"I always love the way scout is treated, esp by the techs. They know him by name and what his favorite treats are. He can be a temperamental dog so the fact that he always rolls over for a belly rub speaks volumes! "
- Dan Gallagher
01/03/2020 20:05:22
"The drs are so knowledgeable and suggest treatment based on my concerns not forcing anything on us. I feel it’s a partnership. "
- Beth Carfagno
12/16/2019 19:49:47
"Have trusted Dr. Ascher and staff with my furbabies for over 25 years! No better care ANYWHERE!"
- Randy Block
12/07/2019 16:12:02
"Everyone at Clover Hill is very friendly and make my dog feel special being there. Dr. Ascher is very knowledgeable and explains everything while she examines and I was given a written report as well. Nicole, the assistant, is such a dog lover and helps make my dog's experience a pleasant one especially in the way she talks & handles her. Couldn't be happier with the care Clover Hill Animal Hospital provides my dog."
- Debi Tinnirello
12/05/2019 11:54:30
"Never a bad experience since I brought my first cat in 1998. Everyone is loving and kind...my dog loves it here, and my cats...well, they're cats, but they are willing to snuggle with the doctors and staff, so that is quite something..."
- Heidi Wolters
12/01/2019 20:50:29
"Excellent care as always!"
- Ed Rankin
11/16/2019 01:14:32
"The entire staff is always friendly and professional, and know how to deal with my crabby old Chihuahua! (Thank goodness for spray cheese!)"
- Helena Szkoropad
11/14/2019 17:18:37
"I always love our visits!"
- Caryn Speizer
11/10/2019 00:24:23
"Awesome doctors and staff!!!"
- John Mark
11/08/2019 01:45:34
"I absolutely love your office! Love our vet Dr. Artuso and her staff! I never have a problem or any concerns. "
- Bianca Valentini
11/07/2019 16:34:30
"I appreciate the personal attention to my pet and to me."
- Barbara Lubitz
11/06/2019 22:12:11
"You all are an awesome team! I have complete confidence in you caring for my girls! "
- Michele Allen
11/06/2019 21:23:20
"Anytime I have visited Clover Hill for any reason, whether it's an appointment with Hayes or just picking something up, it's always a wonderful experience. I appreciate how much you all love my cat! And I can't thank you enough for putting us two together! Thanks for being the kind of care givers that give me confidence that I have chosen the right people to take my pet to."
- Marilyn McGillick
11/06/2019 00:41:57
"always fantastic!"
- Helen/Erin Jasinski/Maliszewski
11/01/2019 22:14:12
"Dozer is doing great. He had a nice visit with everyone there. Thank you again."
- Luis Carvajal
10/31/2019 18:13:22
"I don’t have a single complaint. You guys are the BEST! That’s why we travel over 45 mins each way to get there...because you’re worth the trip!"
- Gina Bilotti
10/27/2019 02:53:52
"The doctors and staff at Clover Hill are the best. Treatment options are explained thoroughly and I always leave knowing my dog has received the best care possible. Thanks Clover Hill!"
- Jane Blades
10/13/2019 23:10:36
"Everyone is SO helpful. It is obvious that the (whole) staff really cares about our furry family members"
- Alice Lauyer
10/04/2019 21:15:20
"I love coming in for Dixie's well visit...it's just as good as going to my child's doctor. I appreciate the time you take with me and to answer ALL of my questions."
- Marie Ande
10/02/2019 18:09:08
"Dr. A is truly a kind and caring person and vet. She has a way with Scout that makes him feel at easy and doesn’t mind getting poked and prodded by her, in fact I think he enjoys it. The techs are also wonderful with Scout as he knows he will always get extra belly rubs by them!"
- Dan Gallagher
10/01/2019 14:54:42
"Always the best care. "
- Tom Lloyd
09/27/2019 23:25:45
"The vet really took the time to thoroughly examine my pet and talk to me about what I needed to do at home. She was very caring. "
- Holly Sellner
09/26/2019 22:22:31
"Great care from the vets. Clear they really care about the animals."
- Suzanne Kirsche
09/13/2019 21:59:49
"We liked that you took your time with the patient"
- Ulla Groving
09/13/2019 15:38:28
"The staff was friendly and knowledgeable "
- Heather Boyce
09/11/2019 19:22:53
"Always a good experience. "
- Vincent M Renga
09/07/2019 16:24:51
"It is always an excellent experience bringing my dog to Clover Hill! The care/concern is always top notch!"
