- Barbara, Jessica, Ev Daniels
04/23/2019 17:57:28
"Dr. Bedi is the kindest and most caring vet I’ve ever been to. I trust him completely to care for my 3 cats and dog. His staff is excellent- professional and courteous. They are a top notch team!"
- Kara Downing
04/22/2019 18:36:16
"The office feels like a small family that you and your pet are a part of. Their assertive interaction with your animal gives you a sense of rest-assurance in the handling of your pets health situation; regardless of the the severity. "
- Andria Mills
04/15/2019 18:48:15
" My husband and I know that we never have to worry about Jake because Dr. Bedi and his staff know what they are doing and that the animals are number one. We have been going to Dr. Bedi for over twenty five years if not longer. Laurie Rauscher "
- Laurie Rauscher
04/09/2019 20:18:19
"The care to both Robbie and myself was exceptional and if I had any surprises it would be in the costs. I know your costs are reasonable compared to other veterinarians and a gamble on the level of care and how not the owner of the pet may feel, how that member of a family feels about another family member, far more than a pet or something you own."
- Daniel Empling
04/08/2019 18:42:05
"Dr.Bedi and staff are very attentive and caring with our dogs! They are very thorough when examining our dogs. Thank you!"
- Christine Filakosky
03/31/2019 21:22:36
"My animals are always in good hands at Love N Care Animal Hospital. Everyone there takes great care in my pets."
- Gay Goden
03/20/2019 19:56:34
"Oh my goodness, can you believe they called to check on my baby who is an adult cat, too see if she had her kittens. "
- Wendi Moore
03/17/2019 18:01:17
"Dr Bedi is always so nice and mannerly. He helped me out with some mistakes I was doing to my puppies ears . He was mad and I’m happy he was because it showes he is looking out for the well being of my dog and showed me what I was doing wrong . Thank you as always to the staff and him for seeing my pet and being there for us . Julieann Berk "
- Julieann & Matt DiPasqua
02/22/2019 19:04:05
"We have had Dobermans for 35+ years. We have struggled in getting the ears to stand up properly. We were amazed at the way Dr Badi did Rangers ears. They were standing right away, right after the bandages came off. As expected, we are working on developing the blood flow and cartledge to keep them standing, but that's normal for a young pup. We wish we knew about Dr Badi years ago. We would have been taking our dogs to him long ago. The care Ranger has received has been outstanding. We definitely recommend going to Love N Care and Ravenna Rd Animal Hospitals. The staff is Awesome!"
- Bob & Patty Reitz
02/13/2019 22:18:22
"The entire staff is like a family. The professional care of your pet is always a priority! "
- John Atwood
01/12/2019 12:27:23
"The first night we brought our terrier home he got into some poison intended for a mouse. LovenCare took care of Riley very quickly the doctor and assistant were very kind which made me feel relaxedcand assured that Riley was in good hands. They saved my new pets life and I am forever grateful. I will recommend LovenCare to my friends and family. "
- Elaine Worsham
01/12/2019 11:13:14
"This was my first time coming to see Dr. Bedi . I was so happy with how he and his staff treated me. But most importantly, how he treated my European Doberman Pinscher puppy Zamira I just received . He knew exactly how to fix her infected ears from a not so nice ear crop the breeder did . He made her and my self feel not like just a nother number like how so,so many other vets tend to do . He took his time and explained everything , and answered any questions I had . Also the staff helped me to my car with the large crate I brought her in . I’m so happy good vets still exist but mostly good vets that take there time and enjoy helping out pets and educating there owners . A nother thing that was very good was how clean the office and work environment was .... didn’t smell at all like a vet office and I’ve been in lots for different situations over my life so far . Lastly a nice thing was that the receptionist called me to see how Zamira was doing the next day , and that made my day . That extra step was not necessary but shows how professional this facility truly is . From now on I’m going to Dr. Bedi , and bringing also my other European Doberman Alfadel to see him and his staff !!! Thank you so much ! Julieann and Matt !!! "
- Julieann & Matt DiPasqua
12/25/2018 02:32:17
"The people there care about your pet"
- Wallace & Kathy Tanner
12/01/2018 04:43:21
"The love and care my fur family gets is top notch. I've had pets my entire life.....not a single vet was as kind as Dr. Bedi"
- Sherry Dutcher
11/30/2018 23:09:46
"Dr Bedi and his awesome staff are like family! They treat our babies with love and patience and we don’t trust anyone else. The staff is diligent and kind with the animals. "
- Samantha Bretz
11/16/2018 21:53:36
"we love the care and consideration that is shown for our pets and our family members. we have become FAMILY over the years and lover everyone on your staff."
