"Thank you so much for such a positive visit for my young boy. I really appreciate the time the staff took in making it a good experience."
- Julie Washburn
03/09/2023 16:40:11
"I appreciate all the care and kind words I received on my pet’s passing. It was greatly appreciated "
- John Sutton
03/08/2023 17:34:26
"The Veterinarians and staff are top notch. There are good Veterinarians closer to me, but it is worth the 45 min drive to come to PeWee Valley "
- Carra Cole
03/08/2023 13:14:07
"The doctors & staff are excellent. I’ve never had a problem getting an appointment at the day/time needed. I have & will continue recommending them to family & friends. "
- Steve Estes
03/08/2023 12:18:06
"As always, fantastic service, and phenomenal care for our cats. We couldn't ask for better vets and staff."
- Howard Herron
03/08/2023 11:16:51
"Pewee Valley Vet Clinic is always friendly, helpful and provide high quality pet healthcare. "
- Paul Whitman
03/02/2023 00:49:28
"Appreciate your good care of my Princess."
- Ann Wade
03/01/2023 21:48:20
"Everyone very friendly and seem to care a lot for our pets."
- Carl Basham
03/01/2023 17:36:29
"I did not make and in person visit. I worked with youth repro group to ship frozen semen and there were amazing and incredibly responsive."
- Susan Geers-Meiners
03/01/2023 16:22:06
"I love it here and so does Aly"
- Kathryn Vauthrin
03/01/2023 13:44:51
"Staff member was friendly and helpful to me by confirming my pet's prescription food was available and holding the bag at the front desk. "
- Rebecca Manenti
01/30/2023 23:56:47
"Very pleased that Dr Ross treated Chelsea conservatively- she is doing very well!"
- Eugene Foster
01/30/2023 22:25:44
"Great service and care is always received. "
- Ethel Thomas
01/30/2023 20:22:43
"Dr. Loster and Dr. Ross are the best!"
- Ann Herzog
01/30/2023 18:08:58
"Great experience. VET TOOK TIME TO TALK WITH ME!"
- John Engelhardt
01/22/2023 03:09:59
"Gabby and I thank you for treating her successfully!"
- Pat*** Fendley
01/20/2023 16:30:39
"The receptionist are so very pleasant…always!! The whole staff if. And I have referred many new clients there!"
- Melinda Miller**
01/19/2023 21:31:26
"Couldn’t have been any better overall The doctors and staff were very thorough with instructions and how to provide postop care. "
- Carol O'Bryant
01/19/2023 18:34:18
"I appreciate each of you, for the excellent the care you provide to Jaxon, Jazmyn and Ziva! "
- Darlene Murray
01/19/2023 18:07:57
"Dr. Ross, her staff are the most wonderful people let me know they really care about my dogs and their puppies. They take the time to listen and let me know my concerns matter. That makes me feel so comfortable with any future care my girls will ever need. They are very professional and caring. I will never be able to say “Thank you” enough! "
- Julie Smith
01/17/2023 13:37:15
"Been a customer for over 30 years."
- Rilda Harvey
01/10/2023 21:42:21
"Long-time customer. Have recommended the practice multiple times. We stick with them even though we have a decent drive to get there."
- Jennifer Brady
12/23/2022 16:24:49
"So thankful for everyone there for the outstanding care and kindness they provide to both the patient and their parents. "
- Tracey Bryant
12/20/2022 12:47:27
"The staff are wonderful. Everyone there cares about you and your pet. They are always there for you when you need them. "
- Julee Snyder
12/16/2022 17:41:28
"Love PeWee!!!"
- Debbie Owen
12/15/2022 19:32:06
"Excellent service excellent staff great veterinarian care"
- Marie Lavorgno
12/15/2022 18:24:26
"Thank you for all you do. You really have passion for your jobs which reflects how you care and love the babies we put our trust in you all. Thank you so much"
- Dina Smith
12/09/2022 15:34:09
"The staff is always courteous and efficient. This is so appreciated, and has been for many years!"
- Linda Deibel
12/07/2022 19:03:41
"I appreciate your seeing my dog quickly for the progesterone test! Timing is everything!"
