"Everyone was very friendly and patient with us and our dog. Always feel taken care of when we come. Thanks!"
- Jane Kruszewski
06/15/2018 14:04:35
"Great service, clean facility, excellent care experience."
- Tara Scully
06/09/2018 16:28:57
"Very pleased with the care that my elderly cat, Punky, receives at the Clarenden Caring Hands."
- Susan Tyson
05/11/2018 09:52:41
"We are very pleased with your services. WE switched from Cherrydale Vet and are glad we did!"
- Andrea Farsakh
05/04/2018 19:44:23
"I am extremely pleased with Caring Hands. They are prompt, curtious, and take extra care of my 4 pets."
- Danielle Sigwalt
04/24/2018 17:05:08
"Very pleased with the quality of care ans the ki dness yet professional attitude of the people working there. Thank you."
- Barbara Cornett
04/20/2018 18:46:23
"Awesome facility!"
- Gina Spear
04/19/2018 15:24:55
"I love your hospital -- I always feel welcome and that I can get all my questions answered."
- Michael Rafky
04/12/2018 23:25:54
"Staff was very helpful and I appreciated being able to stay with my dog through the whole time we were there "
- Audrey Anderson
04/12/2018 17:42:40
"This was probably the best experience we’ve ever had at the vet. Matt was wonderful with helping make my very anxious dog as comfortable as possible and Dr. Olsen took the time to ensure that my all concerns were addressed. "
- Brittany Quinn
04/12/2018 16:55:18
"CH is the best"
- Leslie Torbett
04/09/2018 17:09:37
"Great care and experience. Thank you to all the staff at Caring Hands who help make the service so exceptional."
- Abigail Ware
03/29/2018 20:33:10
"I just appreciate the love and care provided by everyone at Caring Hands and would recommend it to anyone. "
- Allie Sandberg
03/15/2018 15:06:11
"Dr. Campfield is great. Not only is she incredibly knowledgable, but she also loves my furbaby like he was her own. He doesn't typically get upset during vet visits, but this time we had to wrap him up in a blanket to get a look in his ears. When he got freaked out, one of the techs came in and distracted him with a laser pointer. :) A brilliant idea! "
- Alyssa Meyer
03/09/2018 17:57:47
"Amazing and helpful staff. They went above and beyond to help when us and our cat were stressing out. This is how you make and keep long term customers. "
- Nathan Wilcox
03/05/2018 19:58:00
"Great place!"
- Susan Tyson
03/03/2018 19:35:55
"Staff is always friendly and helpful - thanks!"
- Andrea Mowers
02/26/2018 21:48:24
"I love this vet's office - it's nicer than my PCP!"
- Emily Paul
02/16/2018 14:53:31
"Overall great clinic for my pet and will recommend to others!"
- Beth Cameron
02/14/2018 14:58:34
"Thanks for the great service! Bear started out nervous but warmed up with all the positive attention from everyone"
- Rebecca Johnson
02/13/2018 12:10:24
"I'm very happy with the service at Caring Hands and the staff, who really take care of my four legged family members."
- Mel Hsieh
02/09/2018 20:03:40
"Keep doing what you are doing! It works! "
- Sabrina Karklins
01/31/2018 09:21:26
"We had a good experience and appreciate the welcome. Thank you for coordinating with our previous vet for Chloe’s records. "
- Linda McBrearty
01/30/2018 12:59:23
"This was our first visit for a kitten we adopted from a shelter. The staff and Dr. Olsen made us feel welcome and answered all of our questions. They explained the health issues for our cat and the treatment plan very clearly. They took great care of our cat and made us feel comfortable about next steps. We will definitely be back."
- Kevin Fain
01/24/2018 15:15:56
"We loved everyone we interacted with!"
- Kelsey Cruise
01/19/2018 23:09:25
"Everyone was helpful"
- Martha Hahn
01/11/2018 12:20:04
"Keep up the great work."
- Alison Mangels
01/08/2018 16:58:31
"Excellent impression, we will definitely be back."
- Alexander Hardin
01/03/2018 02:56:53
"Keep up the good work!"
