"My pets have been long time patients of Dr. Ross & Loster we think very highly of both. I must say your tec McCauley was very good & personable I believe he represents Pewee Valley Vet very well!"
- Eloise Guyton
02/09/2018 18:22:15
"Very pleased with the service we received. Very accommodating. "
- Rachelle Mays
02/09/2018 00:33:19
"I love all of our vet family! And have always trust the care our dogs receive. Excellent Vet!!"
- Lisa Kennedy
02/03/2018 00:48:00
"I love the Drs. and staff at Pewee Valley. More importantly, my dogs love everyone also! The staff all know me by name and make an extra effort to fawn over my dogs, especially Leonardo. They are understanding that my dogs are my four footed children and treat me and them as such. The care I receive is extraordinary. I am so glad that my shy spooky Amish puppymill boy, Willow, fell in love with Dr. Ross more than 10 years ago.....it has been a wonderful relationship!"
- Patti Finley
01/31/2018 22:18:17
"Every contact with the office staff and the doctors has been a very positive experience. They genuinely care about our pets and us as the doggy parents. We searched extensively for the vet office that we felt we could trust to answer our questions and give the care our pets deserve. We feel we found that office with Peewee Valley Veterinary Center. Thank you to all!"
- Roxanne Roberts
01/28/2018 13:48:44
"First time with Dr Ross, she was extremely patient and explained everything in detail!"
- Joanne Schureck
01/28/2018 13:36:48
"All staff we encountered were friendly, efficient and handled our Lady lovingly!! Dr Ross is the BEST!!"
- Sharon Collins
01/27/2018 00:15:29
"The vet came out to waiting room and explained plus and negatives of the flu shot. She was very nice"
- Terry Bradley
01/26/2018 21:34:10
"Everyone was very friendly and helpful!"
- Laurie Clifton
01/18/2018 14:50:34
"We had an emergency with our dog Grady and Dr Barnes was extremely professional with her help and guidance on his treatment."
- Eric Lortz
01/18/2018 12:41:42
"Always professional, genuinely interested in my pets."
- Karen Lamberton
01/16/2018 00:12:22
"We called with a recurring cough that our newly adopted dog was experiencing. We were so impressed with the concern and the treatment options provided by the staff. We decided on a plan of action and are pleased to see the positive results that have occurred. We have been so happy with the prompt service and the attention given to our pet by everyone at the Peewee Valley Vet Center!"
- Martha Grinstead
01/15/2018 22:40:53
"I've always have great service and care and commitment from the vets here."
- Joyce Meyer
01/12/2018 20:33:54
"Great grooming"
- Carl Basham
01/12/2018 20:24:15
"Looking forward to Repro for my Cavalier Ella. I know I've come to the right place!"
- Kelly Duggins
01/11/2018 18:48:55
"Great place to bring my pets. Staff very friendly and great with handling my babies."
- Denise Hughes
01/09/2018 21:48:39
"Peggy always does a great job grooming my girls. She gets them in and out in record time, which is important to me."
- Suzanne Bolus
01/09/2018 18:53:16
"Excellent service. Love you guys!"
- Richard Levinson
01/06/2018 02:49:47
"I have been a client of your clinic for more than thirty years. Each veterinarian has been outstanding."
- Maureen Schurr
01/04/2018 20:49:19
"You guys are the best! Pip loves Lynn! Haaa "
- Jane Singleton
01/04/2018 18:39:16
"Came in to get cat shaved. The person did an excellent job "
- Diane Harcourt
01/03/2018 23:20:56
"Everyone is great, as always...See you on Saturday!"
- Deana Crutcher
01/03/2018 21:58:43
"We are so pleased to have Dr. Loster helping us keep Mollie well and comfortable as she struggles with Cushings disease and the maladies of aging. His concern and kindness are very much appreciated."
- Francesca Jensen
12/30/2017 17:05:58
"Everyone is always pleasant and helpful, taking time listening to and understanding both me and my pets."
- Sherry McKinney
12/30/2017 16:58:48
"If you were closer you would have more of our business as we are two hours away. I tell as many of the dog show people as I can about your reproductive services and the Penn hip services you offer. At some point you will have to clone Lynn as we would have brought more stud dogs to collect but had to hold off due to limitations on Lynn's time. Thanks for all you do."
