"Staff is very caring and professional."
- Laura Collins
04/22/2022 22:10:48
"I trust the care you give to my cat!!"
- Sally Ledford
04/16/2022 21:27:34
"I think you are doing fine. I still trust you to care for my dogs more than anyone--even if they are closer. I'd rather drive extra miles for vets I trust."
- Joyce Meyer
04/15/2022 19:53:10
"i have your business cards in my recommended vendors display for people moving into our community. "
- Ann Christensen
04/15/2022 15:49:29
"I appreciate you making time to get Grace bred for me. Thank you "
- Elaine Cooper
04/14/2022 08:49:18
"The staff at Pewee Valley Vet go the extra mile to instill trust and confidence that my pups are getting the best possible care from dedicated professionals. From the first phone call to the last goodbye, I am so pleased to have found this group."
- Terri Mullineaux
04/13/2022 23:24:14
"Nothing I can think of to improve. I’ve been coming for years for repo and will continue "
- Wanda Brown
04/12/2022 15:30:28
"Everyone was pleasant and friendly. "
- Peggy Clapham
04/11/2022 09:43:31
"I love this clinic. Thank you for always being so helpful!"
- Andrea Villamariona
04/11/2022 02:34:24
"I was treated as if I was valued and so was my pet."
- Kathryn Metcalfe
04/05/2022 22:15:36
"Love you guys doing a great job V"
- Carol O'Bryant
04/01/2022 16:17:59
"Dr Ross was so patient to help us better understand a rate cancer our lab has. Truly equipped us with the courage to make necessary medical decisions and a realistic look at prognosis. So supportive and compassionate. Blessed to have been introduced to this practice ❤️"
- Cindy Greene
04/01/2022 03:17:48
"Dr. Ross is always extremely attentive and spends all necessary time explaining any and call concerns. The staff is very welcoming and the office is always clean, bright and cheerful."
- Bryan Regenauer
03/31/2022 16:14:48
"The value exceeded the cost. Again, It was a great experience . "
- Dave Bechard
03/29/2022 20:06:08
"We drove 100 miles for your services Would do it again!"
- Lorie Roden
03/25/2022 22:28:06
"Thanks for continuing to be there for me and my dogs."
- Pat Fendley
03/25/2022 20:37:02
"Have taken all of our pets to Peewee Valley for over 30 years and never been disappointed. Dr's. Ross & Loster have gone above and beyond to help wherever they can. Staff members are wonderful as well! Dee"
- Dee Knuth
03/18/2022 12:34:39
"The new office is great. The animals can peak out the doors The tech that cut Jackie’s nails was super. Thanks to every one "
- Sandy Lawless
03/17/2022 19:39:04
"The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend this practice to family and friends. "
- Kellie Krantz
03/15/2022 22:47:47
"Very pleased"
- Danny McMahan
03/05/2022 00:34:11
"I can’t thank you all enough! Your staff is friendly and professional and the vets are thoughtful and thorough providing excellent care. "
- Martha Knighton
03/04/2022 18:09:19
"All the docs there seem like they really love my pets!"
- Sherry McKinney
03/04/2022 00:06:02
"Thanks for working us in for a visit. "
- Mary Czerwonka
03/03/2022 23:17:42
"Always a pleasure taking my three little doggies to Pee Wee Valley Vet. The staff are professional and service is very good."
- Joyce Andrews
03/03/2022 01:51:09
"Love all of you! Wouldn’t take our fur babies to anyone else. "
- Dianne O'Regan
03/02/2022 22:40:57
"Can't say enough about the doctors and staff. "
- Heidi Wright
02/22/2022 23:40:49
"Absolutely love your service. Very friendly, customer-oriented and a nice, clean facility. "
- Paul Whitman
02/16/2022 22:23:44
"Very fast friendly service."
- Carl Basham
02/16/2022 17:31:54
"I wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else!!"
