"Very pleased with the boarding, definitely will use again in future. "
- Anastasia Quintero
07/18/2019 23:49:57
"Extra care was taken to comfort my dog (special needs dog) when blood was drawn. I appreciate the extra time and patience that was given to ease my dog's anxiety/fear."
- Allison Woods
07/18/2019 21:44:07
"Since my small animal vet retired I had been searching for one that would be a good fit. I am so glad that my friend/neighbor Gina works there and referred us. I have be so pleased with the experience and staff. It is also now my pleasure that I can confidently refer out to this office! Thanks Dr. Clark and staff! "
- Brandy McCall-Rios
07/18/2019 20:19:40
"No suggestions for improvement in any area"
- Ramona T. Burns
07/15/2019 01:23:06
"Staff was very patient with Echo"
- Tim Zamulinski
07/14/2019 19:50:55
"Everything was great!! We LOVE Dr. Bachynsky!"
- Ashley Compean
07/14/2019 16:59:11
"i have yet to have a bad experience. From the front desk to the vet, everyone has been amazing. "
- Iliana Resendez
07/14/2019 05:16:49
"I'm always very happy about my experience...if it's a phone call with questions, that I have, or a visit to the office."
- Nicole Elliott
07/07/2019 14:46:07
"We have been pleased with the service. We make a monthly tech. appt. for our dogs nail grooming. Both Mario and Gracie have had extensive dental procedures, which they recovered from extremely quickly. Gracie had tumor surgery which we had no problems with her recovery. The staff is always polite as well as friendly."
- Leslie Burford-Camp
07/05/2019 16:56:45
"I was so stressed about bringing in my "ancient" best friend and my younger "mentally unstable" dog for dental work, but all went very well thanks to the 2 great techs and Dr. Clark. Thanks for treating all of us, myself included!"
- Donna Battenfield
07/05/2019 15:37:57
"They came THROUGH for me, EVEN though I was a BRAND NEW out of the BLUE customer that just RANDOMLY showed up with MY (2) Idiots, 30 minutes after a COLD CALL for AVAILABILTY. They HELPED me out when I was in a BIND when my house was NOT READY & It SHOULD OF been. Not only were MY (Poops-Joe & Charlie) not supposed to be boarding in the the 1st place, but they ENDED UP staying for OVER 2 weeks. The EMPLOYEES (Caregivers) were ALWAYS very nice, my expense @ over $1800 that was NEVER intended was SOFTENED by their CUSTOMER reward program. They were able to take them, give yearly shots, DIAGNOSE a allergy MY other vet missed, provide medications, BOARD at the last minute & PROVIDE my PUPPIES (Dogs @ 6 + yrs old each) accomodations & LOVE, even THOUGH over a holiday, WITH OUT advance notice- AS, 1 day turned into ANOTHER & ANOTHER & ANOTHER, additional days- They HAD TO MOVE kennels a time or two because of the holiday, but KEPT ME informed in EACH STEP of the way in ALL aspects. They, DID NOT LAUGH or THINK I was STUPID or SILLY & were very CONSULING when I called CRYING **many times** because I MISSED my Joe & Charlie, WAS VERY stressed out, NOT GETTING ANY SLEEP & DID NOT have them HOME WITH ME. All this, because of a situation that I had no control over. They had 2 kennels attached with a separation board for their feedings which was ONLY a issue because Charlie #30lb, THINKS he is the BOSS of ALL. They treated my #90 SISSY dog, Joe for HIS anxiety and NEVER once acted IRRITATED or UNHELPFUL when I would call and check on them. The DOCTOR called and spent 20 + minutes of HER BUSY scheduled day, JUST TALKING about them and GOING OVER things with me for ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. THESE PEOPLE , helped MAKE the BEST of a BAD situation that I had been put in because of other people's idioticy. I cant THANK THEM enough, have ALREADY recommended them to several friends/family members & HAVE NO INTENTION of using ANYONE else BUT THEM, in the FUTURE. I USE to work part-time as a kennel assistant for a Vet in Webster & I am PLANNING on FINDING another part-time job AS SUCH in the near future. When I do FIND an available opening somewhere, I can ONLY HOPE that I find a VET that CAN come CLOSE to being the kind of Vet that THEY ARE with THEIR- personal, professional & caring ways. THANK You AGAIN!!! BuNcHeS- to ALL the EMPLOYEES @ Parkwood Animal Hospital. Pamela Ricci (Mom to JOE & CHARLIE Ricci) "
- Pam Ricci
07/05/2019 13:44:05
"Everthing is always very nice when I visit your clinic with my cat Clovee. Thank you for all you do."
