"The staff is excellent at the Clarendon Caring Hands Animal Hospital. I completely trust them to take care of my pet "
- Robert Fontenot
05/19/2020 23:36:00
"Keep up the great job. "
- David Hudson
05/17/2020 23:18:45
"I have always had a wonderful experience taking my dog here. Everyone is always so warm and welcoming, explains everything and listens to any of my questions. It makes me confident that my dog is in good hands! We also think that your prices are fair and there are never any surprises or concerns. Also, thank you for having amazing extended hours, it helps so much!"
- Kelly Swain
05/16/2020 23:54:55
"Thank you to everyone for taking care of my cat, Orangey when he had to go in for an emergency I️ believe it was Dr. Warner who performed the surgery .. so an extra special thank you thank you thank you! "
- Natalia Vigil
05/16/2020 01:56:51
"Caring hands in Clarendon is the best friendly great staff, and doctor's quick service the doctor keep inform of what was going on with me cat and took me step by step on what to expect, and they called me the next day to check up on my cat and that's why I will be taking my cat there always. "
- Arelette Harris
05/03/2020 09:50:41
"I think I've said it all. Petey loves coming here because he knows how much he is loved and cherished by all. Everyone knows Petey, even over the phone!"
- Nancy Perkus
04/29/2020 02:31:05
"The entire staff is outstanding and very caring. I appreciate the team treating my dogs with compassion and kindness. All are very attentive. Thank you!!"
- Sophie Pawlak
04/28/2020 21:16:16
"From the bottom of my heart, thank you for doing what you do, especially during this time. You have gained a patient for life"
- Sanem Kabaca
04/10/2020 21:48:26
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!"
- Kathleen Wilber
04/10/2020 18:44:45
"Thank you for your help despite the virus. We love Caring Hands!"
- Melissa Hernandez
03/28/2020 15:19:02
"We were very pleased with our visit yesterday even though we had to stay in the car it was excellent communication with the Dr and the staff!!Job well done!!"
- Susan Andrews
03/26/2020 19:05:33
"We love the whole Caring Hands Clarendon team!"
- Katie Burk
03/26/2020 15:56:24
"Thank you for everything, and Leia's eye infection is already looking much better. Hope not to see you soon, but can't wait for Leia's next check up."
- Daniel Benavides
03/26/2020 04:56:30
"Thank you for taking such good care of our pets. I adore your front desk and tech staff. I’m in every month or so with my geriatric cat and I appreciate that I’m checked in before I even fully enter the door. It’s nice that your team remembers us. Your vets are amazing too, but as a person who works in an industry where the front line staff are often overseen I want to make sure that your are called out for their kindness and professionalism. They are just great."
- Elise Bernardoni
03/13/2020 02:18:40
"Caring Hands did an amazing job catering to our very nervous dog. They are always very accommodating!"
- Elizabeth Srygley
03/09/2020 23:31:14
"You guys are great. Keep up the good work!"
- Nick Dellinger
03/06/2020 17:47:48
"We adore you guys, and you provide us with great peace of mind. Even though my dog started his day yesterday by eating a block of rat poison, I was never truly worried about him. We got him to you guys quickly, and I knew that you would do exactly what was needed to make sure he'd be okay. And I was right!"
- Joseph Nunn
02/20/2020 22:16:07
"I appreciate that Dr Thornton took the time to go through a full report of Pip's visit with me. She even showed me a cute video of him! Having your pet go through a procedure under anesthesia is stressful, Dr Thornton and the staff really put me at ease and clearly care about my kitty."
- Stephanie Connell
02/19/2020 12:54:08
"We are new to the area and we're looking for a vet to care for our beautiful Bulldog. We found exactly that at caring hands. Very happy"
- Dominic Ventimiglia
02/18/2020 04:11:00
"I always feel welcome here. And I feel like my cat is important to the people helping us. Thank you!"