- Cyndi Epstein
02/15/2022 18:09:01
"I think very highly of this Practice, and I recommend them to anyone who asks me about finding a vet. I hope the virus allows us to meet in person again soon. I know you are all very very busy and I hope you find time to take are of yourselves as well as the animals and their owners."
- Bev Anderson
02/11/2022 17:28:42
"Very professional. Thank you."
- Cherie Bruckman
02/11/2022 14:35:15
"Just picked up prescription, but my dog whined because he couldn't go in. That says a lot!"
- Terri Armstrong
02/11/2022 08:34:20
"Top notch, everything runs ship shape and with fantastic service"
- Robert Shelburne
02/10/2022 12:12:55
"Thank you for your time to be personal and friendly with my baby girl. "
- Jeff Druck
02/03/2022 22:03:27
"We have all of the confidence in the world in Dr. Loster. The staff is very friendly and caring. "
- Stephen Frick
01/29/2022 14:56:28
"I am very happy with the service that I have received for my dog and previous dog over many years. They do a great job and are well worth the extra travel time involved to get there passing by several other vet clinics."
- William Zapp
01/29/2022 00:52:54
"I truly appreciate the time Dr L took in answering ALL my questions and reviewing options with me for what was best for our dog. Thank you so much. It’s not lost on me that you all are busy and I know that is not “billable” time - so again, thank you. "
- Kim Aridano
01/22/2022 18:06:52
"I love Dr Ross and her excitement when she can tell you that your Female has babies in the oven! "
- Terry McGauley
01/22/2022 02:14:35
- Kenny DeWitt
01/19/2022 18:35:25
"Thank you very much for all you do! I am very happy with my time spent with you. "
- Julie Crabtree
01/19/2022 18:10:09
"My prayers were answered "
- Cindy Skyles
01/18/2022 21:33:11
"Absolutely the best veterinary care. I visited Pewee Valley Veterinary for the first time in 1980,"
- Maureen Schurr
01/14/2022 17:38:36
"It was good to know Dr. Ross checked over Jackson, gave a clear assessment of his health status, and recommended a treatment plan for the next visit for my Senior Scottie, Mr. Jackson. We will see everyone again! Stay safe All!!"
- Ann Holloway
01/12/2022 21:12:48
"Thank you so much for looking further to find out what was wrong with my Luna. Shes my baby! Doc Ross took the extra steps to identify and then immediately notify me of the medical issue. The whole staff was very helpful. The surgeon meeting with me to explain everything that they had to do. Outstanding customer service. Thank you so much! "
- Shannel Stults
01/11/2022 18:20:30
"Always feel as if I’ve received the best possible care for my dogs. "
- Jane Brooks
01/07/2022 21:29:48
"No words for how much I appreciate all you do! "
- Christina Wakefield
01/07/2022 13:03:08
"Great people and incredible new office. Wouldn’t go anywhere else! They really get to know our dogs and as an owner that’s so important."
- April Flynn
01/06/2022 13:06:18
"We just could not be more happy with our cats' care. Thank you for caring so much."
- Howard Herron
12/30/2021 17:09:22
"Staff and doctors always friendly, compassionate, helpful, informative, and skilled. Highly recommend this office. "
- Lisa Conti
12/26/2021 13:22:26
"My family is very happy with the care our dogs receive from you. Each member of your staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I will continue to recommend your clinic to my friends and family. "
- Stacy Allen
12/23/2021 01:52:36
"I cannot express enough how much that the staff cares about Rilee. His care is the best I can ask for. I will never forget when he was ill and how quickly he was fit in and taken care of. "
- Julee Snyder
12/22/2021 18:23:16
"Dr Ross is always professional and answers all of our questions . She is friendly also."
- Susan Wilkerson
12/22/2021 00:59:51
"I am pleased with the friendliness of the staff and adherence to covid protocols."
- Jennifer Neuman Gray
12/21/2021 20:53:21
"Though extremely busy Dr. Loster took time to thoroughly exam my dog. Additionally he took an extended amount of time to research information needed to keep my dog healthy. I appreciate having a clinic, staff, and Veterinarians with this level of professionalism and skill level available in our area."
