"I love Dr. Arturo! She spends so much time with Our dogs and is so gentle and kind!!! "
- Tracey Berkowitz
12/13/2017 22:09:34
"Dr Artuso and staff are friendly and helpful. Test results were promptly communicated to me and the doctor made sure I understood the results. She spent a lot of time explaining next steps. Very happy with my dogs’ treatment. "
- Lisa Scalia
12/13/2017 20:59:52
"Always excellent! Dr. Artuso and Dr. Ascher explain everything thoroughly and simply. What I appreciate the most. is that they usually suggest more than one option when deciding the best care for your pet and they allow you to have a say in what you feel is best. "
- Donna Hess
12/02/2017 14:16:22
"The staff is always so supportive during our visits. Hazel loves her vet visits! As a pet owner I've always appreciated the Drs. take to provide education and explanation for future care."
- Nicole Duncan
11/18/2017 18:01:10
"You guys are awesome"
- Andrea Cavallaro
11/12/2017 07:28:22
"Dr. Artuso is a fantastic vet. She naturally loves animals and is always very good with my two cats. She’s easy to talk to and she explains matters in a way that makes things easy to understand. "
- Jennifer Petruzziello
11/07/2017 18:05:50
"All the staff is very professional, loving and attentive. The service is excellent! I can”t think of a better place to have my pets taken care of. "
- Delmari Estremera
10/31/2017 15:23:32
"I absolutely love you guys!!!!! Dodger loves coming to visit and loves the staff! Courtney is amazing with both Dodger and Charlotte! "
- Bianca Valentini
10/24/2017 14:11:04
"I don't really have any bad news,they were able to squeeze me in on same day I called about my little Sushi. Dr Asher was very thorough."
- Vida Allworthy
10/17/2017 17:28:27
"I love the way you take care of my babies even when the one is being a handful. She has the best care ever and all the help with her weight. I can't thank you all enough. "
- Donna Plesnik
10/08/2017 14:38:57
"The doctor was thorough and spent a generous amount of time with the exam, answering my stupid questions, calming my fears, and discussing treatment options. "
- Karen Codispoti
10/08/2017 12:26:32
"Attentive to pet problems, reviews treatment options objectively, cares about pet and providing good care...and fun!!"
- Margaret Purcell
10/04/2017 19:25:17
"Our initial visit to your practice was very positive. The way your staff interacted with my two dogs was exceptional. It was nice to see people take the time to really care for the animals and to take the time to understand their personalities. My dogs loved the attention they received and we look forward to seeing you again soon (for wellness visits :)). Thanks very much!"
- Barbara Whitman
09/19/2017 19:01:50
"Service on time, appointment made same day. Very personnalised experience."
- Michel St-Maurice
09/11/2017 19:49:51
"Everyone is friendly and nice."
- Chris Santolini
08/24/2017 23:56:23
"The team is always willing to go the extra with clients and everyone is very welcoming"
- Nicole Duncan
08/22/2017 23:13:27
"You are the BEST."
- Judy Segers
08/08/2017 23:23:48
"Great care and service. Doc spends lots of time answering all questions and offers options."
- Melinda Wadsworth
07/28/2017 09:03:29
"Great. Feels like visiting friends. Excellent care and knowledge professionals. "
- Margaret Purcell
07/24/2017 17:05:06
"I love how much you love pets! It's noticed in all the little things you do, and very much appreciated by someone who horribly spoils her little girl :-) "
- Malena Farrell
07/24/2017 15:19:54
"Dr. Artuso could not have been more kind and compassionate. She let me take as long as I needed to to make a very difficult, but very informed (Thanks to her) decision. Also, I greatly appreciate her honesty- she did not try to charge me for services that would not realistically work, given the diagnosis and prognosis."
- Anna Zavitsanos
07/20/2017 12:57:23
"I am always appreciative of the amazing care we get from the doctors, techs and staff at Clover Hill. We feel like we're part of the family. We appreciate the time that the doctors are willing to spend with us to help us make the best decisions in the care of our cats and dog. While we no longer live in Flemington and could find a closer vet, we prefer to take the drive to Flemington and continue the care for our pets with Clover Hill. Thank you!"
- Anjali Puri
07/20/2017 10:07:51
"Sorry, but I have no "bad" to share. I have been bringing my pets to Clover Hill for almost 23 years and can honestly say I would not trust anyone else with the well being of my pets. Both Dr. Artuso and Dr. Ascher are extremely competent and caring doctors, and the well-trained staff provide excellent support. "
- Linda Dunsmuir
07/14/2017 12:35:25
"Had a great experience. Appreciate that we didn't feel rushed and that the staff sat and talked with us, addressing all our concerns and questions. Excited to work with this facility! Lilo had a great time too!"
- Kristen Lorence
07/14/2017 12:19:52
"All good! I always feel like everyone there really cares about my dog! "
- Donna Gamberzky
07/07/2017 15:42:15
"Paco and My experience was wonderful. It is always a pleasure going the Clover Hill Animal Hospital. Dr. Artuso and Dr. Ascher always take wonderful care of Paco and their staff is always pleasant and helpful."