- Donna Gamberzky
09/03/2019 22:40:36
"Dr. Artuso was amazing with my shy guy Mo. She talked calm and in a relaxed tone which helped him calm down. Even when she had to take his blood and he became confused she stayed calm and did what worked for everyone to help get what we needed done. Overall I am extremely pleased with Dr. Artuso and the Vet Tech Courtney. Dr. Artuso will for sure be our permanent Veterinarian!"
- Gia Frohman
08/28/2019 18:26:56
"Excellent experience with great staff and doctor. So impressed with the depth of compassion for my little one. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a great veterinary facility with a fantastic doctor and staff. "
- Nancy Moyer
08/26/2019 12:32:30
"Chip loves to come and see the drs and staff. I always feel like you have Chip's best interests at heart. "
- Dawn Koelle
08/22/2019 21:13:27
"The staff and doctor were excellent!! Handled my cat very well and really cared about my cats health! Very pleased! "
- Rebecca Kuhns
08/21/2019 20:15:01
"Genuinely always have a good experience. Staff is super friendly and accommodating for my nervous dogs."
- Chelsea LoCascio
08/19/2019 20:27:35
"There is nothing but great experiences with Cloverhill Animal Hospital, never a poor/bad experience."
- Sharon Renz
08/18/2019 23:28:31
"Dr Artuso is always incredibly compassionate with my dog but also explains options and is open about cost without guilt. "
- Sue Whitlock
08/15/2019 00:56:05
"Nothing bad to say, always a great experience."
- Chris Santolini
08/14/2019 22:51:01
"I thought the care was thorough and I did not feel rushed at all. Most vets want you in and out. Not here. Cory (sp?) was excellent and so was the dr. "
- Kevin Beede
08/14/2019 20:16:54
"Awesome Doctors, awesome staff, very happy with Clover Hill!"
- John Mark
08/08/2019 01:52:02
"The veterinarians and assistants always treat our dogs with love and us with compassion. They explain options thoroughly, and they always follow up with phone calls. Our most recent visits were with a sick puppy, and because of the friendly, warm care she received, she still lives going to Clover Hill! They left medicine for us outside for an after-hours pickup, and our puppy (who we brought with us in the car) was trying to get inside to see everybody! "
- Susan Brennan
07/23/2019 17:26:14
"My dog gets excited when I ask her if she wants to go to the vet so that's cool."
- Michael Babinski
06/23/2019 21:54:28
"It was an excellent experience for me! The vet techs and the vet were so helpful and friendly and really seemed to care about my kitten, I will definitely be returning. (:"
- Rebecca Kuhns
06/17/2019 20:12:12
"We love the vets at Clover Hill. They explain things carefully AND listen carefully. They're gentle, kind, and proficient. "
- Michele Blood
05/26/2019 17:12:54
"Always great!"
- Margaret Purcell
05/25/2019 20:41:58
"Awesome! Most importantly, everyone in the office is so caring and kind to animals and their people! Office is run efficiently, very little wait time, good records, attention to detail...it's all good!"
- Marcia Stanton
05/22/2019 04:36:55
"Sadie has always received the best of care from our friends at Clover Hill. Thanks JC"
- Diane Curtin
05/15/2019 12:58:58
- Brian Cleary
05/14/2019 16:49:48
"Been coming here since 2007 and am happy with both doctors. "
- Dale Wall
05/06/2019 22:20:36
"I really appreciated the time that the vet took to talk with me when she found out this was my first dog, even though I was running late."
- Anthony DiLauro
05/06/2019 15:53:41
"As always, top knotch! My 2 love visiting with Dr. Artuso, who is always so patient with them. "
- Bucky Buchanan
05/04/2019 01:20:32
"Everyone was very friendly & the office was so clean & welcoming. They really care for your pets. "
- Denise Gaffney
04/20/2019 11:13:22
"All around excellence "
- John Mark
04/18/2019 20:25:33
"It was our visit. I called with an emergency and they were able to see us the same day. Very friendly and welcoming front desk. The doctor and his assistants were very attentive to my baby!!! Thank you all!! It was a very pleasant experience."
- Paula Ruzicka
04/16/2019 00:13:04
"Dr. Ascher and staff have gone above and beyond in caring for Zak, our special needs dog."
- Laurie Gneiding
04/15/2019 17:22:31
"The staff and doctors at Clover Hill Animal are exceptionally thorough!"
