"everything was great,a good place to take my pet."
- Larry Binion
02/14/2019 14:04:30
"I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with your office. Thanks from Nova and Valo!"
- Jordan Burns
02/06/2019 23:12:03
"The tech was so patient dealing with my anxious, scared puppy. Thank you."
- Linda Weixler
02/06/2019 22:00:16
"Love everyone there and excellent loving care!"
- Denise Carter
02/04/2019 13:48:22
"We are so pleased with all the help and support the staff and vets have given us. This goes back to our first dog and now are present dog, Joey. "
- Helen Heilmann
02/02/2019 23:50:07
"Winnie normally barks and goes crazy when he meets people he doesn’t know but he is always so good when we come in...staff and doctors have a really great way with animals!! Thank you"
- Michelle Robinson
02/01/2019 18:06:27
"I love the Peewee valley vet's and staff. I never have to worry about them getting excellent care."
- Charlotte Woodland
01/31/2019 21:54:23
"The staff are knowledgeable, helpful and caring. "
- Patti Dye
01/31/2019 19:43:58
"The staff is so friendly and attentive. I’ve been going to this vet for years and highly recommend!"
- Scott Lantz
01/25/2019 11:54:46
"Love the staff, always nice. Go the extra mile. "
- Sue Sylvester
01/25/2019 02:08:12
"Been coming to this office for over 20 years and love the staff!"
- Valerie Davis
01/23/2019 16:23:18
"Dr Tonya is the best!!!! Front desk reps are really good. You’re all appreciated. "
- Melinda Townsend
01/21/2019 20:40:08
"I needed to find out about my dog’s heart condition because he had heart worm when rescued from a puppy mill. My treatment and interactions with the doctor and the staff were excellent! I would be there with my dog if I lived closer. Thank you 🙏 so much."
- Ellen Reed
01/19/2019 12:17:23
"We have been at Pewee Valley Vet 40 + years starting with Dr. Meyer. It’s always been a wonderful facility with awesome veterinarians and staff.We always trusted Pewee Valley Vet Center with care of our furry friends who have always given us unconditional love! A special thanks to Dr. Manta Loster and his team for saving our Coco in June 2016 while we vacationing out of the country. Happily Grateful! The Weber Family"
- Charles Weber
01/18/2019 20:57:09
"Excellent facility, very professional staff!!!"
- Michael Carr
01/17/2019 15:56:42
"Have been going there for years. Love it "
- Monica Nauert
01/16/2019 23:38:00
"I can't say enough about how great PVVC has been over the last 30 plus years to all my dogs! My dog is always excited about going to the vet; he literally drags me across the parking lot to get in the front door. "
- Terri Armstrong
01/10/2019 18:54:22
"The staff is very considerate and caring!"
- Brenda Barnett
01/10/2019 12:55:17
"Dr. Ross is great. She explains everything so that you can understand. They are very compassionate."
- John Randolph
01/09/2019 23:07:24
"I already do refer people to Pewee Valley Vet Center. They are the best!"
- John Dillberger
01/07/2019 12:05:14
"Thank you Dr. Barnes for giving my pets the extra care they needed. Sitting on the floor, to ease their anxiety, was going above & beyond my expectations. Much appreciated! Gidget, Lucky & Pam Wilder. 👍🏻"
- Pam Wilder
01/07/2019 03:40:27
"We love Dr. Loster!"
- Danielle Baker
01/06/2019 22:48:09
"Love the staff!"
- Kelly Anderson
01/06/2019 20:52:45
"Dr. Ross was fantastic. She listened to my concerns and answered my questions clearly and concisely. "
- Sarah Anderson
12/27/2018 22:33:36
"Dr. Barns is great!"
- Krystal Lawler
12/27/2018 14:33:09
"You are doing fine as far as I am concerned or I would not have been coming to PVVC for 30+ years."
- Joyce Meyer
12/20/2018 23:10:03
"I appreciated the time Dr. Loster spent with us after her surgery. "
- Jennifer Palmer
12/20/2018 19:23:55
"Staff were kind and genuinely interested in wellbeing of my pets. Thank you."
- Jacki Day
12/19/2018 02:07:46
"Good service, keep it up!"
- Paul Casi
12/18/2018 12:50:03
"I love all of the staff at Pewee Valley Vet. They are truly a wonderful, caring clinic."