- Susan Tyson
12/30/2017 02:37:11
"Thank you for everything! "
- Amanda Erra
12/20/2017 18:06:21
"Caring Hands is a wonderful practice. Every time I visit we are given the highest standard of care and met with kindness, generosity and compassion. Everyone goes above and beyond to make visits positive. The office is immaculate and everyone is welcoming. When dogs meet vets wagging and hoping for a cookie, and pet parents can feel relaxed and know that their fur-babies will be taken care of and their questions answered, the quality of the vetrinary practice is excellent and self-evident. Thank you!"
- Erin Maxwell
12/06/2017 00:38:16
"Everyone is just great on the team! We're lucky to have such attentive customer service from the front desk to the technicians to the Vets! Thank you!"
- Irica Solomon
11/23/2017 03:15:51
"Dr Campfield and all of Caring Hands are wonderful. Thank you for taking care of my fur baby Georgie."
- Justine Browne
11/18/2017 17:37:43
"We appreciate the very accommodating operating hours - we were able to book an appointment the same day, for a evening time slot!"
- Stephanie Pollock
11/14/2017 18:17:53
"No suggestions for improvement — the whole experience was great! "
- Angela Purdom
11/09/2017 01:53:07
"Great service and very professional- thank you!!"
- Julie Smith
10/09/2017 13:14:44
"Our visit was amazing. This our first visit with our new puppy and we discovered she had mites and skin infections from the breeder. She was extremely uncomfortable but the nurses were incredibly sweet to her and made sure she got through every examination with as little stress as possible. The doctor ran several tests to make sure she addressed everything making our puppy upset and explained everything very clearly. We are so thankful for the amazing first vet visit with our new puppy and kindness of your staff. "
- Andrea Anderson
10/01/2017 00:17:37
"Thanks to Dr. Campfield for evaluating and explaining what was going on with Tootsie's eye. That was obviously very helpful and was very informative! "
- Lynn Keuthan
09/10/2017 20:58:03
"The blankets in the waiting room are a nice touch!"
- Teresa Patterson
08/18/2017 16:19:39
"Wonderful and clean facility with kind, helpful, and professional service! Our cat will be a client there for years to come."
- Geoffrey Hebertson
07/12/2017 13:45:44
"The entire team made the visit great. From the front desk, assistants and doctors. We were heading to South Paws thinking Caring Hands was closed and stopped by "just in case" as you are much closer. It was the best move I made and now you have a new customer. Hopefully my cat doesn't need medical attention anytime soon though :-)."
- Patrick King
07/12/2017 13:40:33
"You guys are amazing! I have and will continue to refer people to you guys!! Thank you a million time for your patience, care, and Love towards our Niko. We know he is a tough one and we really appreciate you guys! "
- Britney Kofoed
07/06/2017 19:09:02
"I normally use the Caring Hands Hospital on S. Glebe Rd. but they had no appointments so they suggested I contact the facility in Clarendon and they had an emergency appointment and I was very happy with the care."
- Susan Tyson
07/01/2017 19:05:01
"Everyone is always very helpful and kind. I really appreciate the excellent service they provide. "
- Melissa Copp
07/01/2017 13:41:23
"Loved the new facility. It was very impressive. Also very impressed with the knowledge of the vet. I feel comfortable trusting my dogs with Caring Hands. "
- Christina Myers
07/01/2017 12:15:34
"Dr Campfield is awesome."
- Justine Browne
07/01/2017 12:01:30
"Everything is great!"
- Elizabeth Blahut
06/30/2017 23:03:17
"I was really impressed. Thank you for taking care of my cats so well. "
- Sarah Stern-O'Connor
05/09/2017 16:54:41
"I loved my experience at your location will be back."
- Cynthia Sylver
05/08/2017 21:25:48
"Really appreciate your extended hours and the friendliness of the team working!"
- Erin Vermilye
05/08/2017 13:40:52
"keep up the good work! "
- Kara Hsu
05/01/2017 19:21:22
"Initial visit very pleasant looking forward to a very good relationship."
- Susan Andrews
04/27/2017 17:11:40
"Love Dr Campfield - always a pleasure to see her."
- Justine Browne
04/26/2017 13:05:54
"We consider ourselves & our puppies very fortunate to have Caring Hands & Dr. Neuman in our lives. Just knowing you're there gives us peace of mind. Thank you!!"