- Terri Gohmann
12/07/2022 03:04:15
"This is only my second visit to your facility. The visit met my expectations in every way. It’s too early for me to to say I would “recommend” your facility but I’m comfortable suggesting it to others. I do believe you had a lot going on with your clients’ particular needs. It appeared to be a busy night. The wait time was acceptable and understood. Pleasant Dr. and tech! "
- Amy Bowmar
12/07/2022 02:57:00
"I actually don't know the cost (despite my answer) but you typically have very reasonable costs. The care and compassion we receive is excellent as well as the quality of care. I appreciate this office and will be back for care of my next pet."
- Veronica Kavorkian
12/05/2022 21:29:16
"Everyone was gracious. Thank you."
- Lisa Roederer
12/04/2022 19:53:15
"Everyone is very friendly, helpful, and doing their jobs efficiently."
- Lynda Adams
11/27/2022 02:58:03
"The staff always go above and beyond and make us truly feel like they love our pets and wants the best for them. We are always happy and feel like they are taken care of in the best way possible."
- Brittany Swan
11/26/2022 17:20:56
"Dr. Loster provided excellent care for my dog. From the ACL surgery to post-operative care, I greatly appreciate his knowledge and caring manner."
- Richard Levinson
11/19/2022 17:39:53
"keep up the excellent work"
- Melinda Agee
11/18/2022 22:17:55
"Very satisfied with the doctor Ross and other,,,I glad they let me hold Gina last week when she had her allergy shot,,,she get afraid away from me. "
- Linda King
11/17/2022 20:47:42
"Everyone very helpful and kind helping me with my 14 year old sweet lab. I was expecting a bad diagnose for our old boy, but it turns out he has a virus and in extremely good shape for this old man! He is responding beautifully to his treatments. "
- Joe Schildt
11/13/2022 18:37:45
"I LOVE Pewee Valley, it's doctors, techs and all supporting staff. When my feral Anish Puppy mill chose Dr. Ross to care for him more that 12 years ago, I knew that there was something special about her and the staff. My boy was terrified of everyone and everything but yet comfortable their especially if I brought his sister. Over the years the drs. and staff have been there when I gave him, and other wings. The care and compassion is evident from the minute you walk in or when we had to do curbside. There are many many less expensive vets I pass on my trip to Pewee Valley but they don't provide the service or most importantly the compassion. I recommend Pewee Valley to everyone who ever states they are looking for a vet or considering a new puppy. Thank you all for seeing me through many sad times but also many happy times or times of relief. "
- Patti Finley
11/13/2022 14:52:06
"We had a great experience!"
- Sarah Mosteller
11/09/2022 20:07:41
"I started bringing my dog to Pewee Valley vet after it was recommended to me by a good friend. I’m so glad she told me about you all! You all are wonderful and always so friendly when I bring my dog in."
- Cameron Noonan
11/08/2022 20:30:41
"Very kind and loving to my dog, he loves all the attention! Vet is very helpful and detailed to improve my dog’s health and behavior. Highly recommend them!"
- Patricia Camacho
11/04/2022 20:35:46
"You all are my "faves"!"
- Shelly Prete
11/03/2022 18:20:17
"Great staff and facility. Worth the hour drive to get there"
- Carra Cole
11/02/2022 20:42:26
"Thank you all for taking care of Buddy on such short notice...and also taking care of my son Garrett! I was out of town, and Garrett had to step up and do all the leg work!! Thank you all again!!"
- Andrew Hall
11/02/2022 01:04:44
"Grateful to have peewee valley "
- Melanie Bowling
11/01/2022 18:47:59
"Love the folks at Pewee Valley Vet. Love the way they love on my dogs & take care of them. The only service I wish they had was coming to the house when it’s the end of a dog’s life to put them down. "
- Jan Ludwig
10/27/2022 10:24:30
"Always get great care and very personable. Never feel rushed through like we are just a number. Thank you!!"
- Carol Stamp
10/26/2022 18:45:25
"This practice helped me have a successful, first litter of vizsla pups. From the ultrasound to prepping for delivery, tail docking to vaccines and puppy wellness, it all ran smoothly. All my questions were answered. Thanks!"
- Patrica Rundell
10/26/2022 08:21:05
"I received great advice on how to properly help my puppy train into a well behaved pup. "
- Keyona Lopez
10/24/2022 02:59:04
"Thank you for helping us."