- Vanessa Markota
04/08/2019 11:08:31
"Dr. Artuso and the staff are always courteous, thorough and helpful."
- Jane Blades
04/03/2019 23:54:03
"The kindness and experience of your staff is heartwarming. I feel they truly care about my pet and me. I like that I was given options for treatment and not just looking to charge me for unnecessary things. Also, the Dr. found an issue with my cat that the other vet did not after being seen multiple times. We may now be able to solve my cats discomfort thanks to her. So happy I found clover hill for treating my cats!"
- Beth Carfagno
03/31/2019 18:27:06
"This visit was perfect! My dog had stomach infection, Dr. Artuso was very nice and explained everything very well. The medicine worked very fast and I am very happy to see my dog baby being himself. Thanks to Dr. Artuso. "
- Gitali Sharda
03/28/2019 20:32:25
"This was our first experience with Dr. Brian — he was great! As always, our pet was treated with warmth and kindness, and we were treated patiently and kindly, as well. "
- Susan Brennan
03/16/2019 17:13:40
"Everything was good. A pleasant surprise was an email this morning from Trupanion about my covered charges! I assume your billing is now connected with them. That is a huge plus!"
- Janice Marra
03/14/2019 19:38:03
"Once again thank you you always take great care of Lucy also you are so helpful in answering all my woes an put me at ease "
- Marge Franks
03/14/2019 16:41:06
"Always love my experience at Clover Hill!"
- Chris Santolini
03/09/2019 14:34:16
"Everyone has been great. Paisley isn’t afraid to come there so you know everyone treats her well. "
- Kristen Germana
03/09/2019 02:11:53
"Very good Libby loves it there."
- Richard Waliky
03/08/2019 19:03:50
"EXCELLECT techs and two paws up for Dr Artuso..thank you for taking so much time with Lightning!"
- Kristen McPherson
02/26/2019 23:36:01
"Thank you for taking time during the visit and not rushing and for your research afterwards to figure out what's going on."
- Joshua Milewski
02/26/2019 04:24:04
"Appreciated working with our 'difficult' patient by providing meds to calm prior and giving various options for shots."
- Janice Fresnics
02/20/2019 17:19:44
"We love and appreciate you all! "
- Helen/Erin Jasinski/Maliszewski
02/17/2019 19:31:52
"Every visit is pleasant and professional with a minimum of waiting time."
- Peg Lanahan
02/16/2019 17:23:25
"Friendly and professional staff. Always a positive experience. It's the best!"
- Margaret Purcell
02/15/2019 17:49:36
"You all are doing great. There is never a long wait time to get an appointment and I appreciate that there is always time to discuss our pets' health, treatment options, and answer any questions or concerns along the way. Don't change anything."
- Connie Deetz
02/13/2019 22:40:56
"Always feel my pet's issues are thoroughly addressed. All doctor's and techs are wonderful with the animals. "
- Janet Sutton
02/04/2019 18:21:43
"I am thrilled with the level of care at Clover Hill. Everyone is friendly, I am given good explanations as to whatever the problem is, and when it's an emergency I am able to get an appointment quickly. My dog's health has greater improved since switching to Clover Hill."
- Therese Leing
01/27/2019 01:29:30
"We never had a bad experience for as long as my dog family has been going there. (20 years or so?) All my doggies love everyone there. We have been through good, bad and sorrowful times with our dogs and Doc Asher and Artuso have always been there for us."
- Luis Carvajal
01/24/2019 21:05:08
"I felt welcomed from the moment I stepped into the office."
- Mary Lou DiDia
12/18/2018 19:12:02
"Corey and I hate when pixie is sick or hurt- it just breaks our heart- and we love knowing the team at Clover Hill Animal Hospital is amazing and will do everything they can to make her better. We're truly lucky to have you on our side!"
- Malena Farrell
12/14/2018 13:17:45
"Dr. Ascher and her staff are the best."
- Carmela Inghilterra
12/04/2018 00:08:05
"Courtney and Erin were calm, soft-spoken, and reassuring, and they tailored Harriet's test experience to provide as little stress as possible. Dr. Ascher really knows cats and inspired confidence by the way she handled, diagnosed, and treated Harriet and supported us. Excellent care. Excellent experience. Thank you."
- Jane Varnes
12/01/2018 19:47:22
"I think you are doing great. Bailee enjoys coming for her visits & doesn't show signs of anxiety when we come to your office. Everyone is very nice and Drs. Ascher & Artuso are very knowledgeable and explain everything. I would highly recommend your services to anyone."
