"I love you all! I feel heard at every visit. I trust both your expertise and the services you provide. I never feel like anyone is trying to "get more money" out of a situation. Everyone who is part of your team is kind and knowledgeable and personable. You all help me understand my pets' health better so that I can better care for them with your support. Thank you all! "
- Lacey Gonzalez
10/04/2023 23:56:29
"I always have a great experience with Dr. Griffith and the staff. They are always so kind and gentle with my dog family members and me. Thank you!"
- Marilyn Ames
09/30/2023 14:05:02
"They were clear and transparent with all the information they gave us. They genuinely cared about the wellbeing of our pet"
- Joshua Taton
09/30/2023 13:37:25
"We love the care we and our cats get when we have to bring them in. Everyone there is fantastic. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t change a thing!"
- Steven Gorecki
09/29/2023 11:33:48
"I love the front desk staff, they always pay special attention to Blue and make sure he’s comfortable. The tech who provided our vaccine also did a nail trim for us. She was very understanding of Blue being covered in leaves and dirt from outside! I had to scoop him up outside and put him directly into his carrier after he had been rolling around in the leaves lol Blue calms down from his car ride right when he goes in his kitty corner waiting area. The kitty calming spray works great! Thank you! "
- Emily Turk
08/13/2023 14:33:49
"We love the care we receive at Pet Care Center. We think both Dr Dean and Dr Griffith are excellent! "
- Abe Beeson
08/09/2023 22:08:11
"Every time I have brought my dog to your facility, you and your staff , taking the absolutely best care of my pet. You and everyone of your staff always received us with a warm and welcoming demeanor!"
- Art Castillo
08/09/2023 04:09:26
"I enjoy communicating with the people behind the desk. They’re very polite and very professional."
- Larry Ruda
07/03/2023 22:36:40
"From the front desk to the exam you guys are the best! Caring, gentle, and professional, I appreciate everything that you do. "
- Susan Staples
07/02/2023 23:11:37
"I love the staff at Pet Care Center Avalon, Dr. Griffin and the whole care team always listen emphatically and really do provide the best care possible for my aging cat. I can’t think of anything that needs improvement, nor can I thank the staff enough to keep me calm as well."
- Richard Berend
06/30/2023 01:03:25
"Across the board, your staff is the friendliest and has the best rapport with the animals. Everyone is very patient and it's clear that you have the pets best interests at heart. I initially came to your clinic because of proximity, being two blocks from my apartment, but I now recommend you far and wide."
- Glenn Brumbaugh
06/29/2023 14:58:37
"We've been going to Dr Griffith at PetCareCenter for 20+ years with multiple pets. The staff is friendly and efficient and the veteranians are patient and very thorough. Very pleased, wouldn't go anywhere else! "
- Vikki Cain
06/02/2023 15:37:12
"Everyone is great from the front desk to the vet tech's & assistants to the doctors. I always recommend this vet office to anyone who is looking for a place for their pets to get great care."
- Lucy Roberts
06/01/2023 20:22:40
"Dr Dean is the best! She always takes great care of our dogs. Hard to find a vet that really cares like her. "
- Amanda Doucett
05/29/2023 01:45:44
"I have always been treated well when I have had my dogs in to be checked over. My dogs have always done very well with the Drs. Been coming here for many years. Will continue to come here "
- Colleen Curren-Wong
05/27/2023 02:16:55
"Very professional, caring staff. The follow-up calls were appreciated."
- Omar Hafez
05/26/2023 18:31:05
"All staff excellent and Toby always wags his tail"
- Maria Viken
05/26/2023 04:16:41
"Reception is always a pleasant experience"
- Wendy Rittereiser
05/24/2023 15:48:02
"Love how fast and efficient the office is. I had Parker's vaccination record via email within minutes of my request. "
- Douglas Zahn
05/18/2023 18:12:28
"I have taken my animals to Pet Care Center for decades. These people are wonderful at what they do and care for my kids like their own. "
- Sharon McKenzie
05/18/2023 17:44:36
"I love the cat only area & the Felaway cloths. They have made a difference in my cat's comfort. Also appreciate the carry out as my cat + carrier is getting heavy for me to handle. I always feel like everyone that takes care of Missy is truly concerned about her welfare. Misty & Erin are great!"