- Mimi Dornack
04/21/2017 09:09:02
"Keep up the good work. Its a clean, fast and friendly. Please don't change"
- Alexa Gale
04/20/2017 19:25:10
"Over all a wonderful and positive experience!"
- Elizabeth Srygley
04/19/2017 11:36:17
"I couldn't have asked for a better visit. The service was phenomenal. The facility - from the lobby to the exam rooms - are exceptionally clean and impeccable. Other medical facilities - whether veterinary or medical - should look to your facility as the standard for cleanliness. "
- Monika Popow
04/14/2017 11:57:37
"thanks for seeing our cat on short notice "
- Merilyn Hanowell
04/09/2017 14:43:46
"I have only been to 2 locations for caring hands and both give great service. We Love Glebe and Clarendon locations staff."
- Leslie Brown
04/02/2017 23:52:03
"We love the staff at Caring Hands Clarendon. They are extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and they are so wonderful with our pets. "
- Jessica Rogers
03/31/2017 14:49:19
"I didn't know going to the vet could be so clean/easy/great! Thanks!"
- Emily Paul
03/30/2017 13:22:03
"Dr. Campfield has been a true champion for us in treating our elderly dog's various ailments. Is very evident she knows what she's doing and really does care not only during the office visit but also in follow up. We are lucky to have her as our Vet."
- Andrew Fuller
03/18/2017 16:13:33
"What a wonderful clinic! So far every single person we have worked with and talked to are amazing. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and treat the animals with love and compassion. Although the Glebe Rd clinic is only a block from our house, we will continue using the Clarendon one because it is easy to get appointments, the office is open until 10pm, and you don't end up waiting (and waiting and waiting) in the lobby past the appointment time. "
- Paula Graves
03/10/2017 12:06:09
"great facility, great staff. thank you for all of your help."
- Gail Reese
03/08/2017 15:43:40
"Very pleased with Dr Campfield"
- Charles Cadigan
02/26/2017 18:39:18
"Great service! Dr Campfield was very thorough and answered all questions I had."
- Brian Pappas
02/25/2017 07:11:42
"Love Dr Campfield, Matt and all of the team."
- Justine Browne
02/23/2017 12:15:17
"Delightful experience- which is quite a feat given that a trip to the vet is often a stressful ordeal. I cannot say enough good things about the stellar care and compassionate service of everyone at Caring Hands. "
- Erin Maxwell
01/20/2017 21:04:30
"For my it is first time to come to the Caring Hands Animal Hospital Dog a Yorkser Terrier from 14 years the all explan what the did with our Dogi and i find the did a got work on him after there Visit we can give our dog all this Medicin what the discirp and he got well thanks for your support Werner van Heck "
- Werner Van Heck
01/09/2017 19:23:03
"In our first visit to Caring Hands Clarendon, we brought our GSD Bolo in for a checkup on the night of Jan 2. Usually he is very nervous at the vet and sometimes he acts up. This time he was relaxed and happy. He really seemed to like Dr Campfield and the staff. Great job!!"
- Joanne Eldridge
01/04/2017 09:41:11
"I appreciated all the attention to detail and the extra time everyone took with Grayson. It was especially nice to have the staff educate about my new cat."
- Khadidde Hassanzadah
12/03/2016 10:29:01
"Dr. Newman was extremely patient and took the time to answer all of our questions. We had a lot given we are new dog parents and we truly appreciated the 40 minutes he took to ease some of our concerns. "
- Alexandra Moss
11/09/2016 08:51:50
"Great experience! Thank you!"
- Donna Hovis
11/06/2016 13:10:02
"I was very pleased with my whole experience. "
- Barbara Mariano
11/02/2016 19:58:01
"We had a great first appointment with our new pup this week, and are so thankful to have this clinic in the neighborhood (walking distance - amazing!). Thank you to the vet's assistant & vet who made our little pup feel comfortable. It'll be easy to bring her back, as I'm sure she'll be excited to see them again!"
- Heather Caplan
10/26/2016 12:32:28
"Great, friendly service at a reasonable price. "
- Paula Finkelstein
10/23/2016 20:47:11
"Amazing staff and affordable "
- Archer Harmon
10/09/2016 12:26:31
"Our first visit to this new facility was a great experience. Thank you all so much."
