"You are all great and very tolerant of a frightened cat…and mom too! "
- Catherine Burbules
03/26/2023 09:55:08
"Emergency appointment was appreciated "
- John And Kimberly Collen
03/24/2023 13:23:11
"The vet was a little vague with answers about my options or what I should do. I’m not a doctor and it would be nice to have realistic expectations. The vet tech was amazing! She was down to earth and gave me real life information that made me feel better about the choices I was making."
- Nicole S Pierce
03/22/2023 11:06:01
"You guys are the best. Couldn’t imagine taking the kids anywhere else. Dr K always takes so much time with us, the techs are wonderful, front desk is so nice and helpful. Thanks for taking such good care of our zoo."
- Britney And David A. (Banks) Summit-Gil
03/22/2023 00:24:44
"Mugsy and I are always happy to see everyone 😊 "
- Kevin and Laurie Dipace
03/21/2023 16:24:46
"Very well I would hope, I have never had a problem with questions, scheduling an appointment or his attitude when we arrive, very is always great, patient and good about the service they provide. Thank you...."
- Linda Stewart
03/20/2023 15:17:57
"Everyone was very attentive and responsive to our needs."
- Donna And Patrick (Whalen) Ross
03/15/2023 11:27:54
"Lollie had a great experience. I really appreciate how everything is doing in the exam room with me and I’m allowed to hold my dog. It really helps with her anxiety. Everyone is always so pleasant and nice. "
- Lindsay D'Aversa
03/03/2023 17:52:26
"Vets and staff friendly, informative, professional."
- Colleen Place
03/02/2023 21:21:06
"We’ve been patients here for several years, and dogs. Staff has always been friendly and professional, I have confidence that my best friend is getting excellent care here. And they follow up to check on pet after shots or procedures. Would recommend Capitaland to friends and family."
- Peter Redman
02/27/2023 00:34:52
"You’re awesome ! The question for our survey is … how was Benny ? He’s quite the handful ! Thank you so much, you have made our transition to Saratoga County a lot less stressful when it comes to the care of our fur babies!"
- Evelyn and Todd Rosenfield
02/26/2023 19:24:59
"Everyone is always so friendly and greets us with a smile. I love Christine. She has been there since we started going there 14 years ago with our first dog. She is the best!!! Dr K always responds to our questions in a timely manner, either email or a phone call, The personal touch is so much appreciated and makes us feel comfortable having them handle our pets health needs."
- Patti-Jo And Daniel Ferraro
02/25/2023 15:29:01
"We don't have any issues with the treatment of our pets; care is excellent. We do wish that boarding be provided again. "
- Bruce And Maryanne Gembala
02/24/2023 12:53:34
"Doing well don’t change a thing "
- Amy Cicardi
02/22/2023 23:31:04
"My dogs get excellent care here and we really like the new vet Dr. Gibbs. The only thing I will change is recently I bought from you the seresto collars and the Heart Guard. They were extremely overpriced and I could have saved quite a bit of money if I bought from Chewy. "
- Roberta And Tom Mahan
01/30/2023 14:42:03
"We got in and out very quickly. Snoopy was very happy after the visit."
- Brett Seyboth
01/29/2023 17:42:55
"Attended to my cats needs, did a complete checkup on her and answered all my questions.Very satisfied."
- Daniel And Robyn Claydon
01/27/2023 20:05:48
"They took us right in ,and gave the shot and we were out in a few minutes, thank you"
- Marc And Mary Alice Platt
01/25/2023 22:27:58
"Thank you for being so patient with charley!"
- Susan Gallup
01/21/2023 18:12:17
"i was able to get in get my services and be out in a minimal amount of time and having complete services ss requested"
- Karen A. Danish
01/19/2023 21:59:23
"Staff is Always been welcoming and pleasant "
01/19/2023 02:25:39
"Brooke and Rebecca were so good with Flynn, doing his blood draw. I am grateful for your staff and service."
- Elizabeth Bouchard
01/15/2023 17:08:54
"Everyone was friendly and polite. I assists time with the techs was quick. I appreciate you billing my card on file."
- William and Kathy Levy
01/14/2023 18:47:31
"Everything you do great she good to now she is my one and only. "
- Anthony Costagliola
01/13/2023 19:10:03
"I always feel comfortable when I bring Ziggy in. Everyone is very friendly and professional. And I know he is going to get the best treatment. And Ziggy is always the "Star" when he visits and now has quit the "King Attitude" LOL"
- Martha Peabody
01/12/2023 14:12:11
"I love everything about Capitaland Animal Hospital! From the moment I walked in, I was treated so well. The ladies who checked us in were so nice. The lady who first examined Pookie was very knowledgeable and very nice. Dr Peterson saved my cat last year. She is the most knowledgeable veterinarian I have ever known. She is patient, kind and absolutely loves animals. It is clear to me that everyone who I dealt with loves their job. Excellent atmosphere 😊"
- Carol And Tim Sr. Hartman
01/12/2023 01:13:31
"The visit with Dr. Gibbs was excellent. Thorough, professional and timely. Thank you!!"