- Barbara, Jessica, Ev Daniels
11/08/2018 14:07:23
"Dr. Bedi and his staff are incredibly kind and caring people. Dr. Bedi is thorough in his examinations and does all he can to educate about any conditions or issues he finds. It is obvious he cares greatly about what he does."
- Nancy McKay
10/16/2018 14:36:24
"The entire staff at love n care was so nice and helpful. As a new dog owner, I had lots of questions about my new puppy from bathing, and training to diet and immunizations and just about everything in between. Dr. Bedi was very through with my puppy's examination and walked me through what to expect and what to do. Dr. Bedi made me and my puppy feel comfortable with his sense of humor. From the appointment making to the finish of the office visit was great. I highly recommend coming here for great customer service and care for your pet. Thank you Laura for setting up my appointment and follow up call. Wonderful service. Can't ask for a better place. "
- Kenya Phifer-Harper
10/06/2018 15:53:57
"Dr. Bedi and staff care for our animals as if they were their very own. The knowledge and professionalism shown is outstanding."
- Nancy McKay
06/16/2018 03:22:23
"I knew my cat was in really bad shape and he I eventually loss him due to antifreeze poisoning. The entire staff was extremely considerate. I even received a lovely card the week after and his remains were cremated and returned quickly, so I didn't have to re-start the grieving process a second time. It is a very friendly, professional environment and I will recommend them to any pet owners."
- Janice Lett
06/01/2018 16:15:51
"The staff and doctor truly care about the well being of my dog. They keep my dog up to date with shots and flea meds. My dog is excited to see them on appointment days....thats probably because of the treats!"
- Robin Barrett
05/04/2018 15:09:26
"Laura, Cindy, Doc and young man whose name I didn't get all treated my 13 year old basset hound as if he were family. They took such great care with him. I noticed they were just as attentive and caring of the other people and pets who were there when we were. I recommend them to anyone who needs a great vet to take their precious pet to - they'll be in great hands! Awesome clinic!"
- Maggie Dutton
04/19/2018 02:06:11
"I have been a long time client with my furry family. The love and true care we have received over the years has been so wonderful. Dr. Bedi is a excellent veterinarian. Laura and Cindy are very professional and my boys love all. Highly recommend."
- Lynn Rann
03/21/2018 03:28:15
"I have been bringing my cats to Dr. Bedi since the very early 1990's. He has provided the best of care for them at regular appointments as well as emergencies. I can depend on him and his excellent staff."
- Patrice Wyse
03/03/2018 19:33:28
"The staff was helpful and amazing. They were friendly and made me feel welcome right away. Doctor was informed and provided me with any information I needed. "
- Jade Giglio
02/23/2018 03:35:30
"Good care on schedule."
- Robert Farmer
02/21/2018 16:21:40
"Dr. Bede and his staff are always very gentle and caring with my dog. I have been coming to Love N Care Animal Hospital for many years now and am always very pleased with the service and the care that we receive."
- Dana Heil
02/15/2018 20:02:21
"Dr. Bendi and staff are very knowledgeable and caring. They really make your little one feel like a family member."