- Donald Westermeyer
12/30/2017 14:26:01
"Very caring staff, even with a grumpy dog. "
- Carrie Ritsert
12/24/2017 13:33:26
"I brought my dog in after she was attacked. I was frantic and my dog was stressed. Everyone at the clinic was professional and calm while dealing with me and my sweet pup! Thanks for all you do!"
- Rachel Rommes
12/23/2017 21:02:19
"I really like the compassion u all show for my pet. I love them like children too! I had a vet before who acted like he did not care about pain and suffering! We left him and came to Jerry Meyer and have been there for 40 years. I also like the lab u have. Judy George"
- Anthony George
12/23/2017 16:20:51
"This has been my vet's office since 1986. I had faith and confidence in the prior vet AND I have faith and confidence in the current veterinarians and their staff."
- Harriet Blankenship
12/18/2017 19:54:58
"Doctors are very knowledgeable and the staff is always very friendly."
- Sherry Frazier
12/14/2017 01:35:58
"Peggy grooms my little dog she is so caring and takes care of my little dog. She will send him over to one of the Vets if she sees a problem and I really appreciate that. I trust her to do the best for him. I continue to come there not just because of the value of the grooming but because of the care he gets. Thank you. Peggy. "
- Norma Laws
12/13/2017 22:30:28
"Always receive good service. "
- Helen Heilmann
12/09/2017 18:41:08
"Your staff is always very friendly and nice. "
- Michelle Robinson
12/08/2017 18:07:45
"Great staff, very attentive and you can tell the staff really care about animals!"
- Charles Robinson
12/06/2017 19:01:09
"just overall the best. "
- Sandy Lawless
12/03/2017 16:24:48
"Dr. Ross is amazing and truly cares about Rocky "
- Julee Snyder-Kratzsch
12/01/2017 18:56:23
"We absolutely loved the Vet. She was very kind and caring towards Baxter and she answered all of our questions."
- Michelle Allen
12/01/2017 00:25:52
"PVVC has always treated my babies like their own. You guys rock!"
- Anita Walker
11/30/2017 19:43:26
"I trust the medical care of this hospital. The diagnosis and follow up treatment has been accurate and effective for all of my pets for nearly twenty years. I cannot think of any improvements or changes that I would make this with this practice. Drs Loster and Ross are personally interested in my family. We have laughed and cried together over the years. Thank you with all my heart. "
- Trudy Gatenbee
11/26/2017 13:49:43
"So so happy to bring Archie to your practice. "
- Terri Adams
11/23/2017 00:25:55
"I love"
- Lisa Kennedy
11/20/2017 00:58:05
"I always know that my furry family members will be taken care of by staff members and doctors that love what they're doing and love the animals they take of. Thanks for being awesome!"
- Lisa Cox
11/14/2017 18:00:32
"Ii Love PVVC!! I’ll never take my dogs anywhere else. Everyone there is amazing!"
- Ben McKain
11/12/2017 04:13:14
"Very nice reception and friendly Staff."
- Greg Chan
11/10/2017 06:05:02
"We love this place. They have always been so great to our pets. Even In their final journey. We moved 45 minutes away and still drive to peewee valley. Thanks for your great care and service. "
- Kimberly Deman
11/09/2017 00:26:22
"Both my husband and I were thoroughly impressed by the staff and by Dr. Barnes. Everyone was so very helpful and informative as we asked multiple questions about our recently adopted rescue dog, Snaggletooth. We look forward to the continued relationship with the staff and with Dr. Barnes. Thanks for taking care of all of us!! "
- Martha Grinstead
11/08/2017 12:14:10
"Enjoy bringing all my fur babies there, caring staff and excellent Doctors. "
- Patty Sobczyk
11/07/2017 19:17:18
"Everyone was postive and helpful. They all seemed to like their job. "
- Erin Miller
11/07/2017 18:40:25
"Very friendly staff and love the treatment my babies get."