- Lera Atwater
02/13/2020 14:39:00
"Nicole is amazing and always compassionate and helpful! "
- Rebecca Beauchamp
02/11/2020 00:35:29
"I don’t know what to really suggest to help. The Sunday hours were helpful for our busy schedule, and traffic was great. The email with the bill was very helpful too. We just really like everything about your practice."
- Mike Brown
01/28/2020 02:16:39
"We appreciate the service you provide. Thank you."
- Chris Wertzler
01/24/2020 16:26:21
"Thanks for taking great care of our doggie :) appreciate it!"
- Laura Koch
01/22/2020 22:07:19
"I feel confident with having my babies using this facility. Dr. Asia Campfield is TERRIFIC!!!!! Thank you for helping and educating me with Casino-Bambino's tail wound."
- Karen Becks
01/15/2020 21:43:18
"Thank you Dr Camfield for taking such great care of tempy and penny "
- Sherri Cielma
01/04/2020 00:35:04
"Thank you for taking care of my sweet Aggie. "
- Grady Fisher
12/16/2019 18:48:32
"Thanks to caring hands for the care given to our kitties."
- Mary-Ann Kincaid
12/14/2019 22:30:04
"They were very patient and kind with Zoey. "
- Debbie Walton
12/12/2019 14:44:53
"I wish I could remember the names! But everybody was amazing! The best vet experience ever! "
- Elizabeth Tate
11/25/2019 02:03:55
"I'm very happy with the service I get here. I moved from another nearby vets who I was very disappointed in. You're so much better."
- Kate Darcy
11/22/2019 22:48:51
"The front desk staff was nice and were able to accommodate us on short notice. "
- Kirsten Walker
11/21/2019 16:53:46
"Thanks so much for taking us in on a Saturday with a new kitten urgency. We really appreciated it! "
- Mary Walker
11/18/2019 16:45:12
"Thank you Dr for making room for us last minute late at night and for taking your time and patience with us! "
- Peter Mask
11/13/2019 23:21:51
"I have no complaints at all. My elderly cat has always received excellent care."
- Susan Tyson
11/04/2019 21:27:47
"Everything was efficient from start to finish. As always, everyone was very friendly and answered all my questions. This place is great!"
- Julie Laux
10/24/2019 15:01:59
"I really appreciated that the doctor took the sample of the lump I was concerned about. I had brought Chloe in and mentioned lumps to other doctors in the past (at several vets) and they just felt them and said “fatty.” I trust the doctors but knowing 100% that it was just fat gave my husband and I peace of mind!"
- Jennifer Monsalve
10/17/2019 18:52:29
"I was surprised and felt very special when dr. Thorton even remembered the name of my beloved late cat that passed away more than 2 years ago. I have moved far from Clarendon but will always continue coming back to you, because my concerns and worries are always so gently and kindly addressed and I feel my pet is in great hands with everyone in there. Receptionist were super friendly as well. "
- Milko Musarliyski
10/16/2019 01:19:49
"My cat Sebastian had been suffering with hematuria due to stress. Medications only worked temporarily, so I took him to Dr. Bush for acupuncture. He has had 7 treatments - the hematuria has not returned and he is acting like himself again. Dr. Bush is very gentle with him, keeping the needles in only as long as necessary and taken them out as soon as Sebastian gets unsettled. I highly recommend veterinary acupuncture with Dr. Bush. "
- Helena Bacellar
10/08/2019 20:40:59
"Thank you for taking such a good care of my cat Yustas! "
- Anna Pechnikova
10/07/2019 15:41:53
"Very happy. Still make the drive out there even though it’s further away just because I appreciate the care my dog receives."
- Casey Hamilton
09/28/2019 20:34:56
"Thank you for being so quickly responsive!"
- Terasa Cooley
09/27/2019 17:15:10
"Dr. Warner took the time to answer all of my questions (and I had many). I really appreciate hearing all of her knowledge to take the next steps in providing care for my kitten, Maverick."