- Cathy Orrei
07/07/2017 13:21:55
"great service, veterinarian, and technicians."
- Kim Hunkele
07/03/2017 13:47:50
"You are amazing! Every last one of you. "
- Nancy Huddy
06/30/2017 18:12:56
"We are always impressed by the attention focused on our dogs, past and resent. There is something about your care that just makes them feel at ease... U.S., too!"
- Janet Gwiazda
05/13/2017 17:34:14
"Our little rescue kitties are special to us, but they are just ordinary domestic american house cats of indeterminate lineage. Nevertheless, the doctors and staff of Clover Hill have always treated our pets with kindness and compassion. They make a stressful visit soothing and treat our pets like they are the only "patients" on the day's roster."
- Christine Jochem
05/11/2017 21:21:46
"Excellent experience as always. "
- Denise Dobos
05/11/2017 20:18:54
"Thank you for examining Sparkles promptly and giving her medicine in her ear to make her feel better!"
- Ellen Lewis
05/09/2017 17:43:35
"Very friendly, very knowledgeable and extremely good with their clients, both four legged and two legged. "
- Deborah Gers
05/04/2017 13:27:43
"I had an urgent situation - a cat with an upper respiratory condition who wasn't eating and rapidly losing weight because she can't smell her food - and I loved that I was able to be seen within a few hours of calling. Dr. Artuso is so thorough in explaining her findings and suggestions/recommendations. In addition to prescribing some meds, she had a very simple suggestion that worked wonderfully to get my kitty eating."
- Carol Altomare
05/02/2017 12:08:35
"Cody and I had such a great time in our first visit. You guys really made him feel comfortable and didn't ever seem to mind being there. Courtney and Dr. Artuso were great with him. I really appreciated the follow up the next day from Dr. Ascher too. My family has been bringing our pets here for 20 years and now know why. Now that I am a pet owner I feel trusting that he is in the best care. Thanks for a pleasant experience "
- Jason Mauro
05/01/2017 12:39:14
"I appreciate Dr. Ascher's expert knowledge and skill. She also answers all my questions and I don't feel rushed in any of my interactions at Clover Hill. Thank you for everything you do."
- Joshua Milewski
04/28/2017 22:02:01
"I've been taking my cats to Clover Hill for 10 years and always feel that it is the best possible doctors, staff and facility. I can't recommend you highly enough and have referred friends/family to Clover Hill."
- Lisa Henderson
04/26/2017 19:19:08
"Great "
- Mark Housman
04/20/2017 11:29:13
"Love the fact that everyone there is so kind and caring. Also appreciate the extended hours so I can come after work."
- Marcia Stanton
04/18/2017 18:16:14
"Very thorough and always have my cats best health in mind! I'm always pleased with the friendliness shown by your whole staff too."
- Lois Bredlow
04/15/2017 11:59:23
"Everyone is so nice always so helpful answers all my questions I'm so glad a friend told me about your group"
- Marge Franks
04/09/2017 18:34:40
"Excellent service and follow-through with meds."
- Jane Blades
04/05/2017 17:22:14
"couldn't ask for a better vet and staff. All are wonderful, caring and knowledgeable. "
- Paul Beede
04/05/2017 15:46:42
"We appreciate the time Dr Asher spent with Ginger. She recommended it is time for dental cleaning which we arranged"
- Linda Flynn
04/03/2017 06:32:51
"I and my Frenchies, Jersey Girl & Bailee Bleu, enjoy coming to visit you. Everyone is so nice & give lots of hugs & kisses to my girls. I never have to wait to be seen and the office visits are always very thorough. I even get phone calls from the Vets & staff to check up when one of the pups have been sick."
- Debi Tinnirello
04/02/2017 14:10:57
"The staff is always gentle and kind to their paitents!"
- Lisa Verga
03/31/2017 13:30:26
" I can't say enough about the TLC that was given to my geriatric beagle who is very timid and very arthritic . Courtney, a tech assistant, treated her gently and expertly as she cut her nails and Dr. Artuso spent a very long time both examining Abbie and then talking with me about quality of life choices that will need to be made for my sweet dog. She spent more time with us than any doctor I have ever been to for myself !"
- Donna Shay
03/31/2017 11:44:20
" You take excellent care of my pets and their owners Everyone in your office is so friendly and the staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to help "
- Adrienne Oertle
03/29/2017 16:28:59
"The doctors and staff are extremely caring."
- Linda Myron
03/29/2017 13:17:42
"Thorough examination of our cat Dodger. Explained in detail concerns and gave a complete diagnosis. Called the next day to check on Dodger and left voicemail. We are happy to have such a competent vet minutes from our home with full surgery. "
- Marc Rosenquist
03/28/2017 17:58:45
"Have always received excellent care for our animal companions"
- Judy Ninke
03/28/2017 13:15:24
"We were very pleased with our visit."
- Richard Waliky
03/28/2017 12:54:06