"I am very happy with the services at Pewee Valley. Everyone treats me and my pets like family."
- Betty Brown
07/06/2017 20:04:34
"Great service! Everyone is very friendly to work with. Dr Barnes is very knowledgeable."
- Sherry Frazier
07/06/2017 18:24:16
"Dr. Ross and Dr Loster are excellent diagnostic veterinarians. Their surgical skille are superb, but even more than their experience and skills, they have stayed true to their dedication to their patients and clients. I started with them when they first came to Pewee Valley. They have maintained and sustained their own pesonal concern and kindness. Their practiced has thrived and their reputation in the veterinary community continues to be sterling. I have the utmost respect for them and their practice. Their staff reflects the goals of their mission statement. Congratulations to a great couple. Trudy Gatenbee"
- Trudy Gatenbee
07/06/2017 17:15:36
"We love PVVC!!!!"
- Ben McKain
07/06/2017 16:10:36
"Thank you for the individual care and focus on my kitten "
- Vanessa Chappelear
07/05/2017 16:03:33
"Great staff great vets"
- Linda Casey
07/01/2017 18:14:58
"I truly appreciate how you offer reasonable prices for exemplary service!"
- Alisa Thomas
07/01/2017 13:25:03
"I always have been impressed with the care and attention we receive at PVV! Dr. Loster, thanks for calling back after our incident this weekend with Sebastian. There is no way you could know everything that could happen, but I appreciate you taking the time to speak to me and make a note in the chart to prevent this outcome in the future. I have learned as well from this, and will feed him before administration of oral abx!"
- Diane Morton
07/01/2017 09:58:05
"Excellent sight hound people. We have used Pee Wee Valley for over 30 years with our Borzoi (Russian Wolf Hounds)"
- Donald Higgins
07/01/2017 09:50:53
"Very understand staff. My dog is protective but everyone seems to know how to deal with it. Not every vet is like that. Thank you. "
- Carrie Ritsert
07/01/2017 09:37:58
"Peggy has been grooming my dog Lucky for over a year and she is excellent. I am sure that you know that. She cares about my Lucky and she is such a nice person to talk with her. I feel like she is a friend that cares. "
- Norma Laws
07/01/2017 05:26:23
"Receptionists always responded positively to my many calls pre and post s-section. Vets and staff were helpful and responsive to our needs. Dr Ross took a great deal of extra time to answer questions particularly with the newborn pups and their expected survival. Honest answers and advice. Much Appreciated"
- Rena Curlee
06/30/2017 20:05:59
"The entire team at PWVVA are the most compassionate, well educated, polite and professional practice that you could wish for! I love that they are a breeder friendly practice as well. We will never go anywhere else for care for our dogs!"
- Mary Albert
06/30/2017 20:00:54
"Service and care of my dogs is always great. I love that every learns each animal's name and gets to know them. I know I can trust the vets with their treatment"
- Darryl Arnett
06/19/2017 15:31:50
"good job"
- Ralph Swanson
06/18/2017 14:13:10
"I have used Pewee Valley Vets since 1986. I trust them. When I moved away in 2005 and returned in 2008 to the Louisville area, I immediately returned my pets to Pewee. Confidence in a vet is of as much importance as confidence in your pediatrician. "
- Harriet Blankenship
06/17/2017 09:46:57
"The staff treat our dog as if she is theirs. We are very pleased with the level of care, commitment and kindness. "
- Mignon Colvin
06/16/2017 17:23:37
"So glad I found this clinic. Was happy with our whole experience there. Very friendly staff!!"
- Kelly Rietow
06/16/2017 16:22:05
"I have used this clinic since 2006 I continue to be impressed by the level of consistent impressive dog care in all areas of care. Bravo. "
- Brian Williams
06/16/2017 16:02:53
"Love Dr.Barnes "
- Jennifer Robinson
06/14/2017 10:44:48
"Love all of the staff and vets at Pewee Valley! You've saved our Darcy Rose's life numerous times - and we are eternally grateful for your love and support - of her and of us! "
- Dianne O'Regan
06/12/2017 08:45:06
"PVVC has been my vet clinic for 30+ years. I cannot imagine taking my dogs anywhere else. The level of experience, expertise and caring attitude of the vets is outstanding and the staff is well trained and very friendly and caring.. I especially like the fact that they do their own emergency work so that I do not have to take my dogs to a 24 hour emergency hospital where they do not know my dogs. I also appreciate the fact that when the vets are dealing with a particularly difficult case, they are not so arrogant that they will not seek out a second opinion just to make sure they have not missed something. That tells me they truly care about my animals. I am constantly recommending them to everyone I know with animals and to my local puppy buyers."