- Mary Hustwayte
09/26/2019 10:58:25
"Follow up was excellent. It helped answered some more questions unanswered. Reminders for follow up and medications a plus. "
- Carolyn Ohara
09/23/2019 21:58:15
"It was invaluable that Dr Thornton had experience with the USDA/APHIS pet export form. I drove to the USDA office in Richmond the day after my vet appointment and although they went over my documents with a fine toothed comb, they found no errors. Thanks! "
- Jessica Drollette
09/18/2019 21:25:12
"We are so thankful for the care Boomer received."
- Michelle Seo
09/15/2019 00:56:56
"I am very appreciative of the fact that Caring Hands understood that I had a limited/fixed income & tried to do everything necessary for my dog while staying as close to my budget as possible. "
- Debra Spicer
09/10/2019 15:10:37
"I was really pleased with my experience and will absolutely be back. Thank you again. "
- Christina Walrond
09/09/2019 19:51:20
"Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. We are a first time cat owner and we felt extremely satisfied with all the information provided. Will definitely come back to this location for Lulu"
- Mashrooba Khan
09/07/2019 14:45:29
"Seriously, Caring Hands Clarendon is the best! I recommend them to any and every pet parent. "
- Jamie Marin
09/06/2019 01:53:42
"I haven't anything but wonderful experiences since I started coming here. The whole staff is wonderful and very responsive. I never have any trouble getting my questions answered. Dr. Thornton is always very thorough and willing to go above and beyond for her patients. "
- Emily Fischer
08/26/2019 20:15:36
"Great visit and will recommend hospital to network"
- Kathleen McGurk
08/22/2019 17:56:54
"Everybody here at the Clarendon location is great. We especially love Dr. Bush! "
- Mike Schoultz
08/19/2019 12:59:10
"An excellent facility with a great staff! And it worked out great that we were able to get an evening appointment so we both can go."
- Anne Thompson
08/18/2019 18:59:10
"We love all of you at Caring Hands! We wouldn't go anywhere else!"
- Emily Woska
08/11/2019 19:42:57
"Your establishment is awesome, please keep up the quality assurance regimen that you have in place. I am forever grateful for the experience that was provided for my cat boy!!"
- Charniece Williams
08/01/2019 00:23:48
"I really appreciate the staff and set up at Caring Hands. I love having a cat-only space during check in, and cat-only rooms. Charlie is not an easy cat to treat, and gets anxious and mean at the vet. But the team at Caring Hands treats her really well, and know how to make the process as quick and painless as possible. They're also patient with all of my questions, which is very appreciated. "
- Melissa Dentch
07/29/2019 18:33:06
"Each and every time I visit I am very pleased the cleanliness of the facility!Also the help are so nice and friendly."
- Susan Andrews
07/06/2019 14:15:30
"We love Dr. Busch and Dr. Gardiner!"
- Alexandra Swee
07/05/2019 00:58:43
"Your entire staff is exceptional! Everyone is very professional and personable. I really can’t express how refreshing that is. My dog excitedly rushes to the door to get inside and say hi to everyone (even though you were the ones who neutered him...haha). Your release information is always very thorough and I really appreciate your follow-up phone calls the next day. Thank you for everything! "
- Sarah Scollick
06/17/2019 01:15:52
"We could not be more happy with the care we've received from Dr. Thornton. Our dog is very nervous with vets, and she is patiently working with us to create a long term plan for ensuring he is able to receive quality care when needed. I cannot say enough nice things about her. Our visits to Caring Hands are always pleasant as well. Whenever we are leaving, our dog lingers on the steps, not quite wanting to end the experience. And this is a dog who has seriously hated vet visits just a year ago!"
- Susan Bartholomew
06/06/2019 16:14:26
"Thank you for taking such good care of my baby, Buster. I really appreciate everything you do for him and us as a family."
- Desiree Granada
06/04/2019 20:14:50
"It's a great vet experience."
