"Absolutely the best Vet Clinic in Texas! Wonderful care and patience with our 14 yr old dog. Everyone in the clinic is helpful and very kind."
- Stacy Hancock
03/28/2021 21:46:14
"Absolutely fantastic!! Love you guys! "
- Katie Odem
03/25/2021 23:00:21
"Everyone at Comanche Trail has always been EXCELLENT - that's why I keep coming back. You guys don't charge and arm and a leg to take care of my furry buddies - that makes a perfect world for me since I have loved them all, I could not ask for anything more. Stay Safe - God Bless"
- Marel Trim
03/25/2021 22:54:02
"I thought the curbside service went well. I’m really happy that your practice is offering this as an option."
- Cydney Perske
03/25/2021 11:52:51
"I was very impressed with DVM Dr. Pierce. Seemed very thorough and up front about Amigo, my granddoger . Glad to let you know he is doing much better. Thank you , Jana"
- Jason Koble
03/24/2021 11:21:10
"Great!!! I’ll always use this vet center everyone is so nice and the doctors aren’t trying to over sell me and really seem to want what’s best for the dog and that’s why commanche trail is always my first choice "
- Hunter Wallace
03/23/2021 22:08:37
"You are doing great. In fact, I really like the covid-19 curbside service and I hope that option is made available permanently. Thanks."
- Sonya Dixon
03/18/2021 16:36:07
"Great!!! "
- Ashley Garner
03/17/2021 23:41:45
"We love the service we get and how well you take care of our family members. I also appreciate that you are continueing the mask protocal even though it is not required by the state."
- Jennifer Erickson
03/17/2021 23:20:33
"All treatment for our three dogs in the last 18 years very professionally and with the best interest of our fur babies. We plan to continue to utilize Comanche Trails for our pets needs. Thank you."
- Louis Buitron
03/14/2021 19:48:55
"Love bringing in my Louie to your center. Always kind, professional and affordable "
- Danielle Carver
03/13/2021 18:41:31
"Anyone who knows me knows that I am very honest about what I think. Good or bad. And they know that my pets are my family so their care is very important to me. I get excellent care at Comanche Trail Veterinary Center no matter who is taking care of my pets. My kitties are gone now but I still have an aging dog and he gets excellent care. I never worry about his care. Things are explained well to me and I feel like I am part of his health care team. And I really appreciate the prices. The focus at Comanche Trail is definitely on the health of the pet. Thank you for all you do."
- Precious Nielsen
03/13/2021 06:16:18
"Everyone was fantastic and took the time to explain everything to ensure I understood the diagnosis. "
- Daniella Glick
03/12/2021 23:19:51
"great job"
- Lyndsay Blasienz
03/12/2021 22:30:52
"First of all, I live in Austin and I drive to Liberty Hill for the service I receive from the entire staff. I have a Clinic 5 minutes from my home but the service is so bad that I will not return. Thank you for caring about my pets and may family needs! 10 stars from The Woodyard Family"
- Sherry Woodyard
03/12/2021 22:16:20
"I have been using Comanche Trail for many many years and through several pets; both cats and dogs. I have not met anyone there that I haven't liked. They are there through the good and the bad and always handle everything with compassion and thorough information. I can't say enough good things about them and will continue to use them for good. "
- Ginger Harmatiuk
03/12/2021 20:21:06
"Y'all are awesome and I don't ever want to go anywhere else. "
- Ciñdy Van Meeteren
03/12/2021 20:12:59
- Robert Erskine
03/10/2021 20:14:41
"I feel confident bringing my two best friends there. Friendly staff, makes you feel like family."
- Sal Reale
03/09/2021 22:37:01
"We love Comanche Trail. Everyone is courteous kind and patient. We feel our doggies are getting great care!"
- Paul Gammage
03/07/2021 21:45:44
"Very courteous and helpful"
- Nancy Schiff
03/07/2021 16:13:21
"You guys are great and are always there to take hood care of all of our animals. "
- Laura Pilgrim
03/06/2021 22:05:16
"We had a great experience. Staff was very friendly and helpful!"
- Erica McDonald
03/06/2021 04:53:07
"Everyone loves our Tiny like we do. "
- Mary Tucker
03/05/2021 23:14:59
"Always caring, always professional. Listen and answer all questions. Would not go anywhere else. "
- George Ledford
03/04/2021 20:28:36
"I was very hesitant with curbside service but your office took my concerns to heart and adapted amazingly. I have always recommended Comanche and still will. Thanks for all you do for your patients and the community!"