- Genia Thayer
06/10/2017 13:32:40
"Just wonderful. We have found OUR vet. And will definitely refer anyone with a pet. "
- Elissa Bishop
06/10/2017 13:22:59
"Dr Tanya Ross rocks!!!"
- Terry Hammond
06/10/2017 10:18:11
"My sister, Jodie Koerner, a long time client of yours highly recommended You as my Vet for years! I am very happy to know my dogs are well taken care of. My only concern is getting my dogs into your office, but was told I could call for help when I arrived! Very happy to heard their blood work looked good.. I was concerned about Madalyn. I just know she is getting older and I watch her daily activities closely."
- Donna Webster
06/10/2017 10:17:37
"Don't need to add a thing except our family pets have been coming to PVVC since 1985. Even when we moved out of county we stayed with you. Great service, fair prices, genuine care for beloved pets--even when they needed to pass. Don't have to change a thing as far as I am concerned. "
- Joyce Meyer
05/16/2017 16:41:16
"As always, excellent care for my animals and excellent expertise."
- Terri Limbaugh
05/16/2017 06:44:42
"I have been a customer of your for about 20 years and am very happy with your staff and service. Thank you for everything you have done for us and our pets."
- Legenia Comley
04/25/2017 13:28:44
"Doctors and staff go out of their way to help me take good care of my pets. Thank you everyone."
- Marlene Garrod
04/24/2017 03:32:11
"Everyone I had contact with was very positive, and helpful. Thank you!"
- Beth Karweick
04/23/2017 19:54:36
"The lady vet that has taken care of us is very nice and always makes it a pont to come up front and explain everything"
- Terry Bradley
04/23/2017 18:45:17
"Dr. Barnes is a wonderful Vet! She is the Dr. We always hope sees our cat. Thank you!"
- Lisa Brooks
04/23/2017 15:49:46
"You all do a wonderful job. Thanks"
- Pete Sproul
04/22/2017 12:21:37
"We value and appreciate Dr. Ross's kind and expert care of our Boston Terrier, Gracie. She is always a joy to see. We definitely recommend this practice to anyone we know with a pet. Finding a caring practice with a great Vet and caring staff is a true gift to us since our Boston is part of our family. Her care is as important to us as ours own heath care is! "
- Janice Cornett
04/18/2017 04:29:23
"Great friendly and helpful staff. Janice always takes care of us!"
- Tina Claypool
04/12/2017 16:04:30
"Well done."
- Roger Ewing
04/05/2017 18:46:36
"Thanks for taking such good care of Puzzle and Christian!"
- Susan Williams
03/19/2017 20:07:14
"Very friendly staff to me & my dog, Bear!"
- Jeff Bridges
02/25/2017 04:46:28
"Wonderful staff and care! A+++++"
- Kristen Gallagher
02/22/2017 11:17:50
"Great Place, Excellent Staff"
- John Engelhardt
02/22/2017 09:24:55
"I really appreciate the excellent care we get for all my pets at pwv, staff is very good as well!"
- Patty Sobczyk
02/18/2017 09:55:16
"Love Lynn - so knowledge, helpful and friendly! The front desk gals are wonderful too!"
- Valerie Hamilton
02/14/2017 16:31:34
"excellent, worth the 3 hour drive"
- Jill Hootman
02/14/2017 13:27:32
"I wouldn't go anywhere else"
- Donna Douglas
02/13/2017 07:15:32
"Expert Care and Service for my emergency"
- Bob Troklus
02/11/2017 15:23:02
"The staff is always so friendly and the doctors take the time to explain each procedure so you have a full understanding "
- Leslie Bono
02/11/2017 05:10:24
"I always feel informed about my dogs. Everyone is very nice. You all are awesome!!!!!"
- Tammy Elza
02/10/2017 17:26:05
"I just love all the staff and doctors! You all have been so wonderful with all of our animals over the past 15 years! "
- Ingrid Morriston
01/20/2017 20:33:48
"Peggy is absolutely wonderful with her grooming skills. She gets my girls finished in record time, which is very important to me. As well, she does a beautiful job on them. The staff at the front desk are always friendly and helpful."