- Colleen Quinn
05/12/2023 14:44:40
"I believe your crew is great, you are always there in the time of need and everyone is great with the giril. I give you A+"
- Monte Swears
05/01/2023 01:46:40
"I love this place. Appointments don’t run behind, the team is compassionate, questions are answered, problems are explained, and communications are promptly responded to. Great service! "
- Sandra Masri
04/30/2023 15:19:11
"Both Dr. Griffiths show great compassion and care with our dog. I am also appreciative that they think about their customer's financial burdens. I would recommend Pet Care at Luna Park to all my family & friends."
- Patricia McNay
04/26/2023 17:59:52
"The whole team is awesome and on point. Feel like the team is always following up to ensure both Stich and Theo are in tip-top health. Thank you! "
- Josh Dirks
04/21/2023 18:16:46
"I always feel like the support staff and vets truly care about my pet. They take my concerns and wishes seriously. "
- Janet Wainwright
04/18/2023 16:42:39
"Every visit to Pet care center is fabulous! Even the temporary vet was aware of each animal’s charts and background. I’m so very happy with the care here!"
- Susan Staples
04/03/2023 01:03:07
"Enjoyed the interaction of the veterinarian with myself and my pet it make sure a good experience and thank you for being there"
- Larry Ruda
03/30/2023 14:25:49
"I was very happy with the visit, and it reinforced our decision to change clinics. The new patient exam was detailed and done with care. In addition, everything was explained clearly. The front desk staff is efficient and courteous. "
- Shayleen Van Thiel
03/25/2023 19:17:12
"Great felt very comforting and well taken care if. Animals were in the best interest and shown great care"
- Koji Jagust
03/22/2023 15:00:04
"My experience has been great. The staff was friendly and helpful and the appointments were on time. I appreciated in the follow up phone calls after my cats surgery."
- Terri Pollock
03/22/2023 14:56:05
"Dr was great, she Took the enough time to check Dobby and staff also was very friendly. Need to drive 1hr to your location but I know is totally work it. Thank you"
- Mariano Hernandez
01/10/2023 23:33:51
"We are so incredibly grateful for your amazing care to buddy! I know I’m an anxious mom and I feel good knowing you genuinely care about him, calm my anxieties and give the best care! "
- Claire Wharton
01/04/2023 18:35:24
"Front desk staff are always so friendly and helpful on the phone and when you come in. Everyone is friendly and helps keep my dog calm and happy when he's there. Folks here genuinely take the time to listen and help brainstorm the right plan for your pet. I absolutely adore this place!"
- Jyl Shaffer
01/04/2023 00:10:44
"Everyone who works at Pet Care Center seems to have a soft spot in their hearts for animals. I have been taking my dogs there for 30 or so years. Both Dr. Dean and Dr. Griffith have been with us and our pooches through the good and the very sad. I appreciate having such a compassionate team to entrust with my doggies."
- Marlene Meyers
12/29/2022 21:14:53
"Oh I absolutely love pet care Center all the staff Bob and Sue Chin I love you family style atmosphere all the staff very professional very friendly won’t take my animals anywhere else thanks guys"
- Gordon Wittrock
12/17/2022 04:23:17
"You're doing amazing! There was an appointment the next day, and my vet for this visit was phenomenal. So soft and gentle with Zebra, I think it was his best vet experience ever."
- Courtney Spurgeon
12/13/2022 03:29:40
"I had a great experience with helpful, caring and knowledgeable staff and doctor. Concerns were addressed and was provided with helpful information about other services."
- Diane MacDonald
10/21/2022 17:18:26
"I really appreciate y’all accommodating my very nervous dog by allowing us to bypass the waiting room."
- Jennifer Schlede
10/19/2022 22:04:24
"Always great care from Pet Care Center. Dr Dean is the best! And the staff are wonderful "
- Carrie Glover
09/29/2022 02:44:40
"Dr Dean is wonderful. The entire staff is friendly, personable and professional. Took me a lot of years to find a vet I am happy with and Pet Care makes me happy!"
- Linda Grant
09/26/2022 15:24:06
"Always the best care here. From front desk to Doctors, everyone here is friendly."
- Michael Keeley
09/22/2022 16:09:21
"We love taking our pup here; we know she'll be well taken care of."