- Anne Murphy
07/05/2019 01:17:19
"It’s all good!"
- Lisa Darby
07/05/2019 01:02:08
"I always recommend you to my friends! Keep on doing what you're doing! "
- Kari Geiselhart
07/05/2019 00:35:02
"It simply put is a wonderful place to board our pup and or have her visit the veterinarian for a wellness check and or shots etc..😊"
- Mary Lewis
07/04/2019 23:51:35
"The doctor and technician both took their time to examine and explain what was going on with Wilson. Both treated him gently and spoke sweetly to him so he wouldn’t be upset "
- Robert Williams
07/04/2019 22:14:51
" Good experience all over "
- Craig Kaspar
06/26/2019 23:10:30
"Y'all were wonderful I am grateful y'all could help my little chuco Thank Yall for everything "
- Josephine Garcia
06/26/2019 20:10:22
"The best vets, vet techs, kennel techs and staff, period!"
- Pam Carter
06/25/2019 16:20:39
"I love Parkwood, the staff is always friendly, the vets and the techs make sure that any questions you have are answered to your satisfaction before you leave, they call and check to make sure your pet is doing okay after treatment and when we walk into the building they automatically know who we are. I've been fortunate to have been able to take my pets to some of the best Veterinary clinics in the world over the years, and in my opinion Parkwood is the best clinic we've ever had. "
- Heith Robey
06/23/2019 18:33:32
"Excellent doctors, wonderful staff! "
- Christina Leisk
06/22/2019 22:42:46
"Dr. Clark s amazing. She s always calm, caring and professional. She has helped us with so many aspects of Millie’s care. "
- Kathye Epley
06/22/2019 18:25:35
"Everything went pretty well."
- Thomas Fankhauser
06/21/2019 18:20:15
"Excellent consultation with Dr, vet tech Stephanie was very good"
- Carol Ransom
06/21/2019 14:52:57
"I was very pleased with the care given to my dog. Everyone was very cordial s f understood my concerns, taking time to answer my questios"
- Leslie Sommers
06/20/2019 20:54:39
"Everyone is doing great."
- Tamara Brooks
06/19/2019 17:23:16
"Love the staff here! Both friendly and professional! "
- Stefanie Caserta
06/18/2019 06:19:06
"Dr. Segura was so good with my kitty! She took a while to come in and see her in the exam room, but I heard a very unhappy dog behind closed doors so I'm sure she was just dealing with that. Overall I had a great experience. My kitty wasn't thrilled but she's a cat, so..."
- Christine Parizo
06/14/2019 22:08:36
"We had Dr. Segura and she was fabulous! What a great addition to the team! She was very friendly and patient with my dog who did not want to be still. She answered all of my questions, even the ones that were probably stupid. :) "
- Chrissy Hopper
06/14/2019 18:09:11
"I love Dr Clark! I bring my 2 min doxies to her.. I trust her 100%... The staff at Parkwood Animal Hospital is amazing. My lulu had an urgent/emergent situation and I was able to get her in the same day and thanks to Dr Clark my dog was referred for surgery the next day! I really appreciate all you do! "
- Edwin Hernandez
06/12/2019 17:34:13
"I do want to take a minute to thank all the staff for being so nice and understanding with me and my baby girl Stella. I appreciate all that y’all do for her. I also wanted to say thank you so much for fitting me in on Monday to have Stella looked at. I know that it was a last min thing and I didn’t have an appointment, y’all went out of your way to fit her in and I very much appreciate it. I will never go anywhere else, and will refer everyone I know. Thank you!! "
- Amber Borsche
06/12/2019 15:25:33
"Great experience and provided excellent service will very short notice!!"
- Ashley Koenig
06/10/2019 19:07:19
"Personalized care!"
- Wendy Stewart
06/09/2019 21:16:46
"We are new to the area and so pleased to find you. Staff were all friendly, answered all our questions and were so kind to maya and molly."