- Diane Seypura
01/07/2023 18:32:17
"Everyone is so patient and kind and you know they truly care about all of their furry patients !"
- Helen/Denise Nightingale
01/06/2023 18:05:04
"I really appreciate how helpful all the staff always is with Ravioli! The fact I was able to get in yesterday less than an hour after calling was amazing. Thank you all for taking such good care of my dog and for always being so kind and caring! 24+ hours later he’s definitely already doing better 😊"
- Alissa Petsche
01/05/2023 19:18:01
"You are doing a great job. Excellent care for Izzy provided by kind informed vet (Dr Pederson and welcoming staff always there help."
- Colleen Place
12/31/2022 21:28:04
"It was good for me. Kobi has never liked the vet but he will go through with everything you always take time to get to know him."
- Shirley Seyboth
12/31/2022 09:24:00
"I had an emergency yesterday with my puppy. You took me in right away. I was so grateful. Took care of him with excellent care. I love you guys. "
- Cheryle Caulford
12/30/2022 13:02:42
"Our kitties have been seeing Dr. Karzenski since 2000. We've always received the utmost care and attention, and Dr. K's dedication and humanity toward animals is unparalleled. We've always received estimates for care and she has worked with us when cost has been an issue - especially when we had two elderly kitties with multiple medical issues. We've never looked elsewhere for veterinary care, and as long as she in in practice, we never will. "
- Ricki And Michael (Consolo) Shapiro
12/28/2022 20:02:17
"The doctor is so thorough and pleasant. It makes my puppy and me less nervous."
- Kristen Church
12/28/2022 19:28:55
"I enjoy the education from the technicians, assistants and doctors. It’s just an overall loving environment "
- Jazzy Perkins
12/28/2022 13:06:11
"We are very happy with the medical care Angel has been receiving. My only wish would be that your office had more weekend hours."
- Arlene Johnson
12/21/2022 21:33:11
"Everything was fine. I was happy to meet Dr. Gibbs and was pleased by the slow and gentle approach she took with Amber who was less than happy to be in the exam room. "
- Wendy And Peter Carey
12/21/2022 18:13:52
"I’ve been taking all my dogs here for about 20 years and they have always gotten loving, compassionate care. Dr. K or a technician always returns phone calls when your pet isn’t feeling well and you’re not sure if they should be seen. I would recommend Capitaland Animal Hospital to any pet owner."
- Rosemarie Pepicelli
12/16/2022 12:33:00
"You treated Gracie with the utmost care and catered to my anxiety, thank you."
- Geraldine Mohyla
12/14/2022 01:09:28
"Murray The Meatloaf had a serious dental/medical issue. Both the Murr and I are thankful we have Capitaland Animal Hospital with Dr. K, Brooke, the so kind front desk staff and the folks 'behind the curtain' other clinical staff who we often do not see, but who work so hard to make sure our beloved animals have the best care. So Murray and I thank you and wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and here is to a bright New Year. "
- Nancy Bristol
12/07/2022 16:42:43
"It has become harder to get an appointment scheduled within a reasonable amount of time. We obviously can’t tell when our dogs are going to be ill or require a service that can’t wait because they’re uncomfortable. Yet there are no appointment slots for these occasions. So I have to choose between making my doggies wait a week or two for an appointment or going to the emergency clinic. Not great options. And when we do have an appointment, the wait to actually see the doctor is ridiculously long most of the time. I have always lived this practice, the Vets and the support staff, but I’m starting to consider switching to another practice. "
- Eric and Zory Schlachter
12/07/2022 14:51:07
"Everything went fine. On time and professional as usual. "
- Robert And Susan (Smith) Gronczniak
12/06/2022 20:54:05
"The staff is always kind and knowledgeable. I feel my pet is great hand. "
- Kasi Buckles
12/01/2022 21:34:14
"Doctor K takes her time, is very thorough, and explains everything well to the clients. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly."
- Nancy and Larry Wyles
11/24/2022 13:20:57
"Dr. Gibbs is a wonderful addition to the practice! As usual, it would be nice if the checkout process could somehow be expedited."
- Stephanie And Rob Lamoureux
11/24/2022 00:36:27
"Friendly staff who obviously love their job!"