- Richard McGinnis
10/06/2016 10:06:20
"Keep up the great work! The staff truly makes coming here a positive experience. "
- Abby Teeter
09/28/2016 11:32:12
"Dr. Campfield and Dr. Newman are caring experts and thoroughly explain what's best for my pet. The staff is also helpful, cheerful, and professional. I coulsnt ask for a better team to provide care for my pet! Thank you!"
- Nancy Phillips
09/24/2016 05:58:16
"Awesome job instituting the use of blankets. My dog who is usually scared of the room definitely opened up much faster. Vets and techs spend so much time with us and working with our dog during the appt I can't thank them enough! They're also awesome at checking up on us afterwards and following up with results. "
- Kelly Kim
09/21/2016 11:59:27
"Thanks a lot! Very nice vet and appreciate genuine concern. "
- Lisa Verdonik
09/18/2016 16:24:28
"Dr Campfield is fantastic"
- William Beacham
09/17/2016 17:27:04
"We have been extremely impressed by the care and compassion we have received from the staff at this office!"
- Cande Fudge
09/16/2016 14:05:46
"The building was so clean and welcoming. The entire staff was wonderful and so helpful! We will only send our friends from now on!"
- Sarah Gallagher
09/11/2016 16:17:42
"Thank you for being so nice to us and our pet. I loved that we were welcomed so friendly and we immediately felt we were in good hands. Everyone was awesome and we will definitely continue bringing Lily to you. "
- Milko Musarliyski
09/10/2016 15:38:33
"Thanks so much for taking care of Miller!"
- Rachel Kelley
09/08/2016 09:38:56
"This inside second visit to Caring Hands Clarendon in less than a month. Both times you have exceeded our expectations for veterinarian services and treated our pet Lily with great love and kindness. We are so grateful we found you and will be back many times! Thank you."
- Julia Satter
09/05/2016 22:26:39
"Great service for a short notice, almost emergency Sunday appointment. If it wasn't for the drive/distance... would consider changing from my normal vet. Thought everyone from reception to the Dr, provided great service. "
- Stuart Manning
09/05/2016 12:59:33
"So helpful. I was seen immediately and everyone was super friendly. "
- Mara Mercer
09/01/2016 15:43:09
"Reggie's initial visit was from a request for a consult and 2nd opinion for ongoing tummy issues. Dr Newman performed an initial exam, answered all my questions and took the time to provide full explanations for the answers he gave. I was very pleased with the visit to Caring Hands. Reggie has found a new doctor that I feel very comfortable seeing him thru his senior years. Thank you "
- Deborah Yaga
08/31/2016 13:13:45
"We really appreciate your exceptional handling of our difficult dog. Everyone was great and we felt very comfortable that he was in good hands. Thank you!"
- Andrea Farmer
08/30/2016 15:54:31
"Excellent clinic!"
- Daniella Santiago
08/30/2016 15:09:59
"Won't take Sawyer anywhere else! New offices in Clarendon are great as Glebe is difficult to get into with any more urgent than a regular twice yearly visit. All the Dr's are great but having a regular Dr who knows me and knows Sawyer is extremely important. I don't want to shuffle around through Dr's, establishing a relationship is a primary need for me, especially with Sawyer's chronic condition. Overall, love, and never hesitate to refer and recommend. "
- Nicole Jacobson
08/27/2016 22:31:48
"Great experience as always."
- Roshanak Khodabakhsh
08/21/2016 14:00:31
"I have taken my various animals to a number of animal hospitals in the Arlington area. Both the Caring Hands facilities in south Arlington and on Wilson Blvd., have exceeded my already-high standards for my wonderful pets. They are a vast improvement over the animal hospitals that I have used previously. "
- Fredrick Monroe
08/19/2016 12:33:59
"Caring Hands has been a breath of fresh air compared to my last Vet. Although the wait was a bit longer, it was worth it. Dr. Campfield and her staff have been great and work really well with both my pups. I had to drop my shy girl off for a minor treatment all day and brought me to the back with her to set up the area she'd be staying for the next few hours. "
- Jessica Labella
08/19/2016 10:41:47