- Suzanne Bolus
01/20/2017 14:17:27
"We started going to PWVVC for repro services, it is an hour and half drive for us in good traffic and it is worth the extra time on the road...Lisa, Dr Loster, Dr Ross, Lynn and Asia in particular have been awesome to work with. We had to have a C-section on a Saturday night and everyone came running to help us, not one complaint that their night was ruined, as a matter of fact they were all laughing and pleasant and thrilled for us...I wish we lived closer because I would go to them for everything! "
- Deana Crutcher
01/17/2017 22:35:37
"The injection worked for Wrigley's itching! Thanks!"
- Ann Ostling
01/16/2017 18:14:49
"I am vary satisfied...Thank yo for your good care of our dog.....JHardt"
- Joseph Hardt
01/13/2017 17:52:28
"Peggy Is the best, what a great person. "
- Scott Wampler
01/11/2017 09:19:59
"We just brought our dog, Roxy in for a foot infection. We were worried about her and you squeezed us in, despite not having appts available that day. Thank you she's recovering well! "
- Tamera Wheatley
01/09/2017 14:49:11
"I feel fortunate to have the Doctors and staff at Pewee Valley take care of my animals. Not only is the knowledge and care incredible-everyone there is very kind, caring and supportive. "
- Terri Limbaugh
01/08/2017 10:59:12
"Have had a variety of vets in our lifetimes and I would rate Dr.Loster as the most proactive and helpful. The staff are pleasant and the vet techs are efficient."
- Meg Cleveland
01/08/2017 08:18:23
"Dr. Barnes is so kind and patient. I really appreciate her willingness to be open to my suggestions in treating my dogs."
- Vickie Coffey
12/26/2016 14:24:35
"Thank you for taking such good care of someone we love."
- Rick Stovall
12/23/2016 13:59:01
"You have been my Vet for 15 years.. You were there when puppies and at their time to cross the rainbow bridge.. Dr. Ross is wonderful!!"
- Susan Hunsaker
12/16/2016 17:41:09
"You are a great blessing to me and to my precious dogs!"
- Alisa Thomas
12/16/2016 14:47:10
"thanks to all staff that helps my little man."
- Diana Zaring
12/12/2016 07:53:30
"I wish I lived closer so that my dogs could receive all their care here! Wonderful doctors and staff. "
- Sarah McCollum
12/11/2016 17:11:11
"I love all the staff an Drs.They are Awesome!!!!! "
- Thelma Tobe
12/10/2016 12:51:23
"Outstanding service "
- Darlene Blenniss
12/10/2016 07:20:50
"I trust my pets with Pewee Valley. Everyone there makes them feel welcome and treats them like they're special."
- Denise Hughes
12/10/2016 05:08:15
"I have told all my dog owning friends about Pewee Valley. I am confident that my dogs get the best care and have the most caring staff anywhere in the whole country. I trust the veterinarians implicitly to give my dogs the care that they need. They are always up to date on new advances in medicine and techniques that will advance the health of their clients. I can't say enough about the caring staff either. Great people."
- Rose Shacklett
12/09/2016 17:49:06
"Dr. Ross and her husband are great vets. I ha ve been going there for years. "
- Eloise Guyton
12/09/2016 16:42:20
"What a difference from our previous vet All the Dr's we have seen have all been tremendous And the techs Hope Jackie is here for many years to come "
- Sandy Lawless
12/05/2016 08:50:46
"Thankful for uall"
- Barbara Moore
12/05/2016 00:56:29
"Thanks for working us into your booked schedule so quickly! We were expecting to wait an hour or two, but got called back about 15 minutes after we got there."
- Erika Mahlbacher
12/02/2016 08:10:40
"Great people, Doctors and at a reasonable cost. "
- Mary Clegg
12/02/2016 05:51:22
"Samantha was fantastic!"
- Pamela Dumm
11/28/2016 09:22:38
"We greatly appreciate the great care Dr, Ross gives our Boston Terrier, Gracie. She is wonderful with her. Dr, Ross has always taken the time to talk with us and put us at ease with Gracie's health concerns. We are serious about our Bostons care since she is considered an integral part of our family! The staff are always courteous and kind. We would definitely recommend Dr, Ross to anyone needing a great vet! Thanks so much for your great work on our behave and all our pets! Best regards, Janice & Gary Cornett"
- Janice Cornett
11/26/2016 21:41:40
"Keep doing what you are doing. Love you guys!"