- Mara Collins
09/22/2022 02:26:25
"Great visit from start to finish. The entire staff is very caring and thorough. "
- Amanda Yeoh
09/18/2022 17:21:49
"Your vet techs and front desk folks are an awesome combination of kind, detail oriented and upbeat. Makes a time that can be stressful much less so. "
- Troy Hilton
09/17/2022 19:32:43
"The staff seems to genuinely care about the animals that are brought to them. They listen, answer questions, and give suggestions where needed. Also. My cat is old and can be cranky. She seems to really like staff. So that's definitely a point in my book. "
- Monique Jimson
09/16/2022 20:16:07
"Y'all are so friendly when we first come in, and the front area is clearly well managed. Folks are quick! All the staff are so patient with my dog and make sure he is as comfortable as possible. I know I'm getting honest advice about my dog's care and with no judgement. I love this vet."
- Jyl Shaffer
09/11/2022 00:18:53
"I am so glad to have found Pet Care Center. Every visit, consistently, the entire staff is professional, compassionate, & knowledgeable. I trust them with my babies, that’s the best thing I could possibly say."
- Jessica Marden
09/10/2022 18:31:27
"We are constantly impressed by the wonderful service we receive at every step, from making an appointment, throughout every visit, and even checking out, you all are so helpful and caring. We don’t know what we would do without you!"
- Donna Austin
07/29/2022 00:22:54
"Best vet office I have ever been to! Everyone is friendly, caring, and clear on what is going on!!"
- Dalana Woodward
07/22/2022 20:15:49
"Dr. Bob and Dr. Su Chin are very excellent veterinarians, very compassionate and caring. We have been taking our fur babies -dogs-to this clinic for over 25 years, the last 16 years or so under Drs. Su Chin and Bob. I always recommend them when someone asks asks me who to take their pets to!"
- Marcy LaMont
07/16/2022 20:32:48
"The vet office and staff that we love and trust for the best care for our cat. They are always gentle, respectful, and offer expert care without pushing for unnecessary intervention. Great communication and care. "
- Monica Brown
07/16/2022 18:52:17
"Your team is absolutely amazing! This was our second visit to your clinic for annual exams for my 3 cats (first in person for me due to Covid restrictions last year). From the moment I entered your office, with 3 cats in tow, your team enthusiastically tended to the kitties until the moment I loaded them back into my car. I have never received such amazing attention, care, and concern for my pets in the over 25 years that I've had cats. The team was thorough, extremely patient, and helpful with discussing health status and treatment options. I'm so happy Luna Park is our new cat family care provider!"
- Mary Hinely
04/03/2022 17:35:51
"I think you are doing amazingly. I always appreciate the staff and both doctors (Dr. Dean for our cat and Dr. Griffith for our dog), and I especially appreciate the team making accommodations for our recent geographic and time challenges with special attention to our unique needs with our pet's medications and care. The front desk staff is genuinely friendly and caring, and we so love that. I honestly don't see what anyone could be doing better. :-)"
- Willow Fuentes
04/01/2022 23:01:04
"Always appreciate the thorough check up and clear explanations for what he needs and when. Everyone is so sweet to our boy. Thanks for always taking such good care of Berky! "
- Andrea Braeutigam
03/31/2022 10:17:45
"Dr. Griffith and the vet tech (I believe it was Sophia?) were amazing. They were extremely patient and sweet with Otto, who is a hyper and anxious Boston Terrier. They asked a lot of questions to get details, and made time to answer any questions I had. I always refer anyone looking for a wonderful veterinarian over to Pet Care Center!! :)"
- Emily Yun
03/24/2022 18:30:29
"Every thing when well. No delays, very caring, and professional"
- Don Hinz
02/22/2022 15:10:39
"Always appreciate the friendly and attentive service!"
- Brittany Neilsen
02/19/2022 23:28:50
"I've had good experiences lately and great care for all 3 cats. I really like the cat area in the waiting room. I like continuity--seeing the same docs and support staff and getting to know them. I feel lucky that we are clients."
- Joanne Butzerin
02/01/2022 16:37:28
"Amazing! Everyone is always so welcoming and y’all always make Chappy as comfortable as possible which is usually not easy for anyone who even gets too close to a vets office. Chappy has some major doctor anxiety and y’all are the best animal doctors and assistants out there!! Vet assistant Alyssa was the most best nicest assistant/ girl in scrubs I have ever met in my whole entire life and beyond…. Chappy thinks the same, tho he may not have shown it, I’ll let ya know that it Usually takes 3 to 4 vet assistance to get Chappy into the entrance of the building, and I watched vet assistant alyssa take chappy by the leash, single handedly, into the back to check his pee pee levels…..all without me or any other help. If that’s not good dog communication skills, then i don’t know what is. Superly superbly impressed!!"