- Beth Johnson
12/20/2021 15:44:33
"I appreciate and want to thank everyone for getting Alfred in on a moments notice. We are still awaiting the results from his scope and biopsy. Also a big shout out to Dr. Loster for calling Dr. Daly and getting his scope moved up! "
- Phil Besendorf
12/19/2021 23:31:48
"I have already refered my daughter to this clinic. That tells it all. great job. It is good to see people working at a place that they really care about."
- Dave Bechard
12/18/2021 22:45:45
"My cats have been patients for over 30 years. Very caring vets and staff!"
- Rilda Harvey
12/17/2021 21:13:13
"Love this place"
- Tina Bosemer
12/16/2021 21:14:24
"Tanya, Amanda, Janet & all the PVVC staff are amazing! So thankful for their services---they are caring, passionate professionals that I GREATLY appreciate! Thank you all for what you do every day!!! <3"
- Sandy Arnold
12/15/2021 07:32:47
"I cannot thank Dr Loster enough for the care he provides for Retired Military Working Dog CELLO W266 USN P/NDD his commitment to caring for my K9 Veteran is honorable and from the Heart we appreciate him so much Thank you Doc. And to Janet and the Science Diet Rep. for all you do with his D/D food this has been a God sent for us all the staff have been great I and MWD Cello appreciate all of you, you are the best Thank you!!! "
- Joe Sturm
12/14/2021 21:50:28
"I am very easewirh the services received."
- Kathy Knuckles
12/13/2021 02:31:59
"Your entire team is Awesome "
- Priscilla McCune
12/09/2021 21:16:31
"Outstanding service as usual. "
- Kim Wells
12/07/2021 04:36:41
"It was great. The staff always treat my cats like they belong to them. :)"
- Lisa Roederer
12/05/2021 00:37:43
"Very short waiting time. Everyone was very friendly. Excellent service. "
- John Kyser
12/03/2021 23:11:48
"I trust and rely on everyone there. I have no complaints. Just one suggestion -- can you let us leave email messages when necessary? With questions. And whatever else is necessary. "
- Bev Anderson
11/27/2021 17:08:18
"You all are the best. Happy Thanksgiving."
- Peter Groenendyk
11/23/2021 20:31:39
"Thanks for all the good advice and help"
- Karen Poole
11/23/2021 17:51:54
"I am very satisfied with the service received. "
- Buford Adamson
11/17/2021 23:56:01
"Excellent care"
- Laura Collins
11/17/2021 23:00:46
"Not sure which incident this survey is for but I appreciate the feedback/callback I got the past 2 times and the proactive use of meds -- all the cats are doing well (knock on wood) and the sniffles and sneezing are clearing up. Thanks"
- Mary Duttlinger
11/16/2021 21:06:24
"Staff is friendly and helpful. I trust them with my dogs!"
- Terry Zilisch
11/12/2021 20:12:14
"We have used Pewee Valley Vet for 30 years and have been treated very well. They have gone above and beyond in taking care of our pets. Dr. Ross and Dr. Loster are the best! They truly care for our pets. "
- Dee Knuth
11/09/2021 13:08:36
"So glad they were able to attend to my dogs emergency needs in order to avoid outrageous fees that would have been charged at Blue Pearl. Too many bets just make customers go directly to blue pearl . De Lostee and dr Ross have always made sure we were taken care of and responses to any problems we encounter "
- Monica Nauert
11/05/2021 23:15:33
"Thank you for taking great care of Augustus!"
- Terri Massey
11/05/2021 10:36:46
"Love the staff and Tonya!"
- Heidi Solarz-Kutz
11/04/2021 21:44:27
"Absolutely love Pewee Valley Vet Center."
- Terri Armstrong
11/04/2021 18:51:47
"Thank you Dr Ross for going the extra mile for Scandal and me."
- Debbie Owen
11/04/2021 02:36:04
"Always a great experience "
- Melanie Bowling
11/03/2021 17:07:53
"You genuinely care about animals and the pet parents."