- Britney/Sandra Brinson
01/14/2018 16:32:50
"Evening hours very helpful. Great caring staff."
- John Daull
12/23/2017 12:34:31
"Love and care animal hospital did a wonderful job with my cookie. The staff was friendly and made cookie comfortable with the care that they were providing. "
- Fatima Williams
12/21/2017 00:05:18
"The doctor and staff were cordial and professional. As a first time client, both my pet and I were treated as a part the family!"
- John Atwood
12/13/2017 22:21:40
"My animals have gotten the most thorough exams they have ever had. Dr. Bedi explains everything well and you can tell everyone in the office loves animals."
- Nancy McKay
12/05/2017 16:37:27
"Everyone at Love N Care truly cares about our pet, during an emergency we were able to talk to someone and they got us in right away the next day. Thank you!"
- Aubri Green
11/17/2017 19:11:14
"Milo's ears really look great."
- Donald Johnson
11/15/2017 15:12:43
"We are so happy! After looking in the area for a good vet, we chose to come here and were not disappointed. The staff is warm, friendly, and made our vet visit quick and efficient. Our kitties are happy and healthy because of this great and caring doctor. Thank you!"
- Ashley Hall
11/14/2017 21:57:18
"They take wonderful care of both of my dogs. I would highly recommend them! "
- Avis Lyons
11/13/2017 16:38:17
"Dr. Bedi and Laura were completely attentive to the needs of my pet and me."
- Gary A Brown
11/05/2017 15:02:45
"Second pet taken here. Very satisfied with the service. Can see Dr. Bedi and staff have a love of animals. "
- Claire Groudle
10/31/2017 19:46:15
"Courteous and respectful staff and the Doctor explains everything to the pet parents "
- Michelle Williams
10/11/2017 21:42:01
"Very thorough examination of my dog. All the right medications administered. Extra precautionary recommendations discussed. On time appointment. Even treatments to soothe anxiety. The good doctor and his whole staff truly show love'n'care"
- Tom Cvelbar
10/08/2017 14:23:16
"the staff treats us as family and listens to our concerns about our pets .I love going to them as much as my dog does, they get treats and I get hugs."
- Barbara, Jessica, Ev Daniels
10/07/2017 16:18:07
"I have been taking my 85# bulldog/Shar Pei to Love N Care since we rescued him four years ago. Dr. Bedi and staff take excellent care of him but, most importantly, my dog LOVES going there! "
- Jo Dorado-Clair
10/04/2017 17:23:09
"Dr. Bedi and his staff are always warm and welcoming. They spend time with us and are kind and patient when handling our fur babies. We don't trust anyone else! We consider Dr. Bedi and his team a part of our family! "
- Samantha Bretz
09/26/2017 18:56:11
"My experience was great, the doctor and staff are very professional, answered all questions and the environment is warm, welcoming and loving to animals and especially my dog who they made feel comfortable and loving. Great Vet and Staff if you are looking for a Vet and Staff who genuinely care about your animal and you as an owner."
- Kidron Shavers
09/24/2017 21:58:08
"This past Saturday started out like every other Saturday. A happy playful energetic Lil bear running around playing. All of a sudden I hear my baby wailing and hold his front paw bent. I phoned several local vets, who basically said they were unavailable. However, after speaking with the care team at Love And Care my mind and heart were at ease. From the moment we walked through that door we were greeted with care and concern for Lil bear. They took him right in and assessed his injury. I felt as if i was apart of what was happening with my beloved dog. I was given clear instructions for hia after care. I even received a wellness call from Dr Bedi later that day and the next 2 days. Each conversation reminded me of what I needed to do so the correct healing to occur. I appreciate the entire team and look towards building a relationship with Love and Care. Thank you"
- Kimberly Kelly
09/20/2017 00:45:42
"You guys are great but Bridget does not like the drops. Too bad! Thanks for taking care of her."