- Denise White
03/03/2021 13:40:13
"I was very pleased with your services and how you treated my baby. I’m relieved to have found a vet for my babies and looking forward to a great relationship with you. "
- Roxanne McGowne
03/01/2021 02:00:50
"Amazing experience. Very fast and friendly!!"
- Jessica Moore
02/28/2021 20:55:22
"Thank you for getting Elvis in so quickly when he was injured. Cindy even messaged me through fb that evening to check on him. Love the staff at Comanche!"
- Lockie Ealy
02/28/2021 15:21:40
"Experience was flawless. Staff was great. Pup is healthy and happy, and so is this dog dad! Thank you all!"
- Anthony Henriquez
02/14/2021 22:10:12
"Very pleased with your service."
- Christy Cowling
02/13/2021 19:18:05
"I actually placed an order for heart worm , and everyone was quite friendly and helpful. I appreciate the kindness first and foremost!! Thank you for the care. "
- Jan Foradory
02/11/2021 01:29:24
"I am very happy with the care and customer service "
- Emily Smith
02/10/2021 13:28:11
"Amazing experience! Everyone was so nice and helpful. I felt the vet was thorough and really wanted to check my pups on their first visit here. Super impressed and loved everyone! Thank you all! "
- Kyndal Jacobs
02/08/2021 03:59:20
"Kept appointment on time, explained procedures, Dr. Martin called to explain options Excellent care Our dog is doing well "
- Janet & Casey Pelton
02/06/2021 17:37:26
"The curbside worked great. Thank you."
- Beth White
02/05/2021 20:08:25
"Y'all are great, we took our baby girl Evie in for a follow up to her surgery and Y'all were awesome and offered helpful advise and she isn't afraid of the vet, in the past our pets have always been afraid of vets and dreaded going, but Evie loved her visit and I feel she won't have any issue going back when needed."
- Travis Russell
02/05/2021 16:26:09
"Great "
- Michael Indra
02/04/2021 23:58:28
"All good!"
- Sunny Stevens
02/04/2021 22:48:10
"Highly recommend. Everyone is professional and super caring and loving to my pet"
- Charity Dickehut
02/03/2021 21:47:48
"No problems, Excellent service"
- Michael Boswell
02/03/2021 20:07:51
"All went well! Thank you all for taking care of Mr. Darcy!"
- Jan Carter
02/03/2021 18:43:44
"Thank you "
- Melissa Chitwood
02/01/2021 22:28:44
"Nice people very satisfied i do recommend "
- Alberto Gutierrez
01/31/2021 18:18:52
"Always there when we need you."
- Ed & Linda Larsen
01/31/2021 01:08:38
"Always helpful, knowledgeable and kind. Always answer questions and are upfront about cost."
- Beverley Allen
01/30/2021 20:12:23
"I checked in about 10 minutes before my appt and Diesel was inside getting checked out prior to my scheduled time. I greatly appreciated this as my experience with another vet left me waiting for well over 30 minutes after my scheduled appt in which I arrived almost 15 minutes early. I appreciated the Vet giving me a direct call as I did not receive the same courtesy elsewhere. The diagnosis and plan were straightforward and easy to understand. "
- Timothy King
01/29/2021 19:34:31
"We are so appreciative that you worked Nico into your busy schedule. Was also very considerate for the Doctor to call us back personally to let us know what the game plan is to help him get better. Staff is always helpful and nice....keep up the great work."
- Kimber Durkin
01/24/2021 20:55:45
"I think you are doing as well as possible giving the restraints of the Covid. "
- Forrest Child
01/23/2021 22:20:55
"We truly feel like family at this clinic. They took such good care of Kahlua and treated him like their own pet. I am forever grateful for the care provided by this clinic. "
- Jen Bain
01/23/2021 15:09:58
"I am very excited that Hercules has such a caring and accommodating group of people to care for him at Comanche Trail Veterinary Center. Dr. Gonzales has called to check on him and has taken the time to explain things and give advise. "
- Charlie McIlhaney
01/22/2021 16:57:07
"The staff has genuine care for not only my pet but my thoughts as well. They listen to my concerns and make sure that they are addressed."
- Yolanda Gass
01/22/2021 01:09:45
"We always know that Beau is in good hands. "
- Lindsey Andrews
01/21/2021 21:26:09
"I am thoroughly impressed with Comanche Trail. Very professional, detailed and loving towards my crazy pup. My only thing that frustrated me was the lack of availability but I understand that it is a busy season."