- Tiffany Howard
11/02/2021 19:53:09
"The staff are top notch. Excellent with each one of our dogs....from a rescue Jack Russell mix, to a lab mis, to a pittie mix. Will never ever go anywhere else! So sweet, caring! "
- Terri Adams
10/31/2021 23:51:00
"You all are great! Really appreciate everyone’s expertise, professionalism and just general niceness. "
- Carol Stamp
10/29/2021 23:31:34
"We rarely have to come in (fortunately) but when we do, I'm always pleased. The vets and staff are friendly and we are generally in and out in a reasonable amount of time. It's easy to schedule and the reminders are great."
- Terra Santos
10/29/2021 17:42:30
"Thank you so much for working us into your busy schedule for an emergency. Our dogs mean the world to us and we appreciate having such a responsive and trusted vet in our area. Thank you again "
- Flynn Wurtzbacher
10/28/2021 21:55:21
"Everyone from welcome to goodbye was incredible helpful and kind. "
- Shane Smith
10/21/2021 00:14:48
"Alfred enjoys going to "The Vet"."
- Phil Besendorf
10/20/2021 20:49:49
"Service and treatment were outstanding. Apparently other clients agree. My dog requires minor surgery and it will be a month and half before he can get it because of Dr Loster's schedule."
- Bob Woodyard
10/19/2021 18:41:13
"Kim couldn’t have been more helpful getting records sorted out as we transferred to your practice and getting us in asap for missing vaccinations. Thanks "
- Laura Plumley
10/15/2021 14:39:40
"My Dog has been very sick. He came up with a new symptom that required a specialist. We couldn’t get into the specialist for 3 weeks. Dr. Loster worked us in immediately and directly communicated with the specialist in order to help take care of him. "
- Stephen Frick
10/14/2021 12:46:09
"Amazing! The staff is extremely sweet and helpful and Dr Ross really cares about her patients and will do anything she can for them. ❤️"
- Jamie Riley
10/13/2021 23:34:35
"I really appreciate the love and care you show to me and Rilee. I will never forget how you were there for us when we needed it the most"
- Julee Snyder
10/13/2021 20:49:58
"Keep on keeping on."
- Roger Ewing
09/29/2021 12:39:24
"I have referred several of my friends to Pewee Valley Veterinary Center. The staff are so amazing, caring, helpful, and friendly. I wouldn't trust my animal to anyone else, and even when we have had to go elsewhere for emergency situations, I always consult with this group at the same time. "
- Heather Daugherty
09/24/2021 12:33:09
"high respected and professional services!!!"
- Robert Shelburne
09/22/2021 14:25:22
"I so appreciate you squeezing my dog in during your busy day when she suddenly had an issue that left her lethargic and not herself. That meant the world to me. The Veterinarians are always so wonderful at taking the time to explain the situation and what a pet parent can do to help their babies. Support staff is always friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend your office to anyone in search of a Veterinarian! Thank you so much for taking such good care of my children and granting me peace of mind!"
- Lynne Robinson
09/21/2021 11:29:45
"Thank you for taking good care of my dog, Brandy. She has been very nervous at the vet in the past but she was comfortable this time. After talking to the person who called me about her dental experience she was well loved and cared for. "
- Elizabeth Harper
09/20/2021 23:54:34
"Amanda has the personality it takes to make people happy "
- Sandy Lawless
09/19/2021 20:32:29
"Kudos to Dr Ross & her HARD working staff! There are so many challenges that vet clinics are facing, yet they show up, smile and do great work! I just want them to know how much I appreciate each of them, what they do every day & how much they care💜🐾💜"
- Sandy Arnold
09/15/2021 18:27:55
"We greatly appreciated the time that Dr. Ross spent with us. "
- Paul Rosenblum
09/14/2021 19:23:11
"You are there when we need you, every single time. That is the bottom line. Thank you!"
- Pat Fendley
09/07/2021 02:27:40