- Carolyn Zenisek
09/17/2017 19:35:49
"I am truly thankful and amazed at the attention and care given to me as well as the loving care that was showered upon my dog Diva. I wish I had known about Love N Care before. Thanks, JLH"
- Jame L. Hoyle
09/09/2017 04:02:56
"I enjoyed the warm enviroment and greeting in which I received. The Vet truely has a calling for animals and his love shines through :)"
- Leah Short
08/29/2017 17:09:20
"Dear Dr. Bedi and Cindy: I know that when I leave here at you "Love and Care" facility that she is good hands when I leave here with Cindy and that she is being well cared for ......... Thank so much for that. Sincerely Helen and Princess"
- Helen Lisac
08/16/2017 22:01:21
"Dr. Bedi, Laura and staff are knowledgable, caring and experienced! They fit my 17 year old cat in immediately (same day) when I explained my concerns (we had never been there before). Dr. Bedi and staff treated him with such great care and took a lot af time explaining to me what he thought was going on and the plan to get him better. I'm so relieved we ended up there! They saved his life and he is on his way back to being the happy king of the castle. I will recommend them to all the pet loving people I know. They truly care as if the animals brought in were their own! Thank you Luv N Care group!"
- Maggie Dutton
08/09/2017 02:51:11
"We have been bringing Trixie to your Twinsburg office since she was a kitten and have always had good service from Love N Care. Dr Bedi and his staff always welcomes us, and is concerned about every pet that is brought in. All his clients speak highly of him. He is always available for concerns and emergencies over the phone and in the office. We feel very comfortable bringing Trixie to him and know that she will get the best of car."
- Steve & Diane Spahr
08/08/2017 17:52:04
"Miss Cindy and Dr. Bedi treat your furry child as if they were their family as well!!!! "
- Nicole Johnson
07/18/2017 17:10:54
"Dr. Bedi Has treated my cats for years. He is a gentle animal person who truly is concerned with the well being of my cats. I can't imagine trusting my cats to anyone else"
- Rebecca Barbarino
07/14/2017 20:54:20
- Jim Hoffert
07/14/2017 11:14:17
"staff is always considerate and caring for me and my pets., I feel as if they are family."
- Barbara, Jessica, Ev Daniels
07/11/2017 08:34:20
"The staff are very compassionate and friendly."
- Maxine Murphy
07/10/2017 19:30:09
"We feel the love and compassion and the excellent care "
- Jill Grahn
06/07/2017 05:58:24
"The staff is knowledgeable, very professional and pleasant. Office area is exceptional clean, no unpleasant smells. There was no wait time as we were seen immediately."
- Donovan Triggs
06/02/2017 16:31:01
"Everyone was nice we were greeter and our dog was greeted by her name and this was her first visit so it was nice They were very patient with our dog even though she was moving and jumping around a lot"
- Eric Hurt
06/01/2017 20:11:33
"I liked how much everyone demonstrated genuine kindness and concern for my dog ad well as myself. I will be back!!"
- Elbert Hill
05/28/2017 15:56:20
"I just love how Dr Bedi is so friendly with my Peyton , he is a great Vet and we will always bring our four legged family members to him to take of !"
- Keith Sufka
05/26/2017 17:19:35
"Dr. Bedi provides a very thirough explanation during and after the examination. Also, he doesn't run the appointment."
- Michelle Williams
05/25/2017 17:22:22
"I was very satisfied. It is a place where you know your pet will be giving the best care possible. I have been going for around 25 years. You will be thankful that you went."