- Scott Sinder
05/13/2019 19:59:49
"It was an all around pleasant experience. "
- Cammie Jo Bolin
05/11/2019 01:22:52
"Thank you for making the vet visit as least stressful as possible!"
- Julie Smith
05/07/2019 20:08:44
"I am very happy with the care that my cat receives from the staff at Caring Hands Clarendon."
- Susan Tyson
05/01/2019 20:20:40
"Petey lik3s that he can always see the Drs. he loves, Drs. Thornton and Campfield, who know and love him. "
- Nancy Perkus
04/29/2019 20:50:53
"We literally talk about Caring Hands and the positive experiences we've had all the time—basically in every relevant conversation about pets. Thanks for being amazing!"
- Melissa Depuydt
04/25/2019 20:54:17
"I am just so happy that I've found Caring Hands. Your services are a world above those at other offices - from the layout, to the reception, to the ability to accompany your pet at nearly all times, to the kind follow-up calls, the responsiveness and friendliness of the doctors, I could go on and on. I live in DC and drive the distance out to your offices because I honestly wouldn't want to go anywhere else. THANK YOU!"
- Kirsten Zeiter
04/25/2019 16:31:04
"Vet techs were great, especially considering our pup was anxious and not in the best mood."
- James Heidbreder
04/24/2019 17:27:02
"Caring Hands has always been a great vet. They showed patience and kindness to my new rescue who did fairly well, but became nervous and agitated during the exam which the vet quickly acknowledged and gave her the space she needed to carry on the exam. Thank you Caring Hands for all you do for our fur babies. "
- Kris Phillips
04/15/2019 18:28:22
"Great staff. Vet assistant was really great and natural. "
- Anthony Estrada
04/13/2019 22:45:45
"I love Caring Hands and I’m thankful I have a trusted resource to provide excellent care to my pets. The consistency of the quality in their offices makes it possible for me to have flexibility in scheduling appointments."
- Darla Aycock
04/12/2019 02:15:34
"We came to your hospital because the Caring Hands Alexandria, where we normally take Buddy, did not have an appointment time that fit our schedule on that day. Your staff was welcoming, professional and caring - everything that we have come to expect from Caring Hands. If ever we needed an alternative to your Alexandria location in the future, we would not hesitate to come to Clarendon. Thank you so much for taking good care of Buddy!"
- Maria Ferrante
04/01/2019 17:33:48
"Great service, friendly staff, place is always clean, and everyone is truly taking care of my puppy. Always responsive and understanding. They check up on my puppy after each visit. "
- Rania Said Abdalla
03/27/2019 20:09:27
"Thanks for taking good care of our pup."
- Alicia Yee
03/27/2019 17:45:58
"Dr. Olsen and her team were wonderful. My dog is a big baby and it took three people to hold him down for his vaccinations - everyone was so lovely about it! Great team!!! Thanks for your kindness and great care. "
- Ani Arzoomanian
03/24/2019 22:07:32
"We had such an amazing experience with our crazy kitties. So much easier than anticipated! Cat whisperers! "
- Kelsey Butler
03/12/2019 16:23:58
"You guys are great! We wouldn't go anywhere else. Plus we love the extended hours at Clarendon. "
- Julie Paisley
03/12/2019 14:16:45
"Kitty passed on last week. I give full credit to the great care of Caring Hands that she spent an extra 6 months with me (with a good quality of life). Doctors and staff have all been wonderful (especially Dr. Olson and Bush)"
- Carolyn Healy
03/11/2019 20:07:07
"I had the unfortunate experience of having to put my cat to sleep after 16 years together. The staff and vet at Caring Hands were so incredibly sensitive and warm and treated me and my pet with understanding and gentleness. I cannot overstate what a godsend they were to me during a very difficult time."
- Angela Singleton
03/09/2019 23:34:18
"Will recommend and return."
- Aurora Lutty
03/05/2019 20:12:59
"Delighted to have option of Clarendon location!"