- Debi Tinnirello
11/28/2018 12:14:00
"you guys are awesome....your compassionate, answer questions, and take your time with every person who comes through your door. You should be very proud of the practice that you have built. I would HIGHLY recommend you. thank you for all you did for Maggie Mae.....it was a very difficult time and you guys were the best. That meant the world to me. Your team is top notch.....XXOO"
- Susan Emanuele
11/27/2018 12:37:20
"Dr. Artuso takes the time to understand our dog's situation and our personal preferences towards her care. She note only provides the clinical care but shares her insights and experiences regarding Fiona's condition(s). We choose to come to Clover Hill because we value your care, skills, and counsel."
- Daniel Bonitsky
11/26/2018 23:09:16
"All staff was very professional, responsive, and great with our pet."
- Mark Tyson
11/26/2018 16:34:28
"you guys are the best!!! two paws up to dr artuso and nicole. we so very much appreciate the care you give to our furry buddy lightning"
- Kristen McPherson
11/18/2018 02:14:00
"All aspects are outstanding--friendly, caring, prompt, and thorough. Detailed explanations delivered regarding examination and reports are accurate and provided at the end of the visit. I always have my concerns addressed. The staff is responsive and the quality of care is exemplary. "
- Mary Ann Muehlbauer
11/16/2018 11:17:19
"Greeted each time I come in. Everyone is pleasant and helpful. Will help carry things to car and help get my dog into the car as well. "
- Janet Faro
11/14/2018 14:30:36
"Attentive and caring"
- Vincent M Renga
11/10/2018 20:55:12
"This visit went perfectly as always. Dr. Artuso takes wonderful care of my dogs."
- Dawn McKenna
11/09/2018 14:12:57
"Andy and Gus and me, their Mom, feel very loved at your clinic!"
- Lois Bredlow
11/08/2018 00:56:03
"I was very pleased with the care that Matsa got. Everyone was very polite, patient and caring. Dr Artuso was very thorough and explained exactly what was going on and what we should do to help her feel better and I appreciated that very much since I was only cat sitting and this was all new to me. Great job!!"
- Janet D'Alio
10/17/2018 02:59:16
"Always excellent care!"
- Ed Rankin
09/25/2018 11:20:36
"Wonderful! So thorough and took the time to explain eberything and answer all questions! Everyone was great so glad I found you! :)"
- Emily Sauls
09/22/2018 01:46:20
"You guys are great! I know that when I bring Hayes in he will be getting the absolute best care. And you all just love him! "
- Marilyn McGillick
09/11/2018 22:05:38
"Everyone at Clover Hill Animal Hospital is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. All are so good with all our pets and truly care about our pets' welfare. "
- Helena Szkoropad
09/07/2018 23:56:24
"I am pleased with all the interactions I had with the staff and Dr Artuso. Everyone is courteous, caring and eager to do a good job."
- Kathleen Cornell
09/07/2018 05:38:54
"All employees from reception to doctors are warm,patient,and informative...very compassionate and caring"
- Vida Allworthy
09/07/2018 01:45:31
"Have been receiving excellent care from Clover Hill for years. Highly recommend"
- Judy Ninke
08/28/2018 14:42:22
"I am always surprised, but very happy, to find out I don't know as much as I think I do about ...cats. Always learn something important in cat care everytime bring in my Kit Kats!! Thx!! G."
- Gail Zoerner
08/23/2018 21:18:17
"Doctor spent a ton of time with us and was very patient answering all of our questions (although we were complete zombies 3 days into having our new puppy and NOBODY was getting any sleep)!"
- Taryn McLean
08/17/2018 13:28:30
"Efficient and positive experience. Everyone on the staff I interacted with was friendly and helpful. Dr. Ascher gave detailed information and instruction on my pets' health and how best to care for them. Thank you!"
- Joshua Milewski
08/04/2018 23:45:53
"Dr. Artuso and the staff were wonderful. Gentle, thorough and thoughtful not just to my pet's needs but mine as well."
- Jane Blades
08/03/2018 22:40:28
"You are amazing!"
- Nancy Huddy
08/03/2018 19:46:38
"Love the vets and supporting staff at Clover Hill! I always have a pleasant experience and appreciate the follow-up call the next day."
- Michelle Sferruzzo
08/03/2018 13:37:58