive!!!"
- Geneva & Jack Carr & Selby
07/23/2023 22:20:11
"we will come again"
- Joseph Ferraioli
07/23/2023 21:16:38
"Wonderful caring experience from start to finish. Nice people and a beautiful facility. "
- George & Joell Keim
07/23/2023 16:21:31
"Everyone in the office is very pleasant, always gets my questions answered or prescriptions refilled with no problems. Anytime we need an appointment we don’t have a problem making one. When we bring our dogs in the vet techs and Dr Presley are always so loving and compassionate. I can not say a bad thing about this practice."
- Anne McQuade
07/22/2023 19:26:20
"We have been experiencing health challenges following heatstroke with our dog. Dr Presley and her team have stayed on top of our dog’s problems and have worked hard to puzzle out her symptoms and bring her back to good health. They have even called us in the morning to see how she did overnight! This is a wonderful, caring group. "
- Joanne & Jim Kowalski
07/22/2023 17:27:27
"You are doing a great job "
- George Dymnioski
07/22/2023 13:39:43
"You guys are truly amazing and a blessing to so many of us. I always recommend Dr. Presley to everyone. She takes the time with you,to help you understand what's going on and is never in a rush. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. This is by far the best clinic for your pets. I will always bring my pets here."
- Candice and Nick Kovacs
07/22/2023 11:34:43
"Everything was good! "
- Nick & Jenny Parish
07/22/2023 11:07:08
"We have always had great experience with doctor and staff. please do not ever move or close."
- Eva & Dennis Ewert
07/22/2023 10:26:06
"Staff has always treated our fur baby with TLC he gets hugs when pickings him up to take him for X Rays or blood work always been stright forward when discussing his care good or bad discussing what we are doing right & what if anythig we are doing wrong have always felt comfortable taking our fur baby to Animal Hospital of New Port Richey"
- Mary and Russ Chambe
07/08/2023 10:57:40
"The tech was amazing"
- Tesla Mills
07/04/2023 02:23:13
"So far, after moving from California to Florida in 2022, and finding a new vet, we have been very pleased and feel appreciated."
- Patricia&Samuel Van Aken
07/02/2023 12:19:22
"Love doc Presley and Lisa and Sam and all the staff. Everyone is wonderful "
- Patricia Anderson-McCabe
07/02/2023 12:11:17
"Our experience with you guys has been amazing! Thank you for being so kind and helpful over the phone and in person!"
- Starr & Dakota Robinson & Stake
07/01/2023 15:56:22
"you are all special people. It is obvious you are all animal lovers. I know my babies are well cared for! Thank you"
- Deborah & Jim Geoghegan
06/30/2023 17:07:01
"The doctor and the assistance were very friendly and professional. The office workers was very helpful. "
- Barbara MacGillivray
06/30/2023 11:42:51
"Everybody from the Dr to the desk girls are very friendly and very helpful. Very thankful that they are close to my home."
- Linda Roddenberg
06/29/2023 13:48:49
"Brought Bentley in to be groomed; always does a great job. Also, picked up prescription dog food; never need to come back because they don’t have the one I need. Always a great experience regardless of the reason for the visit. Highly recommend Animal Hospital of NPR whenever someone wants a great vet!"
- Joy Kuhn
06/28/2023 23:11:40
"I can tell you what you are doing right -- you take the time with my pets and don't rush us through; you always return my calls; you greet us when we arrive, you care about your jobs and especially your patients."
- Rita & John Schwier
06/28/2023 16:58:29
"Dr. Presley spent a lot of time with us discussing options for Charlie’s anxiety."
- Constandina/Gary Tanner/Ketchum
06/25/2023 18:48:25
"I really can't think of anything bad, my fur babies get amazing care. Best vet care ever. Staff is wonderful and Dr. Presley is just terrific 😀 👏 👍 👌 😊 ❤️. "
- Donna Hufford
06/24/2023 12:56:19