- Denise Hughes
11/03/2017 23:30:46
"The staff and vets are super nice, fun, and accommodating!! My pets love going to the “doctor”. ❤️❤️"
- Steve Rogers
11/03/2017 15:08:04
"Front staff are excellent - always friendly, prompt and helpful! Great grooming value w Peggy"
- Tina Claypool
11/03/2017 10:43:14
"The entire team at Pewee Valley Vet are amazing. The are all very friendly and are always compassionate and concerned. They make you feel like you and your pet are very important to them. Thank you to everyone at Pewee Valley Vet for taking great care of my 4 legged kids. "
- Sherrie Morris
11/01/2017 22:19:47
"thank you all for all your help with Bee and her surgical implant "
- Susan Halling
11/01/2017 18:08:09
"We use Pewee for repro services and semen storage and always receive good service."
- Jeff Money
10/27/2017 12:59:34
"I use Pewee Valley for reproduction only so I don't visit this clinic often. However, each and every time I have been there, I have felt comfortable that the doctors and staff are knowledgeable and friendly. When I see Dr. Ross or staff members outside of the clinic, they are still friendly and caring."
- Kimberly Deel
10/26/2017 11:55:53
"Very friendly environment!"
- Kim Wissing
10/25/2017 14:30:43
"I am a breeder in Ohio - and have traveled down for service over the years and will continue to do so."
- Bill Cosgrove
10/25/2017 10:36:53
"I appreciate how the staff greets my dog by his name and seem to love animals as much as I do. "
- Sue Piotrowski
10/22/2017 12:13:51
"Thank you all for your kindnesses and loving care of all my kidlets. "
- Jane Singleton
10/17/2017 15:32:01
"I like that if sonething is wrong with my pet they will work you in that day. "
- Carrie Ritsert
10/17/2017 11:36:34
"Continue your level of care, thanks."
- Roger Ewing
10/17/2017 11:03:14
"I drove from the Nashville area to have my dog collected and the straws stored there. Your reputation was what brought me to you and you did not disappoint. Thank you for the professional and efficient process. I will be back!"
- Gower Linda
10/17/2017 10:07:42
"Very nice staff and would rate them 5 star!"
- Kristen Gallagher
10/07/2017 20:59:04
"I have no complaints what so ever. The Drs and staff are the best. I will recomend them to anybody that needs to see a vet for there pet. Will see you in a year with my pet."
- Lillian Thompson
10/06/2017 12:40:49
"We have been with this clinic for 45 yrs will never change"
- Joe Schildt
10/03/2017 20:18:30
"The vet and staff are extremely nice and take the time and have patience with jumpy and he is getting so much better at letting the vet and staff work on him. Thank you all so much that you all do for jumpy and me."
- Tina Dicken
10/01/2017 22:57:24
"It was a great visit. Staff is courteous and I was in and out quicker than I had expected. Overall a pleasant visit. "
- Julie Washburn
10/01/2017 12:13:40
"You all are the best!!"
- Linda Deibel
09/30/2017 18:09:22
"I learned a lot from my visit. I appreciate the honest answers to all my questions. Thank you. "
- Larry Brannin
09/29/2017 14:59:32
"Best experience I have had. Dr Ross and staff were excellent!! "
- Ezra Michaels
09/27/2017 04:44:50
"Have been coming here for years and can't imagine going anywhere else. Always excellent service."
- Terri Armstrong
09/25/2017 14:19:28
"Dr Loster is amazing, I really appreciate the time he takes to explain everything. "
- Joanne Schureck
09/25/2017 12:58:51
"We never take our kitty anywhere else. Really trust Drs Ross & Loster!"
- Dee Knuth
09/25/2017 10:34:38
"You guys always do great"
- Joan Walser
09/24/2017 19:06:45
"Excellent service. Explained information that was extremely important for my senior dog. "
- Debbie Dolleris
09/23/2017 13:24:46
"Never a better group of people to work with. My dogs are always comfortable, we are in and out quick and I learn every time I walk though the door (Jen)"
- David Harris
09/18/2017 11:57:43
"Pee Wee Valley is always a friendly and helpful. The service we have received is too notch. Staff makes you feel loved and welcomed. Pee Wee Valley staff are like family to us! ❤️🐾🐶 Lisa and Mike White and The White House Crew"
- Lisa White
09/17/2017 21:08:27
"Dr. Ross is absolutely fabulous -- my favorite vet. Unfortunately, I live in Florida now and do not get to visit very often. It is always nice to visit with her when I am in town. Janet is always fabulous as well -- always enjoy seeing her. I refer people to Dr. Ross anytime I get a chance. One of my recent puppy buyers is now a loyal customer of Pewee Valley Vet. Keep up the good work."