- Katherine Koepl
01/20/2021 18:36:15
"Everyone is so sweet and always answer my question..curb service was great...actually better because Phoenix doesn't have to sit in the waiting room and freak out. Thank you to all. Susan V"
- Susan Ventura
01/19/2021 21:39:03
"Very good keeping clients safe during COVID outbreak"
- Carolyn Elliott
01/18/2021 03:40:45
"I am very happy with the care my two fuzzy boys got on their last checkup even with the curbside service."
- Joye Lynn Hardaway
01/17/2021 04:49:32
"Wonderful "
- Jason Long
01/16/2021 23:23:08
"Excellent staff and service."
- Rebecca Lopez
01/16/2021 20:47:34
"Appreciated that my dog could be looked at for possible emergency right away and treated. "
- Cathy Gregg
01/15/2021 18:42:32
"We think the staff is awesome."
- Cindy Haushalter
01/14/2021 23:13:25
"I like that you had me call from the curb. "
- Sheryl Carwell
01/14/2021 21:12:16
"I trust the Vets and the Staff at The Comanche Trail Vet Center to take good care of my big fur babies when they are not well. They treat them kindly, even when my pets are scared and hurting and fighty, bitey. I won't go anywhere else! "
- Yvonne Gunnlaugsson
01/14/2021 02:05:04
- Jerry Weathers
01/13/2021 21:17:16
"You've always been great and we appreciate how careful you're being because of covid. "
- Charlotte Turfboer
01/07/2021 23:56:32
"I needed a refill of pain medicine for my dog. Called it in. It was filled promptly. Comanche Trails has always been professional, polite and helpful. Thank you."
- Wess Anderson
12/30/2020 14:07:02
"Considering the inconveniences caused by COVID, you're managed the process very well."
- Christie Bynum
12/29/2020 16:13:21
"The clinic has grown so much since Dr. Russell Martin took over. Although staff members have come and gone throughout the years, the quality of service remains the same. Dr Martin has been and continues to be my pets vet. "
- Margarita Herrington
12/28/2020 19:32:24
"Everything was excellent. No complaints :). "
- Debbie Mauldin
12/24/2020 18:52:51
"Libby’s prescription was filled the same day and pick up was fast. There have been times when it took a few days for it to be refilled, and times when I’ve had to wait quite a bit of time to get it upon my arrival. Good job, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!"
- Leah Torti
12/24/2020 15:03:29
"Comanche Trail went above and beyond when my dog became very ill. Even though they were booked solid they made the time to get him in. He had XRays, blood work, IV’s, medicine and I expected the bill to be exorbitant. It so heartening to not only have my Kramer come out looking so much better, but the bill was so less than I expected. Truly a caring facility, I’ll never take my dogs or cats any where else. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ "
- Sherry Yunghans
12/21/2020 01:37:36
"This was our first visit and we are very impressed so far."
- Lin Griffin
12/20/2020 01:25:34
"Everyone was knowledgeable in answering all my questions and giving excellent advise...we appreciate you all....have a very merry Christmas "
- Janet Cooper
12/19/2020 02:40:01
"Your team is awesome! I greatly appreciate the care and attention my pet has received."
- Penny Hyman
12/18/2020 20:20:48
"A++ care and service!! Truly care about each fur baby and their owner's! I highly highly recommend Comanche Trail ( and I always do!) Dr. Martin, Dr. Gonzalez, and all the staff are the only ones I trust my precious fur baby with!"
- Tammy Mathews
12/17/2020 23:54:27
"efficient and friendly brought out my dog's medicine promptly and professionally"
- Debbi Hendrix
12/17/2020 23:33:42
"It was a great experience. I felt like the vet truly cared about my dog and doing what was best for him!"
- Jackie Lewis
12/17/2020 16:51:26
"During this visit, I just needed Heartworm pills for my dogs. The process was smooth. I called ahead yesterday to make my request. I received a call from the clinic by the end of the day letting me know the medication was ready for pick-up. I called from my car when I arrived today, and my dogs' medication was brought out to me within 5 minutes. "
- Laurie Ostroff
12/17/2020 00:25:52
"I miss seeing everyone's smiling faces, but the covid protocol is working well. The service has been fairly quick and organized. I wouldn't take my fur babies anywhere else."
- Melinda Riddle
12/16/2020 13:25:34
"I'm not a fan of curbside treatment but the doctors are very good at calling and discussing their findings / treatment options."