- Linda Osburn
06/08/2019 03:10:05
"Love Parkwood! Everyone there is friendly and they love animals!"
- Angela Koopmann
06/04/2019 20:38:18
"Everything went well. The vet and tech were upbeat, listened to me and were very caring to my two cats."
- Caroline Moller
06/04/2019 18:28:21
"We were very pleased with the care given to our “child.” The staff displayed true love and compassion towards Chocolate. I know this was sincere so I won’t say keep doing your doing b/c it’s from the heart. What I can say is keep hiring and retaining folks who truly care for animals."
- Amanda Ro
06/03/2019 00:51:30
"I love Helen and all the other vets and staff. They treat each animal as though they were their own. Love these people and the care they give. I have been taking my "boyz" to see Dr. Stehouwer since 2004 and followed her to Parkwood."
- Kari Bowen-Zilkenat
06/01/2019 17:14:46
"You just doing what you are doing in the way that you are doing it!!"
- Don Houk
05/31/2019 18:59:02
"Great experience. Friendly courteous staff. "
- Justin Ferguson
05/31/2019 16:58:52
"We love you guys. You put up with “crazy Tilly”! Don’t worry, if we ever have a lil glitch...we will share. Thanks!!"
- Steve Higgs
05/26/2019 13:20:40
"Love Parkwood Animal Hospital! Our dog loves everyone there! "
- Kathy Young
05/26/2019 12:04:59
"The Best!"
- Jewel Story
05/26/2019 05:20:17
"Awesome! I love everyone at your clinic. Everyone in your "family" is so caring and helpful. I know Ziva and Jade are in good hands. Thank you."
- Sharon Stephens
05/25/2019 14:26:57
"Everyone on the staff is compassionate and caring. I can't imagine taking my beloved pets anywhere else. "
- Barie Volkin
05/25/2019 14:21:45
"Completely satisfied with staff and services. I frequently board Mimi at your facility. She is always happy to go into the building and seems to do very well there. "
- Parks Mahaney
05/21/2019 20:38:57
"Dr. Clark took time and explained my dog's heart murmur and how the medication works. She addressed my concerns and answered my questions. She thoroughly looked over my dog and was loving towards him. The technician was new to me; however, he was patient with my dog and listened to what I had to say. I have confidence my dogs are well cared for when I have to leave them at Parkwood and while they are being seen for check ups or other appointments. I appreciate the time and care you take with them."
- Brooke Bodden
05/17/2019 18:49:06
"Excellent care"
- Tiffany Mulford
05/17/2019 13:02:15
"Everyone is so nice!!! "
- Lexie Buyajian
05/16/2019 21:31:35
"I love all of you and wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you for all you do"
- Molly Von Gluck
05/16/2019 18:32:23
"The tech and the vet both were very wonderful."
- Jennifer Honek
05/13/2019 01:19:08
"Always top notch service. Staff is amazing as are the Docs!!"
- Jim Pierce
05/12/2019 22:33:44
"I only picked up a refilled prescription, but it was ready and I was in there less than 5 minutes. "
- Jim Beyer
05/11/2019 18:07:51
"Dr. Bachynsky and Bill were wonderful with our new puppy! We felt very cared for! Thanks and we look forward to seeing y'all soon :)"
- Amanda Stubblefield
05/11/2019 03:26:54
"We love Dr. Helen and her techs and office staff are very knowledgeable and pleasant. They know who we are when we walk in the door. They treat us like family and I wouldn't go anywhere else, unless it was an absolute emergency after office hours."
- Dianne McDaniel
05/11/2019 01:24:28
""Darlin" saw Dr. Segura. We were greeted pleasantly by her & her tech. Darlin has a scraping of a skin outbreak to determine how to treat it. We walked out with meds and a return follow-up scheduled. Very satisfied ! "
- Melinda Neal
05/10/2019 21:47:28
"No problems, happy with service."
- Roberta Nutt
05/10/2019 21:02:20
"Always great service. Thank you!"