- Lisa Bujnak
11/21/2016 16:05:37
"Everyone there is awesome. Our pug Lexi had a c section last night. Couldnt have had better vets there and love Asia (spelling). Thank you everyone. "
- Linda Casey
11/21/2016 11:52:51
"Everyone is always friendly and we always feel welcome and like we and our pet are treated special. I have already recommended PVVC to many people and will continue to do so"
- Deana Crutcher
11/12/2016 10:05:18
"Was very nice! I definitely trust you all with our family dog!"
- Jeff Bridges
11/12/2016 01:50:42
"I'm extremely happy that you all know how high strung Jumpy is and that you all understand how difficult he is to trim his nails/ giving him his shots and you all are the best at handling him and I believe in time he will get better with it. I would most definitely recommend others to you all."
- Tina Dicken
11/10/2016 18:22:02
"Very nice experience...for my Scottie, Jackson and myself. "
- Ann Holloway
11/09/2016 19:38:42
"Our family has brought our pets to PVVC since 1986...since moving to the area. We live further away now than at the start, but we have such confidence in PVVC we drive the extra miles. Thank you for caring for our 4 legged loved ones."
- Joyce Meyer
11/07/2016 12:41:43
"Very caring staff "
- Carrie Ritsert
11/07/2016 10:55:59
"U GUYS R GREAT!! :}}"
- Connie Alizadeh
10/28/2016 12:06:57
"There seemed to be no "bubble" to choose EXCELLENT for many of these questions. Thank you for the EXCEllent care, concern and compassion from PVVC. Harriet"
- Harriet Blankenship
10/27/2016 12:01:56
"I am pleased with care we have received there. "
- Bruce Krueger
10/25/2016 18:40:33
"There are many skillful vets around. What makes me select one over another are the people in the office. Your team does a great job making personal connections, and that's what makes me choose your office over less expensive ones. Thank you for always demonstrating care and concern. "
- Dawn Robbins
10/25/2016 18:10:07
"Great bunch of people!!! Was a pleasure even after driving 3 hrs. Would reccomend to others needin fertility work done"
- Tracy Rettberg
10/24/2016 11:44:25
"if I was not satisfied with vets and service at Pewee Valley Vets, I would not have been a client for 15+ years."
- Mary Ben Harris
10/23/2016 08:11:57
"Excellent service "
- Mary Beck
10/22/2016 18:51:44
"Peggy does a magnificent job of grooming my two Shih Tzus. She always gets them in and out in record time. I feel very safe leaving them with her."
- Suzanne Bolus
10/22/2016 12:04:10
"very friendly and efficient. good service. "
- Lynne Briggs
10/20/2016 13:59:52
"It's nice to be greeted soon as u walk in. Excellent care!"
- Suzanne Dean
10/18/2016 08:18:03
"I have been with you for years, and will continue to do so!"
- Linda Deibel
10/14/2016 11:24:43
"I am mainly at the office for grooming. Peggy is wonderful-- she is the only groomer I have used that my dog was not shaking before or after the visit. Everyone has always been helpful and professional. Janet has gone out of her way to help me when I had to reschedule grooming because I was out of town unexpectedly! Janet is awesome! "
- Karen Flanigan
10/12/2016 00:35:23
"Thanks so much!!"
- Shannon Patten
10/08/2016 18:34:10
"Could not be more pleased with everyone and we truly feel Maggie is getting excellent care. "
- Pat Radcliff
10/07/2016 11:16:43
"Very pleased with your entire setup...and nearby location to my home. Your Center does a very good job."
- Carolyn Rieber
10/06/2016 05:40:36
"Dr. Barnes is so personable it's a pleasure to come into the office. She was so helpful and caring when we had to put our dog down a few months ago. We are looking forward to her taking care of our new little Max."
- Donna Davis
10/05/2016 20:13:18
"What a great place to bring your pet. Thanks everyone for the care and kindness you gave us. Will see you next time and I will tell any body that needs a vet where to go. Thanks again!!!"
- Lillian Thompson
10/05/2016 08:39:48
"I've been going to Pewee Valley Vet for many, many years. My pets have always been well cared for & even when a couple of our pets crossed the rainbow bridge the staff was compassionate and caring! Thanks for many years of excellent service and caring for our pets in such a professional manner. Pam Wilder"
- Pam Wilder
10/05/2016 07:56:14
"Love everyone at Pewee Valley vet! Thank you for being so wonderful to our Darcy Rose - and to us! "
- Dianne O'Regan
10/04/2016 20:13:45