- Jamie Freimauer
11/23/2022 21:03:58
"25 minute wait in room after appointment arrival time, makes Milo more anxious. Milo was handled carefully and tenderly. Really appreciated that he stayed in the room for his blood draw, ultrasound and urine specimen. Appreciate Dr. K’s full explanations of issues and treatment options. Checkout time has greatly improved, much faster than in the past. Thank you."
- Thomas And Cheryl Articola
11/19/2022 20:18:36
"Another excellent visit. Wait time was perfect. Everyone was super friendly."
- Brian and Carolyn Bullock
11/19/2022 19:28:54
"Cleo does not like going to the vet at all. The doctor and staff were great in calming her down."
- Susan And Ed Koops
11/18/2022 15:58:56
"A pleasant visit! No complaints at all."
- Leona Addario
11/18/2022 14:41:20
"Employees are always so courteous and accommodating. Stacey is the most knowledgeable vet I've ever met. Thanks for caring so much about all animals."
- Kathy And John Pfaffenbach
11/17/2022 18:29:40
"Capitaland animal hospital is the best! Always super kind, and pet friendly. Stacey is amazing with my kittie, as well as everyone there. I thank you all for all your help. Dakota thanks you too."
- Mary Leonard
11/17/2022 12:03:13
"You guys are always great! "
- Marissa Cannon
11/16/2022 03:20:09
"Finn gets excellent care . Service is timely. It would be nice though to be with him when he gets his shots etc bc of his high anxiety issues"
- Helen And Raymond Toth
11/03/2022 16:37:41
"Staff was gentle and patient with Monkin. I was impressed. "
- Kiley and Elizabeth (Geiger) Fennell
10/31/2022 15:35:53
"Always so helpful and sensitive to our pets needs. Thank you for the extra time you spend with us. "
- Catherine Burbules
10/27/2022 18:18:47
"Everyone was so nice to Ellie, and I’m so appreciative that you made time for us prior to her original appt due to her gastro problem. It was really great of you, and your contact and follow up is awesome so far and I really appreciate the time the Doc took to explain things. "
- Frances Shattuck
10/27/2022 11:33:57
"I have always been very happy with all of the staff and everything they do!"
- Helen/Denise Nightingale
10/25/2022 17:29:35
"Everything is great!"
- Jane Muhlfelder
10/23/2022 00:27:38
"Evie, our little fur baby has always felt when she leaves her visit, that she has the best vets in town to make sure she stays healthy. She told me so, really."
- Tammy And Michael Volans
10/13/2022 10:36:27
"You provide outstanding care for Sophie and Tucker as you did for Cloe and Simon. Dr. Stacey, you are the best!"
- Dr. Joel Kaplan
10/12/2022 16:54:30
"The staff is always very helpful and friendly. The vet was great with my dog who’s very skittish."
- Peter Montesano
10/12/2022 16:05:45
"Piper is doing Great! Appreciate you guys for getting her in and making the visit a fast and great experience! "
- (Jennifer) Carli Jenkins
10/09/2022 18:40:34
"always satisfied!"
- Nancy And Harry Guest
10/05/2022 16:27:54
"Great job as always! "
- Michael And Paul & (Katheryn) Drezelo
10/02/2022 00:11:30
"Service was great. "
- Inna and Vladimir Lozhkin
09/30/2022 20:51:02
"Check in techs and vet are so friendly and professional "
- Christine And John Connolly
09/29/2022 18:52:12
"All great real good I like your office. "
- Anthony Costagliola
09/26/2022 16:31:57
"Thorough exams and friendly staff. Never feel rushed."
- Joyce Vita
09/26/2022 09:18:22
"Friendly and compassionate staff. I was very pleased with their patience. "
- Jessica Gonzalez
09/25/2022 17:50:47
"Dr. K is awesome! Very knowledgeable and truly cares for my pets. I’ve know her for many years! Thank you!"
- Chris Hyatt
09/21/2022 17:53:59
"The experience was quick, the whole staff was friendly. The tech and vet that interacted with my kitten were gentle sweet and kind, it eased his nerves(and mine)! "
- Emily Shields
09/20/2022 19:59:24
"Very helpful with Gracie! Thank you! Kathy Koral"
- Kathy Koral
09/18/2022 22:03:48
"I am always very satisfied with all the help I receive starting with a call for an appointment to checking out."
- Kayla And Peter Huba
09/17/2022 04:17:16
"I found everyone here so nice and they all were very helpful. My experience was wonderful. My dog wasnt a patient there, and they even were able to fit us in the same day, as she was sick and needed to be seen. My dog Luna got such good care there. "
- Judy Morse
09/08/2022 21:32:30
"Excellent doctor and staff very responsive to my pets needs. Kind and caring."