- Robin Hite
09/13/2017 19:17:54
" I refer people to your clinic whenever the opportunity arises. Thanks, Charlie"
- Charles Robinson
09/13/2017 18:48:04
"I want to thank you for taking great care of Paco. Because of his medical condition with his meds, we have not been able to take a vacation for the last 5 years. We enjoyed our time away and didn't worry about his care. I always highly recommend Pewee Valley Vet to everyone I talk to!"
- Legenia Comley
09/12/2017 12:35:10
"Doctor took time to talk and the service was rather quick and inexpensive"
- James Bopp
09/12/2017 01:40:05
- David Gleason
09/11/2017 19:20:22
"Scooty would not be with us today without the wonderful care he receives from your center. Thank you for taking care of our "Little Man"!"
- Ann Kotlowski
09/11/2017 18:27:11
"Was so pleased I was able to see Dr. Ross for an appointment when my dog became sick suddenly yesterday morning. Really like her care and concern. "
- Helen Heilmann
09/08/2017 21:15:25
"I am a charter member Would never consider going elsewherr"
- Madelyn Jacobs-Mills
08/25/2017 17:02:22
"I appreciate the quality of care you provide. I count on the advice you provide in caring for Brandy. She is doing fine while recovering from surgery. "
- Buford Adamson
08/24/2017 17:19:37
"Your entire staff was so patient with Cody, we appreciate all you did for him and with us. Your the best and we tell it to everyone."
- John Homer
08/23/2017 17:28:16
"Pewee Valley Vets have an awesome staff! They will do what they can for your pets and most of all they are very upfront, forward and honest with you! Very friendly group! "
- Steve Rogers
08/23/2017 16:00:24
"Stay as you are,your all GREAT!!"
- Charlotte Woodland
08/20/2017 14:53:58
"Extremely impressed! Been to several vets in town over the years & by far, Pewee Valley is the ABSOLUTE best all the way around! "
- Julie Locke
08/18/2017 14:49:23
"I trust Dr Ross implicitly with my dog's care. I'm preparing to move out of state and hate the fact that she will no longer be our vet. If my dog ever has a serious problem I will probably be bringing her back from Florida to see Dr Ross."
- Bryan Lyles
08/12/2017 01:14:29
"Sadie's health and happiness has been guarded by your care and attention. Thanks, Roger Ewing"
- Roger Ewing
08/11/2017 22:43:23
"I feel everyone is friendly and understand my pets needs. Great Doctors and my kids love it there."
- Patty Prather
08/11/2017 02:04:32
"You always do a good job for us. We are very comfortable bringing our pets in and appreciate the care they are given."
- Meg Cleveland
08/02/2017 13:17:41
"Friendly, patient techs that help my nervous girl be less scared."
- Julie Washburn
08/02/2017 11:37:20
"Please tell the Doctor Lucky has shown a lot of improvement. He is sleeping thru the night as are we. Thanks again Lucky Allisons Mom"
- Susan Allison
07/25/2017 17:06:30
"Dr Tanya Ross is a cut above the Frey and I would never trust anyone else with my best friends health and wellbeing!"
- Deanna Roederer
07/24/2017 21:03:33
"The Dr or care person who talked to me in lobby when picked up Ana gets an A+ and I used to teach and I score tough. 👍 "
- Jenny Wrightington
07/20/2017 12:37:31
"I've been coming to PVV for years & wouldn't go anywhere else. Moved across town & will gladly make the trip. My dog is always excited to visit. I've recommended PVV to several family & friends."
- Terri Armstrong
07/14/2017 15:01:51
"Lynn is always so supportive and willing to help with problems in the breeding program. She never seems rushed when she works with us. "
- Barbara Pepin
07/12/2017 18:32:14