- Allison Windhorst
12/09/2018 13:35:30
"We trust and like all the vets and enjoying working with the techs and receptionists that we have gotten to know. Still getting to know the newer ones. We really appreciate that al most all employees make an effort to get to know each animal that comes into the office. We look forward to seeing the new building when it is done as we see it as something that will better enable the vet center to better take care of all animals in your care. "
- Darryl Arnett
12/09/2018 13:01:36
"Everyone at Peewee Valley has become part of our family through our dogs. Been to other Clinics, but they don't compare. Thank you all and Merry Christmas, from Cindy, John, and Riley "
- John Homer
12/06/2018 01:48:55
"Very friendly and very good with my pet."
- Carl Basham
12/05/2018 20:12:11
"Thank you so much for your consistently compassionate care of our rescue, Sally. "
- Robyn Cooper
11/29/2018 18:35:03
"Even though it is a drive for us coming from J'Town, we love the staff at Pewee Valley! Everyone from the front desk to the vet techs to the doctors are what keep us coming back."
- Joel Mize
11/29/2018 18:04:13
"We love Pee Wee Valley Vet Clinic. Dr. Barnes has always given our pets the best care and the entire staff is friendly and helpful. We are extremely fortunate to have found this clinic! "
- Terese Dodge
11/26/2018 16:23:19
"Thank you so much for taking care of my cat. You guys did a wonderful job. "
- Maggie Koontz
11/25/2018 15:41:55
"I’ve been a client for 7 years and everyone has always been friendly, curtious and the care for my pets has always been very good. "
- Rebecca Welch
11/25/2018 14:17:01
"I brought Max in Friday and as always they were all fussy over him. With all his issues you guys take special care if him. Fast forward to Saturday...Mocha has cut her chest and leg and Dr. Barnes meet us after hours and took care of her. Your staff is the best around and I am thankful for you guys."
- Anita Walker
11/25/2018 13:21:41
"I’ve been bringing our pets here for years and the staff here is friendly, knowledgeable and very caring to them. I like the reminders by email when they need a yearly visit and vaccinations. "
- Patty Sobczyk
11/21/2018 13:24:39
"Peggy always does a great job!"
- Buck Wiseman
11/03/2018 01:58:47
"Great people, great care!"
- Melody Knieriem
11/03/2018 01:09:06
"Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and seem to love pets"
- Anthony George
11/02/2018 13:50:53
"The staff at Pewee Valley are knowledgeable and compassionate. I trust them implicitly with my fur babies' care"
- Patti Dye
11/02/2018 13:32:13
"I have always been impressed on how personal the service is. I feel my dogs are treated like family.. Which is very important because it's usually a surgery we come for. That's why we drive 3 hours one way! "
- Todd Wilkerson
11/01/2018 20:58:38
"Brandy is very friendly at the front Doctor Barnes always sets in the floor with my dog and makes over her "
- Terry Bradley
10/30/2018 22:48:12
"Have used PeeWeeValley vet for years for all of our pets.Excellent service and care.Does understand about financial responsibility to family when extra expenses for care on pets come up and not apply any pressure on you when you have to make that decision."
- Bob Ricketts
10/29/2018 19:26:00
"The quality of knowledge and experience of Pee Wee Valley veterinarians and repro specialist, Lynn Conn is priceless. "
- Melody Greba
10/27/2018 14:22:17
"The guy that took Jumpy and I back to the examining room was very good and did his best to make Jumpy comfortable with him did great with Jumpy. Overall everything was great. "
- Tina Dicken
10/27/2018 05:30:29
"Did not actually schedule a visit, but needed to refill a prescription. The staff checked with the doctor and provided a refill within a day. "
- Martha Grinstead
10/26/2018 23:47:59
"Always good to catch up with friends at the office!"
- John Parker
10/25/2018 20:23:36
"The cat groomer is phenomenal! She really is great to our Allie. Until recently we had no idea what Lynn went through to take care of Allie. We appreciate your patience and kindness with her . Thank you again "
- Cheryl Moeller
10/23/2018 00:52:15
"Dr. Ross was extremely knowledgable and helpful."
- Genea Jones
10/23/2018 00:11:05
"I am very confident with the clinic and we love the care and treatment we get from Drs Ross and Loster."