- Diane Seypura
09/08/2022 00:05:15
"This is a wonderful practice, and I appreciate all staff. I trust the care given to my dogs. I have never felt rushed. It was great to meet Dr. Gibbs."
- Elizabeth Bouchard
09/04/2022 17:30:34
"All staff are always friendly and kind. Positive staff attitude makes bringing lollie for vet visit easier. Lollie enjoys interacting with staff and it makes difficult visits easier. "
- Lindsay D'Aversa
09/02/2022 13:19:22
"Everyone there does an excellent job. Staff is always courteous and pleasant. And very good with the pets. The vets do an outstanding job of taking care of my Lily!"
- Danielle Ryan
08/30/2022 15:25:18
"I love how friendly and gentle the staff are when handling Lola for her shots, and I appreciate that Dr. K. Is so thorough and observant. Lola’s itching has been so much better since we treated her ears. I am sure that she was uncomfortable before!!"
- Kerri Stabile
08/29/2022 18:30:06
"Izzy and I were treated a professional and friendly staff. Dr K was so informative, through, and kind. I look forward to bringing Izzy to your practice and hopefully finally getting her health issues cleared up."
- Colleen Place
08/28/2022 23:46:31
"The Staff was very professional and knowledgeable. Our wait time was very reasonable. "
- Susan Amyot
08/26/2022 23:35:12
"My experience with Capitaland animal Hospital on August 24th 2022. Was awesome from the minute I walked through the doors being greeted with such professionalism from the staff technicians and doctors, is this the first time I was there but definitely will not be the last my pets have a permanent place to go to when needed thank you all for the great experience....."
- Edwin Viera
08/26/2022 00:38:21
"DR Pedersen is always thorough in explanations and does not make you feel pressured to do procedures. She gives her honest opinion. She is sweet with my aging dog who is terrified of going in. the Techs are also so friendly and are gentle."
- Kelly Rowland
08/25/2022 20:45:34
"Simple… Dr K is the best!!!"
- Catherine Burbules
08/20/2022 17:09:56
"Everyone was very kind and helpful. Our dog loves going there because of all the friendly people he gets to see."
- Nancy and Larry Wyles
08/17/2022 17:26:26
"Tysm for allowing us to come in after hearing how no one was willing to see our kitty. Everyone was at capacity and despite it being an emergency we were being turned away. We will continue to to stick with Capitaland for the phenomenal service and care Winston received. "
- Rimshah Dar
08/15/2022 08:21:05
"Cooper is always given the best care. From who I talk to on the phone to schedule the appointment all the way through checking out from the visit. We are both treated so well, I never feel I’m being rushed through the visit. "
- Kathleen and Lynn Hines
08/14/2022 01:50:39
"The staff is always engaging and helpful. They make me feel safe bringing my dog there. "
- Kristen Church
08/11/2022 16:22:25
"Staff is been wonderful with our Bunny every time we go there,and very patience "
08/10/2022 00:48:31
"We always feel that we can trust those taking care of our dog. "
- JoAnne And Kurt Hellijas
08/04/2022 17:08:06
"Good Dr visit Attentive techs to help Quick check out"
- John And Kimberly Collen
08/03/2022 21:27:15
"I am always very pleased with Tessa's care. Dr K and her staff are knowledgeable, warm, caring and truly concerned for Tessa and her mom's wellbeing. She is not usually happy to see you, but she tries her best to cooperate. THANK YOU!!!"
- Patricia Ashline
08/02/2022 19:55:26
"I was so impressed with Benjamina's care. The doctors here are very compassionate and caring. They are very gentle also. I felt at ease with the care and advise that they gave me. Thank you so much for your help. I will recommend them highly to anyone in need of a Vet."
- Deborah Stopera
07/24/2022 17:02:25
- Christina and David Weary
07/23/2022 22:07:39
"Great experience- staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone seems to really love what they do. "
- Ashley Ham
07/20/2022 01:09:05
"Everyone was very nice and thorough. The follow up call from the doctor regarding the blood work was also appreciated."
- Amy Vincent
07/03/2022 19:28:38
"I have been bringing my dogs here for many years. Dr. K, Nancy, Brooke, Sheila, Christine, Jasmine, Rebecca, Ian and all the staff are absolutely wonderful and I trust my pups with them."
- Elizabeth Bouchard
07/03/2022 17:38:26
"You're doing a fine job. "
- Bruce And Maryanne Gembala
07/02/2022 11:55:36
"Dr. Gibbs great with Maggie. She was very thorough with her and answered all my questions."
- Richard and Deborah Devoe
07/01/2022 20:09:52