- Ken Logsdon
10/22/2022 04:43:42
"I am very pleased with the overall quality of service and expertise of the dr and staff. I waited outside because I thought it was going to be a lengthy procedure but within a few minutes they came got me and went through my xrays in great detail. Very friendly and professional "
- William Tanner
10/18/2022 11:25:52
"This practice never fails to instill trust and confidence in every service they provide for our gang. I feel valued during every step from the first phone call, being greeted with a smile when we come through the door and doctors who take the time to answer questions to ensure I am comfortable with what they are sharing. I have never felt as if I were just a number on a file but a valued client who has a choice of practices. For our needs, that will always be the Xceptional group at Pewee Valley."
- Terri Mullineaux
10/18/2022 00:33:21
"Came highly recommended and definitely exceeded expectations. Still working with Dr. Losher on diagnosis, but have made good progress so far. "
- Ian Whitis
10/17/2022 14:18:43
"Amazing care! Emergency Saturday visit, I was afraid my terrier had developed pancreatitis .. but doctor was thorough and so kind, reassuring me it was severe but treatable .. explained treatment.. and she already improving! Thanks so much! "
- Elizabeth Hausman
10/16/2022 18:58:27
"Lolli is not an easy dog to deal with around other dogs plus I brought my other two, and you all were so patient with us."
- Barbara Hoffman
10/13/2022 13:04:31
"Excellent veterinarian care"
- Marie Lavorgno
10/13/2022 01:17:50
"Your staff and Doctors was very professional. When discussing with doctor Ross why we had moved all our pet to peewee valley her expression and tears spoke volumes to us. It's amazing to see such passion. I just wish I had moved over sooner and maybe I wouldn't have lost our beautiful girl Remi over a careless vet at another clinic."
- Greta Rice
10/12/2022 12:12:50
"Love the care and customer service we receive there. "
- Paul Whitman
10/08/2022 01:13:21
"All staff go above and beyond. They treat you like family."
- Julee Snyder
10/06/2022 20:44:47
"Pewee valley vet is the greatest! My dog had bloody diarrhea and it was after hours. Blue pearl emergency vet was closed and Louisville metro was a 6 hour wait. Dr loster meet me at the clinic and had my dog taken care of and feeling better in less than 2 hours from when I called. I’ve been taking at least 20 dogs there over the years and always get great service and care! Thank you pewee valley for taking great care of all my animals!!"
- Michael Burchett
10/06/2022 16:48:59
"I am very happy that I finally can get the repro care for my show dogs that I have been accustomed to in my former home state. The time The doctor spent with me trouble shooting a disastrous whelping and planning for a future litter was invaluable. I feel much more confident that I will have the support I need. "
- Margo Lipippatvong
10/05/2022 23:45:29
"Love Dr. Ross. Always pleasant and very thoughtful. "
- Teresa Olsen
10/05/2022 20:58:28
"I have always trusted my fur babies care to Pewee Valley Vet Ctr, and wouldn’t dare take them else where. "
- Cyndi Epstein
10/02/2022 03:00:44
"I've taken my pets to this Clinic for many years, and they have always treated us very well. We feel that all who work there do their very best, and are smart and qualified people. We can't say enough about this business! "
- Bev Anderson
09/28/2022 18:42:52
"Savannah was great with our Caydie girl!!"
- Diana Herold
09/27/2022 18:46:41
"The staff is always friendly and the doctors are very knowledgeable."
- Carol Dreger
09/23/2022 20:24:30
"Love Dr. Ross and all the staff at PVVC. Thank you for the excellent care!"
- Peggy Modjeski
09/22/2022 19:16:07
"Everyone my cats and I encountered on this visit was friendly, concerned and helpful."
- Ann Wade
09/22/2022 01:13:48
"I do not know if the rate of fair for the value of services as I have not checked or see. Other vets for many years! I have referred Dr. Ross & Loster to many over the years & recently to one who was very happy about changing to Pewee Valley Vets…. "
- Eloise Guyton
09/20/2022 21:52:53
"I was very pleased with the care they gave Bella and the fast and courteous service that she and I both received during our visit."