- Dee Knuth
10/22/2018 23:22:49
"Love this place. They treat us like family "
- Marlene Honeycutt
10/18/2018 01:00:31
"I have taken my fur babies to Pewee Valley Vet for almost 40 years. They give excellent service and care to all of our pets. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I also recommend having your dog groomed at Pewee Valley Vet. Peggy does a great job. The price is very affordable as well."
- Wendy Smilie
10/17/2018 02:29:36
"Terri worked so hard to save my puppy. She’s amazing. It’s only been 1 day but he’s still fighting to make it. 👍🐶"
- Medley Small
10/13/2018 20:56:09
"Dr. Ross always gives my dogs personal attention and makes me believe she cares about them. "
- Catherine Armstrong
10/13/2018 00:52:15
"Brittany was very knowledgeable and helpful. She answered all of our questions and was very patient with us."
- Joan Hammond
10/10/2018 01:25:18
"I always appreciate being treated the way any caring 4 legged parent would want to be treated. And, yes, I have recommended Pewee Valley Vet to my friends. It is worth the extra miles to bring my babies there."
- Harriet Blankenship
10/10/2018 00:39:14
"Pewee Valley Vets and staff are always friendly and eager to treat my pet! Especially great fun to them when I misdiagnos my pet and they treat him or her in a timely fashion! Thank you all! I know my doodles definitely appreciates you all!!❤️"
- Steve Rogers
10/09/2018 19:57:26
"I'm so glad that i brought my pet to you all. I have no complaints at all. Would recomend you all to anybody that asks."
- Lillian Thompson
10/09/2018 17:04:49
"Always helpful and quality care."
- Meg Cleveland
10/09/2018 16:07:09
"The staff treats our family pets with the utmost dignity and care. I wouldn’t trust any other vet services for our fur babies!"
- Carole Myers
10/06/2018 17:01:06
"Thank you for seeing our newly adopted boy, Zeke, so quickly. Dr. Barnes was extremely caring during her examination and she took the time to go over everything in detail with us that will help keep Zeke in good health. We will certainly tell everyone of our pet-loving friends (who already know what great care Dr. Loster provided for our little Mollie)."
- Francesca Jensen
10/04/2018 04:05:04
"I love you guys!!! Excellent service - and care to my girl - everything was perfect."
- Valerie Hamilton
10/01/2018 14:27:24
"My pets get quality friendly care at a good price. I’m very satisfied!"
- Lynn Drennen
09/30/2018 05:22:24
"no complaints here. in and out quick and happy with my visit."
- William Roadhouse
09/28/2018 21:37:34
"From the beginning to the end my pet and I received excellent attention and service."
- Bartholomew Little
09/26/2018 16:00:01
"Was very pleased with our visit. We know you all were very busy but you worked our joey in to see the vet. Good service and caring people. "
- Helen Heilmann
09/24/2018 17:43:09
"Very happy with Dr Loster and staff. Very confident in Dr. Everyone friendly!!! Great visit. "
- Cheri Kurlas
09/22/2018 21:01:33
"I so appreciate that you got me (a new customer) in so quickly. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Loster took great care of my cat and explained her treatment to me thoroughly. Thank you! "
- Corey Hatcher
09/21/2018 23:09:19
"As always the doctor answers all of my questions in great detail. This is not the case at other medical care facilities that I have went through. Options for my pets issue were give with the pros and cons of each solution. The doctor had a great deal of knowledge of the issue and how it related to my pets breed. I appreciate being given all of the details and it helps me know more which helps me be a better dog mom. "
- Carrie Ritsert
09/17/2018 15:37:37
"All of the receptionists and techs are so nice to my dog. We visit often for a maintenance injection, so it's important to me that he doesn't mind coming there, and everyone treats him like a king!"
- Jill Lowry
09/12/2018 01:50:40
"I have 16 dogs I take to pewee Valley vet. All the doctors, techs and office staff are great and will help you with any needs. "
- Michael Burchett
09/11/2018 20:39:57
"As always PVVC continues to deliver unsurpassed care for our Pet. Thanks and god bless all at PVVC"
- John Homer
09/10/2018 22:52:30
"I refer people to Tanya and Lynn all of the time. Love them both and appreciate their time and help making things right with my vet care and repro needs. I have been a customer of Pewee Valley Vet Clinic since the 70s and will continue being a customer for years to come. "
- Tad Brooks
08/31/2018 21:55:48
"You guys are great!!"