- Nikky Heath
01/31/2022 16:57:33
"Dr Dean is the best! She takes great care of Yochi and even split his pills in half for me because my hands are ailing. She also filed Yochi’s nails after trimming them because he’s been scratching a lot. Very thoughtful. The entire staff is also nice and caring."
- Elizabeth Englesby
01/30/2022 23:26:07
"You are your natural individual selves but are also team oriented and you seem to care for the customers critters. "
- Michelle Burdette
12/29/2021 23:34:55
"Great Vet, speedy script refill service, too! Never would I go elsewhere! "
- James Bradbury
12/16/2021 01:11:13
"Change nothing always pleasant to walk in and the staff are always very helpful no matter what your there for. The front desk the best around "
- Bob Fuda
12/09/2021 03:37:03
"Such kind and caring people. Providing my pup with care for more than 8 years. Many thx!!"
- Ryan Leishman
10/31/2021 00:14:55
"Best veterinary care in town! Thank you for taking excellent care of my boy Otter. "
- Elizabeth Kelso
10/26/2021 20:49:54
"Dr Dean and staff are so wonderful! Always welcoming and understanding of our dogs needs. "
- Sarah Pellecchia
10/25/2021 23:01:45
"Every visit to Pet Care Center exceeds expectations. We have been clients for over 10 years. The Doctors are thorough, kind and gentle with my doggie. The Staff is friendly and professional. Highly recommend this team!"
- Bob Lewis
10/25/2021 19:12:54
"I really appreciate Dr. Kitchen and her expertise. My dog has arthritis and she understands that I don't want to put him on NSAIDS to prevent any damage to his organs. She explains everything incredibly well and takes her time to find solutions. She goes to vet conventions and is up to date on new developments. I have been extremely happy with the service and treatment of my dog at Pet Care Center! The front desk staff is also very nice and always helpful!"
- Stephanie Shannon
10/22/2021 01:50:03
"Excellent care. I have always been happy with the care at pet care center. My dog has been coming to them since she was a puppy and she is now 9 1/2 years old they know her history so I wouldn’t go anywhere else I trust them with all her her health needs and requirements. "
- Mia Drysdale
09/05/2021 19:52:20
"Dr. Dean and Dr. Griffith, the technicians (during both visits on the same day) plus Sarah and Aaron, were kind, accommodating Miloh for a visit the same day. Provided excellent care! and during a stressful time, everyone made me and Miloh feel cared for. I'm extremely grateful for you being there and for providing the best care and love to my Miloh. I'm definitely recommending Pet Care Center to friends and family members that own fur babies. "
- Denisse Barrera
09/05/2021 18:13:42
"I appreciated the elevated shelf and calming blanket. Your staff is excellent, too. Thank you. "
- April Doyle
08/31/2021 17:12:08
"It’s a wonderful place to take your animals you’re so caring and knowledgeable"
- Lynda Zeron
08/30/2021 15:36:17
"Everyone is so nice and the follow-up is amazing. They really care about pets!"
- Jena Rockwood
06/08/2021 15:44:57
"Pet Care Center has always been my favorite vet when I was a child my parents went to Pet Care Center Obviously different owners but still the same consideration care and compassion as when I was a kid. My dog has no fear of going to the vet she loves Dr. Dean."
- Shaari Strong
06/07/2021 20:17:41
"I've taken my pets to you for years and have always had excellent care for them. Years ago I moved farther away but I still go to you. The Dr.s are so nice. "
- Amber Cooper
06/06/2021 19:02:43
"We wouldn't go anywhere else. The staff are great and doctors are thorough. It's clear they care about our pets. "
- Vikki Cain
06/06/2021 00:21:50
"Excellent experience from start to finish. Very professional and friendly staff. My older chihuahua rescue is not an easy customer and they have been incredibly kind to him."
- Corinne Bauer
04/29/2021 00:40:05
"We have entrusted you with the care of our furry family for more than a decade. (Under the prior owners.) Your staff (vet techs, front desk) are amazing people. Their kindness just radiates through. We like both Drs Griffith very much. We haven't had a chance to really get to know the new doctor (due to the Pandemic) but we like how she was on speaker phone throughout our pet's examination so we felt like we were there with our pet. "
- Geordie Pace
04/24/2021 18:39:57
"It was great! I think you're doing the right things and, to be honest, I can't think of anything you can do to improve."