- Jenifer Illingworth
12/15/2020 20:42:04
"We moved to Round Rock last year and I am not interested in looking for another animal clinic. My fur babies have been with Comannche Trail. The care they get is over and above. I cannot find anything negative to say. Maybe y’all can move to Rounf Rock. 😉"
- Robin Kregel
12/15/2020 20:21:10
"I trust CTVC & specifically Dr Martin explicitly with all our pets. I have seen the compassion in their eyes and know they care about my animals."
- Stacey Dukes
12/15/2020 20:12:16
"Even though I was using curbside “delivery” and my dog was just catching up on vaccinations the vet called me at gave me a full update on his health. I have always been impressed by their service and I have been a customer since they opened. "
- Judy Cunningham
12/15/2020 00:34:11
"We've just moved to Liberty Hill area and needed a new vet for our dogs. The staff has been great to work with. One of our dogs hurt her leg and had not yet been seen at Comanche Trail and they were able to fit her in the next day to assess the injury. "
- Anita Sailer
12/14/2020 14:52:15
"Everyone is so friendly and helpful! "
- Selinda Meadows
12/14/2020 03:59:37
"This was our first visit. I liked how friendly the person was who picked up Moose from the car. He easily went with her. I also appreciated how thoroughly the doc discussed the visit via phone."
- Connie Norris
12/13/2020 13:54:09
"I really appreciate how quickly you’re able to get my pets in! Your team is very friendly and professional as well as efficient. Always friendly when coming to scoop up the pet and very informative when returning. The doctor always calls after their exam is complete. I love how they always compliment my sweet male cat, Chester. I am switching all my furry animals over and I have six total. 3 cats and 3 dogs. I love the vet I’ve went to for over the past 10 years. But they are far now that I live in Bertram. So I’m thankful to have found a place so close to home but also so very wonderful to my furry babies."
- Amanda Thomas
12/13/2020 02:37:05
"We love the CTVC staff. We aren’t just a file to the staff there. Your staff are connected to our pets, and always have smiles and tenderness with our furry family members. Both Vets are top notch and have our pets’ best interest as their ultimate goal. Curbside has been new, but necessary and the staff that returns our pets are always very thorough in their explanation the instructions. We love CTVC. Happy to frequently recommended to local friends. We couldn’t be happier. "
- Mary Helen Shuff
12/12/2020 22:28:27
"We have been happy with our visits and medicine refills. Recently the prescription refills have been much prompter than in months previous. We greatly miss meeting the vets that have been helping us and are anxious for full openings of the office. "
- Judy Reed
12/12/2020 20:55:17
"Well, I can’t say enough about the people working there. Courteous, kind, knowledgeable, Sensitive, ....etc."
- John Potter
12/12/2020 11:51:57
"Awesome service and budget friendly. They really take care of your pets and at a reasonable rate. Highly recommend them. "
- Melannie Bianco
12/12/2020 04:34:56
"I fully understand the reason for the curbside service, but I so miss the face to face time with the doctors. Otherwise, Y'all are awesome!"
- Holly Bourland
12/11/2020 21:02:31
"Awesome "
- Tim Marvin
12/11/2020 21:02:12
"Comanche Trail Veterinary has been tge best place for us to take our fur babies too. They have shown such tender loving care for our babies just as they were their own. Very polite, informative and professional. So happy to have them. "
- Judy Adair
12/11/2020 20:42:45
"Doctor Martin and his staff are very friendly and care for our animals in a professional manner. The last visit we had to make was something of an emergency. We were keeping our son's dog, Arliss, when he took a latex glove out of the garbage and swallowed it. This was right at five or shortly after. My wife called, explained what happened and asked advise. They said we should bring Arliss in so that they could facilitate removing the glove. I don't know if this was closing time or after, but they stayed and took care of our "emergency" willingly. That is great service."
- Vickie Baker
12/11/2020 20:31:56
"Great Experience.."
- David Russell
12/11/2020 00:09:46
"Enjoy being able to get Sophies nails clipped with scheduled appointments! Makes it easy!"
- Debbie Clifton
12/10/2020 22:53:29
"Great vet and assistants! Have always had a great experience "
- Michelle Rodriguez
12/09/2020 20:11:32
"I like the curbside service I have received during this difficult time. The techs that have come to get my pets have been friendly and helpful. "
- Debby Fleming
12/09/2020 13:20:21
"the techs are always great with helping me get the one dog out of the car while wrangling with the other dog. You have the best techs!"
- Jerome Palmer
12/09/2020 03:35:17