- Eva Fried
03/02/2019 19:18:11
"Thank you for quick and friendly service!"
- Tamara Yudina
02/19/2019 17:45:34
"Nice place, good docs, treated my dog well, will come back"
- Suzanne Bohanon
02/16/2019 07:18:39
"Our fave place for vet services. We recommend you to all pet parents!"
- Lesley Brown
02/11/2019 21:33:36
"Great experience for me and my cat!"
- Syrita Simpkins
01/14/2019 16:13:26
"We are usually clients at Caring Hands - Alexandria but have been finding it harder and harder to book an appt in a timely manner. We usually have to wait at least a week because all spots are filled. Our Golden Makenzie had a hot spot that needed immediate attention. We called Alexandria on a Saturday and the receptionist told us that there were no openings. Although they were open on Sundays, she refused to book an appt and said that I had to call in on Sunday when they were open to get an appt for Kenzie. I called at 10:15 on Sunday (they open at 10) and they were already booked up. She said that the best that she could do was Thursday night. For an infected hot spot, this is unacceptable. In addition, the receptionists on both days were not pleasant to deal with at all. I decided to try calling the Clarendon branch and everyone there was wonderful. The receptionist (Jenny) was polite and welcoming. She scheduled us for an appt the next day. We were greeted promptly when we got there and were taken to the exam room with very little wait. The vet tech (Cyntia) was knowledgeable and very kind with Kenzie who tends to be a little shy. Dr. Thornton was wonderful. She was knowledgeable and very gentle with Kenzie. She answered all of our questions and took great care of Kenzie. The hospital was clean and bright and we will definitely be returning. "
- Julie Paisley
01/08/2019 13:17:32
"You guys are such a blessing to my home... Myself and Bella Angel 🐱 . The guidance with all things concerning my little baby Bella is such a blessing .. Thank you ... So much ! ! !"
- Licia White
01/02/2019 12:56:23
"Very friendly staff. The doctors are all kind."
- Susan Tyson
12/17/2018 21:12:48
"I am changing from our previous vet to you because when I called them to explain that my dog was vomiting blood, they did not give me an appointment until several days later. Caring Hands recognized that the situation was a little more urgent and squeezed us in that day. I was extremely happy with all aspects of our visit."
- Tamar Rava
12/05/2018 17:47:41
"I own a dog walking and pet sitting business named W.A.G.S. (Walks and General Services for pets) LLC...I always recommend Caring Hands to all my new clients because I believe that you provide the best care. We adopted our boy, Zuma, in Abu Dhabi and he has been seen at Caring Hands since we came home in 2010. "
- Austin Wiehe
11/27/2018 12:37:53
"I can see why my sister likes your office so very much!"
- Courtney Meyer
11/26/2018 17:51:27
"Thank you for being so responsive, thoughtful, and caring! "
- Dara Smith
11/21/2018 01:56:26
"The overall team is excellent and really friendly! "
- Gesa Mueller
11/17/2018 14:31:59
"Dr. Bush and her technician were extremely helpful and welcoming. They were patient with us, as we embark the journey of being new puppy parents. The visit was excellent, Dr. Bush was attentive and gave us a tour of the facility after the appointment. She handled our little guy Dozer with care and answered all of our questions."
- Nina Peji
11/16/2018 17:33:55
"We wouldn't trust our baby with anyone else. You can always feel free to us as a referral. "
- Leslie Torbett
11/16/2018 17:31:28
"We have nothing but good things to say from our first visit with Caring Hands. Quick , thorough, and kind. You guys are great. "
- Kelsey Bruzgo
11/08/2018 16:54:10
"Everyone is very nice and helpful. "
- Melissa Copp
11/03/2018 13:17:08
"Caring staff and wonderful doctor. They took all the time to examine my elderly dog and give him all the treatment and care he needed. I'm so grateful. "
- Lidia Borken-Hagen
10/25/2018 16:57:45