- Chris Carr
04/21/2021 18:44:31
"Everything was great during our visit. I appreciate that we were able to get an appointment quickly. We arrived on time and were taken care of quickly and on time. Everyone we spoke to was amazing. It is very clear that everyone loves animals and treats them like family. "
- Collin Hayden
04/18/2021 14:54:10
"Excellent customer service. Dr Griffith even called to see how my dog was doing after her operation at a different facility. This is how much I appreciate the care you provide my dog and her well being. I won’t trust any other vet. "
- Mia Drysdale
04/16/2021 21:55:44
"You are wonderful! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Everything is explained in a way that I understand. "
- Lisa Cloutier
04/15/2021 16:39:52
"You guys are awesome wouldnt take my dog to any other vet in the city"
- Taylor Aikens
03/15/2021 20:40:46
"As always - kindness, efficiency, and excellent care. My little grrrrrrl, who is comfortable around very few people, is more and more comfortable at the Pet Care Center every time we visit. This time I watched her walk in with the techs with her tail held high and waving in the breeze. That made me very happy. Thank you all for your very consistent gold standard care for animals (and their devoted owners!)."
- Jo Baim
03/10/2021 23:46:07
"You guys are the best. We always refer people to you. I've got nothing to add!! :) "
- Beth Loveless
11/12/2020 22:55:02
"You are doing great. We keep coming back (even when we lived on Mercer Island) because we trust you and always feel well taken care of."
- Adrienne Pierce
11/09/2020 22:34:18
"The doctor was very knowledgeable and explained things in detail and helped reassure me and answered my questions. The office staff and assistants were wonderful and so helpful and nice too! "
- Danielle Otey
11/05/2020 19:23:58
"Incredible service and staff and owners. We brought our dog Cody here for 7 years living in West Seattle. We just started bringing our two new puppies here as well, even though we live in Magnolia now. Best vet clinic in Seattle. "
- Brad Posten
10/31/2020 22:19:46
"You guys are great! You always give us truthful, accurate statements, and suggestions. We always feel like your advice is what is best for us and our pet. Thank you!!!"
- Charley Hill
10/28/2020 20:14:01
"Alyssa and Dr. Griffith were both warm and helpful during our recent visit. Our pet got great care and we felt supported."
- Liz Vivian
10/22/2020 20:41:22
"Dr. Dean and Dr Griffith have always shown great compassion, concern, and care for Bella. They keep us very informed, even during these pandemic times when we can't actually be at her exams. And they always explain our options and potential costs."
- Sandy Parry
10/22/2020 16:11:11
"Considering the circumstances of not being able to go in with your pet right now, everything was great. The staff was friendly and very thorough on the initial arrival call. They took great care of our animals while inside. Dr. Dean was extremely kind and went over everything once the animals were examined. The staff came and explained the meds and schedule while the pets were still inside as to have no distraction going over the instructions, and then brought Missy and Snickers back to us. Even said they were well mannered, which I find hard to believe ;) but it was nice to hear that too. You're doing awesome during this weird time and we appreciate you all. "
- James Nelson
10/21/2020 18:51:52
"Your staff is amazing! Friendly, professional, and always ready to help! I feel safe in the care my pets and I receive from your practice."
- Susan Staples
09/01/2020 19:10:10
"We enjoy the personal care that Midnight receives at Pet Care Center. The providers and staff are very caring and professional. You always work with us to give Midnight exactly what he needs."
- Patti Rambo
08/31/2020 00:49:08
"Great! Really love all your kindness and knowledge :)"
- Aubra Taylor
08/29/2020 17:43:48
"Mali seemed happy coming out of the exam. Since I wasn't present that, in my opinion, means that she was treated well and had a good experience. It also helps that the staff is friendly and well qualified. "
- Virgil Popovici
08/26/2020 21:11:28
"The vets are always very patient with Bronx, who can be a difficult patient at times. "
- David Russo
08/25/2020 15:21:08
"The person who helped me get a new prescription cat food was friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt. I appreciated her and the service she provided. Thank you!"
- April Doyle
08/14/2020 22:09:57
"The Doberman Pack just love the doctors and the staff. They provide the best care always that they need."
- Renata Bocayuva
08/12/2020 18:00:13