- Shelly Prete
08/31/2018 15:11:07
"Dr. Barnes was very helpful...explained clearly what was going on with my Molly. Appreciate the professional environment."
- Michael Carr
08/24/2018 13:09:15
"The staff and veterinarians at Pewee valley have always taken excellent care of our dogs and cats. "
- Ingrid Morriston
08/22/2018 13:40:59
"All staff at PVVC are wonderful with every pet I have brought to them. They have empathy for pet and family. Feel confident with their recommendations. With this this puppy exam, both Chase and I could feel the love from Dr. Ross. Thanks so much. "
- Sandy Taylor
08/20/2018 21:30:37
"Dr. Ross was very kind, professiinal and informative."
- Teresa Belden
08/19/2018 02:15:00
"Wonderful staff and fantastic vets!!"
- Melinda Miller
08/18/2018 19:41:39
"The compassion shown by the vets and staff make it clear that they all care about our pets a great deal. Will continue to recommend you to others."
- Jennifer Caibe-Hamilton
08/18/2018 18:13:30
"Thank you for taking such good care of Dazzlyn and accommodating all my special request. She has made a full and quick recovery. "
- Kim McClure
08/18/2018 10:32:14
"I had great service with you all every time I’m there.Im very pleased with the way you all work well with us."
- Arlene York
08/18/2018 00:10:33
"We love Dr. Ross. She is the only person we would trust with our baby, Gracie Mae. Gary and I consider Gracie's health care as important as our own. Dr. Ross has always understood how much Gracie's care means to us and is very considerate and caring in dealing with us as well as taking exceptional care of our baby. We appreciate everything the staff and Dr. Ross does for us. !!! We highly recommend Pewee Valley Vet to anyone who loves their pet and wants the very best care for them. "
- Janice Cornett
08/16/2018 21:52:12
"Always have had excellent care and advice"
- Joe Schildt
08/15/2018 21:12:36
"We've been going to Pewee Valley Veterinary Center for many years. Everyone is compassionate and kind, when any of our pets have been ill. They are always available & their service has been excellent."
- Pam Wilder
08/15/2018 18:24:48
"Thank you for accommodating Kai and I after we got stuck in traffic in Indiana and then got rear-ended so were 30' late to our appt. and were still treated wonderfully."
- Paula Henry
08/06/2018 23:36:06
"Receptionists are very knowledgeable and communicated with the Dr my dogs symptoms and medication was ordered. Great service!"
- Patty Sobczyk
08/06/2018 17:59:43
"I appreciate the care my pets get from Pewee and is why I have continued coming for years. Thank you."
- Darlene Vasser
08/06/2018 17:43:26
"Great first visit! I was amazed how the staff interacted with Grace. Thank you!"
- Lisa Roederer
08/01/2018 10:50:23
"So pleased with the care our Joey receives. He is known by his name and they are delighted to see him. "
- Helen Heilmann
07/29/2018 16:44:13
"We have taken our pets, cats and dogs, to Pewee Valley Vet Center for about 30 years. Dr. Jerry Meyer initially and Doctors Loster and Ross are seeing them currently. We cannot imagine taking them anywhere else. "
- Diane Heilenman-Johns
07/26/2018 16:36:49
"You guys are the best! Have great confidence in your care for all my fur babies. Especially, appreciate the love and TLC you gave my Smokey Cat during his recent lengthy stay and surgery. The vets and staff always answered questions and kept me updated on his progress. I knew he was in highly capable, compassionate, and loving hands. Thank you, Connie Wheatley"
- Connie Wheatley
07/26/2018 02:57:04
"Great service. Appreciate candid and short notice help for our dog! Meant alot to me. Thank you. "
- Todd Berhow
07/24/2018 21:54:17
"Best Veterinary care available ❤️Just referred another friend of mine-Cheryl Keely and Dagaz. She was very pleased with your care 😊"
- Kim Mahlbacher
07/19/2018 01:32:06
"I have recommended Pewee VVC to friends and family. Been coming for years and can't imagine going anywhere else. My dog loves to come to PVVC; he gets so excited!!! "
- Terri Armstrong
07/13/2018 19:38:09
"I love PVVC!! Best vets every. Always take their time to listen to my concerns. Everyone there is great!"
- Ben McKain
07/12/2018 00:10:51