- Ron Rauscher
05/19/2017 12:58:09
"The staff are always great and taking an interest in how my dog and cat are doing. I have been going to Dr. Bedi since Decemeber 1992. Dr. Bedi is quite an excellent vet. I have confidence and trust in his treatment of my pets. "
- Mary Bradac
05/14/2017 18:16:25
"I am always very happy with the treatment of both me and my pet at Love N Care! I wouldn't trust my Ozzie to anyone else. "
- Tony Yerman
05/07/2017 13:30:02
"I have been taking my pets to Love N Care Animal Hospital for many years now. The doctor and his staff are very knowledgeable and caring. They always take whatever time is necessary to explain what is going on and offer options on how to fix the problem. I would recommend Love N Care Animal Hospital to anyone looking for a good veterinarian that really cares about his patients. "
- Dana Heil
04/20/2017 12:14:34
"Through exam and explained what he was doing and why. Good comunication"
- Claire Groudle
04/01/2017 21:51:21
"The staff at Love N Care are humble and truly care about the needs of their patients. We appreciate the expertise shown by the staff, they really know what they are doing. Its more than just paying for a service. Thanks so much!"
- Heyward Prude III
03/30/2017 18:45:44
"Dr. Bendi and staff are so professional and caring. They truly care about the animals they care for as well as the families they live with."
- Britney/Sandra Brinson
03/24/2017 18:13:04
"Everyone at Love n Care Hospital has always provided the utmost in compassionate caring to my fur baby Barney. All the way from the expertise and high quality care provided by the best veterinarian in the business to the professionalism of his staff. The care Barney has received is unparalleled. Thank you Love n Care Animal Hospital for taking good care of my Barney. He loves everyone at Love n Care Hospital too and says thanks."
- Laura Steinbrecher
03/23/2017 17:20:38
"I appreciate the kindness "
- Shirley Seawright
03/07/2017 13:51:23
"We have being going to Love N Care Animal hospital for over 16 years. Dr. Bedi is a great veterinarian. He truely cares about his patients and gives them time during appointments never feeling rushed. Makes all the difference when pets return. They actually look forward to going to the Doctor. Of course the treats help! Cindy and Laura are wonderful, too. Always going the extra mile to greet us and get us settled for our appointment. Highly recommend."
- Lynn Rann
02/25/2017 14:03:23
"My dog, Albert and cat, Delilah, receive excellent care here. My dog gets excited when he sees I've have brought him to the vet."
- Roxanne Washington
02/22/2017 08:27:22
"Dr. Bedi and the staff at Love N Care provide exceptional, loving care to our pets. I can't imagine ever going anywhere else!"
- Michelle Hilston
02/15/2017 17:23:30
"I like the patience you with your clients and how well you work with your clients to keep us coming back."
- Antoinette & David Brown
02/13/2017 18:48:05
"The establishment and staff was very professional. Very direct and upfront with cost. The entire process was swift with extreme care and detailed with the issues/solution for my pet. Thank you Love and Care. "
- Janetha Cochran
01/20/2017 20:25:37
"I appreciate the care and genuine interest in helping my dog "
- Shelley Herndon
01/18/2017 19:50:18
"Dr. Bendi is on point with the care of our dog, he cares and goes out of his way to see that our furry love one is okay. He takes the time to call days after doctor visits to make sure that our dog is on the mend."
- Britney/Sandra Brinson
01/13/2017 22:09:27
- Levi Smith
01/09/2017 07:37:27
"Dr. Bedi is an excellent and thorough veterinarian. The offices are kept very clean."
- Mary McGeary
01/08/2017 12:14:51
"The staff at Love and Care are a truly caring group. They treat your pet as one of their own."
- Al Stanich
01/07/2017 09:21:49
"Dr. Bedi and staff are very kind and caring. Dr. Bedi takes the time to talk to you and explain what care needs to be provided and explains the reasons."
- Mary Bradac
01/07/2017 08:56:21
"Bridget is happy and running around like a crazy cat! "
- Carolyn Zenisek
01/06/2017 12:38:56
"Dr. Bedi (& his staff) has been our family vet for years. His skill & compassion for pets is truly wonderful. He always takes whatever time is necessary to care for my cats. I recommend his clinic to anyone who wants a doctor who loves their animals as much as they do."
- Rebecca Barbarino
12/31/2016 15:01:37