- Dana Tuggle
05/10/2019 20:27:52
"i love this place, i recommend everyone here. All the Doctors and techs are kind, sweet, and helpful. The only place i trust with my furbaby. "
- Iliana Resendez
05/08/2019 20:36:26
"I would like to thank everyone for the kindness shown to me and my pet. We just moved here in the Houston area and finding a boarding facility and trusting them with my pet for the first time is always hard especially not knowing anything abt the place. I felt easily relaxed upon setting foot in the clinic, everyone was very warm to us, the guy (sorry i forgot his name) took my pet from me and weighed her while i filled out paperworks. I was also toured in the facility and i was impressed how clean and organized it is. I felt at ease leaving my pet right away knowing that she will be in good hands. I picked up her up after two weeks and she was bathed and her nails were trimmed for free. She smelled really good and i was told that some days they let her walk around the clinic too. I highly recommend this place! I’m so glad i found them!"
- Marsha Pasturan
05/07/2019 02:27:53
"Everyone and everything has been great so far. Thank you for everything. Shorty has seen just about every vet there, and they all have treated him well. Thanks again. "
- Glen Partin
05/06/2019 18:16:59
"Everything has always been great there, Doctors, nurses, technicians and staff. Everyone is always accommodating and pleasant."
- Dorothy Tantillo
05/02/2019 03:26:11
"Dr.Clark and the entire staff are so kind and extremely patient with our concerns about Sophie. I always feel we are the only patients in the entire building. Never feel rushed, always made to feel special and know they truly care for our Sophie! Suzy Russell"
- Suzy Russell
05/01/2019 23:55:13
"Your waiting area could use cushion seating. That's the only uncomfortable time. The staff and Dr.s were so well trained. My to little Angels Bella and Mister were very well cared for! Thank you all."
- Jesse Zaro
05/01/2019 20:24:03
"There is no bad. Friendly and caring staff. "
- Tracy Hummel
04/30/2019 22:02:11
"The staff and doctors were all very kind, attentive and simply amazing. I was referred by Dr. Terrel of Bay Area Vet Housecalls. I called him since he was the last vet to see our dogs and when I explained Journey's symptoms he said he didn't think he had the proper equipment and I asked him where he would suggest and he gave your name. I am very happy he did, I could not be happier with the service we received Friday 04/26/2019. Thank you again."
- Beverly Little
04/29/2019 15:23:45
"Everything went smoothly and on time. I’m grateful to have such caring people care for my dog."
- Sheila Clark
04/28/2019 11:52:06
"Always get the best care for my pet. Everyone is always helpful and makes my pet feel as comfortable as they can. Highly recommend. "
- Frank & Mary Ann Provinziano
04/26/2019 00:58:54
"I am very pleased with the level of care we receive and the attentiveness of your front end staff as well. Keep up the great work!!!"
- Tammy Baker
04/25/2019 22:24:41
"Everyone was so friendly and helpful! Ginger had a good time."
- Cheryl Barajas
04/25/2019 22:11:45
"I truly appreciate all of the time, thought and attention to detail Dr. Stehouwer always puts into caring for our dogs. Her passion for what she does speaks through the exceptional care she consistently provides! We feel very lucky to have found her! Thank you!"
- Melanie Christofferson
04/25/2019 16:35:59
"Dr. Clark is the best. Emma just loves her."
- Robin Hicks
04/25/2019 14:35:29
"First of all, we are glad that you could accommodate us expeditiously without an advance appointment. The examination process, and tentative diagnostic were performed in a relaxing though timely manner. While, initially, King was nervous (has been since the day he was neutered), together with Dave and Lisa, we managed to relax him too. Dr. Mandy Louvar did a thorough examination, and made some discoveries that had remained undetected before. Additionally, she provided a detailed comprehensive oral and written report of her findings. I am - and I'm sure King as well - glad to have tried out your facility. "
- Edwino Rasmijn
04/24/2019 20:55:23
"I will always use you as my first choice for pet care. From the routine boardings where we can tell how much Mia is loved to the sad times when we had to put our dog Lexi down (and especially then when you were beyond caring with cards and donations that meant the world to me) you have been our favorite vet (we have historically moved a lot so that constitutes about 7 other animal care facilities)."
- Jon Shepler
04/23/2019 16:42:27
"Lycan feels very relaxed coming in for his visits...as you can tell as he streches put on the exam table. Thank you all for the wonderful care you provide to our fur babies."