- Brenda Barr
09/16/2022 04:25:40
"Tanya Ross knows things about dogs"
- Cheryl Heath
09/16/2022 03:14:51
"Savannah did a great job and I appreciated the detail and attention Dr. Whitfill provided!"
- Debby Comer
09/15/2022 21:08:25
"Everyone does a great job taking care of Jack and Molly. Thank you for all your help when we need you."
- Mary Czerwonka
09/14/2022 20:31:42
"Charlie received excellent care as always"
- Vikki Roberts
09/14/2022 16:19:43
"Very caring staff. "
- Linda Casey
09/13/2022 20:20:17
"Thank you for always taking such good care of my furry little baby. I never worry about him with you all watching over his health. "
- Ann Christensen
09/12/2022 20:49:59
"Dr Whitfill was excellent and really listened to my concerns about my dog! She did exactly what was needed to keep my dog safe and healthy! She has earned my trust as a large breed dog owner! We thank her for keeping our Lilly safe!"
- Sarah Shively
09/11/2022 18:45:21
"We love this place. No other vet will care for our pets ever. "
- Tina Blankenship
09/10/2022 20:31:04
"Great staff! Friendly and courteous!"
- Mary Riley
09/09/2022 23:51:19
"I loved our visit. Very kind folks! Thank You"
- Patti Stephens
09/08/2022 22:26:23
"The experience was great. "
- Mark Tinal
09/08/2022 18:45:43
"Been coming here for over 30 years, no plans to change"
- Diana Carter
09/07/2022 16:18:16
"Thank you for your compassionate care of Scout!!"
- Anne Barber
09/03/2022 20:22:27
"Everyone is so kind and warm-hearted. Each and every person that walks in the door is kind to my animal and myself. They are attentive and put my anxious dog at ease and I always feel they have my pets best interest at heart."
- Haley Davoren
08/30/2022 21:59:28
"Having six cats and two dogs, we are in the office frequently. And every visit, no matter who is at the front desk, or which doctor is on that day, the staff and doctors are always helpful, and friendly. Our one cat Luna, is frequently there for medical boarding, and I know that the staff love her, and feel like she is being so cared for while we are away, that I feel so less stressed about her while we aren't home. "
- Larry Webb
08/30/2022 21:41:04
"Could not be happier with the people and vet care."
- Nancy Rainey
08/30/2022 20:38:17
"The staff is very friendly"
- Terry Bradley
08/27/2022 20:50:53
"As always, I walk through the door expecting excellent service and get it. That is why I have friends drive in to have hips done where I KNOW you all know what you are doing. "
- Pat*** Fendley
08/19/2022 17:16:08
"Glad to meet the new (to me) Vet, Dr. Whitfill! Very nice."
- Sue Vahaly
08/18/2022 17:23:11
"All employees are friendly, vets are caring. Have recommended several tumes"
- W. J. White
08/17/2022 22:34:25
"I came for puppy exams and microchips for a litter of 10 week old puppies. All the staff was calm and gentle to ensure the puppies first experience was pleasant and they were not frightened. It is well worth the 45 minute drive for me."
- Carra Cole
08/13/2022 16:20:28
"I appreciate the care my Jaxon and Jazmyn get here. "
- Darlene Murray
08/12/2022 18:21:11
"Always enjoy seeing my very most favorite Dr. Ross 😁"
- Tim McNary
08/12/2022 17:45:38
"Love the friendly, caring atmosphere at Pewee Valley Veterinary Clinic. Thanks for your special care for all our pets. "
- Paul Whitman
08/09/2022 01:33:06
"The Vet Nicole was fabulous. Answered all my questions and was very caring."
- wendy Luber
08/08/2022 12:15:56
"I actually did not have an office visit however i did have frozen semen shipped twice and Amanda was amazing… and always responded to my calls and emails in a very short period of time "
- Michelle Barker
08/02/2022 17:30:54
"You are doing great...that's why I drive from Henry County to stay with you."
- Joyce Meyer
08/01/2022 17:18:21
"I love Dr Ross and her through way of explaining my questions! She also was very good with my girl! "
- Terry McGauley
07/29/2022 22:48:39
"I recommend Pewee Valley vet center to anyone who asks for my input."
- Lynda Adams
07/24/2022 00:16:56