- Carolyn Clarkson
04/23/2019 01:28:46
"It was a wonderful experience. Everyone is so friendly and kind. "
- Peggy Kaisen
04/20/2019 16:31:41
"Everytings excellent!!!! "
- Carolyn Atchison
04/19/2019 19:33:43
"I’m very happy I’ve brought my fur babies over to Parkwood Animal Hospital. All my questions and concerns are addressed in a manner that I can understand, and my decisions with respect to their care is respected. 🐶"
- Lisa Slifko
04/18/2019 21:53:14
"From front desk to veterinarian, always a good experience. I feel blessed to have Dr. Clark as our primary veterinarian. She is compassionate, and genuine. "
- Eric Parker
04/17/2019 19:42:06
"Took both my girls in for their flu vaccines. Everything was great. The vet tech was the best!"
- Amber Thames
04/15/2019 19:43:42
"First of all our dog Meli was boarded for a month at Parkwood. We picked her up on the 12th of April. She was fine and very calm. I knew she had been very well taken care of by your staff. Thank you!"
- Mary Lewis
04/15/2019 18:44:33
"We have always had excellent care or Chessie!!"
- Jodie Lowe
04/15/2019 17:21:26
"Porter Harris lives your staff! They all take such great care of him and we love having someone we can trust to take great care of him!"
- Sandra Harris
04/12/2019 23:29:31
"So friendly "
- Kate Cook
04/12/2019 18:14:32
"All was excellent as usual "
- Tamara Brooks
04/11/2019 17:36:09
- Lloyd Burris
04/11/2019 17:19:12
"We have always experienced the very best care for our pets...from the front office to the techs and to the doctors. We use Dr. Clark whenever scheduling permits because she was our first vet. Not only have we been most pleased with her knowledge and skill as a DVM, she was so kind and compassionate when we had to send our first little dog over the Rainbow Bridge. From time to time, we have used Dr. Stenhouwer, Dr. Bachynsky and Dr. Becker. Everyone has been excellent. We have referred several friends, who continue to use your services for their dogs, and we will continue to recommend Parkwood in the future. We can't imagine entrusting the care of Missy and Odie to anyone else. Thank you all so much!"
- Robert Klein
04/10/2019 19:33:06
"I love y’all ! Wouldn’t keep bringing my animals there if I didn’t. 😁"
- Pam Carter
04/09/2019 17:10:19
"Excellent experience and love Dr. Louvar!"
- Kristen Lewis
04/08/2019 11:50:04
"After working at a vet clinic as front desk, short order tech, and part manager, I got really picky about how a vet clinic should work, not only with staff and dr, but especially with our clients and their pets. (The Dr. sold his practice and moved out of state) Parkwood has a great staff and the Dr. that worked on my dog was fantastic. Very good experience!"
- Margaret Lucia
04/07/2019 22:06:31
"It is very good. Thanks"
- Bob Alexander
04/06/2019 19:01:31
- Melissa Disiere
04/06/2019 16:33:01
"I feel you do a very ygood job of caring for our pets you make each one feel special. Owner and pet. Keep up the good work. "
- Sylvia Todd
04/06/2019 03:07:17
"Abby came home a happy girl - apparently no bad effects from her stay. May even consider bringing her back when I go to a Texas Tech graduation rather than leaving her with her mom (I'm her adoptive mom)."
- Mona Harvey
04/05/2019 02:33:56
"Always a pleasure to have great care for my loved ones!"
- Donna Battenfield
04/04/2019 20:45:22
"Everything went very good. Technician Corina, and Dr. Segura very nice, and very professional. Good visit."
- Cynthia Vences
04/04/2019 20:43:04
"Staff and doctors are all very caring and friendly "
- Catherine Ciolli
04/03/2019 00:54:38
"Would not consider any other vet! Dr. Stehouwer has treated all my Italian greyhounds over the past 20 years. She has my lifetime loyalty. The care and compassion she has for her patients and their owners is unparalleled. "
- Ingrid Duebbert
03/31/2019 17:59:04
"Everyone is helpful & friendly even when the lobby is full of clients & their fur babies! "
- Emilie Schooler
03/30/2019 19:46:46
"Y’all do great every time 😀. "
- Susan Chatham
03/29/2019 14:45:52