"I think you all are great. Everyone at the front counter is so friendly and accommodating. It makes going to the vet so easy. When I call for Riley's refills, it is done that same day. Great customer service!"
- Rachel Strauss
05/04/2017 21:35:41
"The reception people greet you as you enter. If they are on the phone, they still look at you and signal that they will be with you very soon. Then they greet your pets. Always looking to see what's going on with them - if they need a room right away or to give a treat and recognition. I always feel well cared for and my dogs are treated warmly. Their calmness helps my pets and me relax. My dogs are not afraid to go in to the building - in fact and unbelievably, my dogs get excited to go in."
- Jeanne Turner
05/03/2017 15:00:19
"There is no bad...ever. My last visit, and all the others, was really great. Quick, courteous service and lots of smiling faces. The care your team shows my pets always leaves me feeling happy. "
- Sawyer Pouliot
05/02/2017 13:56:35
"The entire staff was great. They even followed up with a phone call the next day to see how Barney was doing. I felt like everyone on the staff were true animal lovers and made me feel like they would do all in their power to help Barney. God Bless all the staff."
- Douglas West
04/28/2017 16:09:27
"I trust Pet Care Center with my dog Jake's health care. I have been going there for many years when Dr. Pamparo was the vet. The staff is very friendly, caring, and helpful. I will keep going there as long as I have a pet. They are wonderful!"
- Linda Bianchi
04/28/2017 14:37:47
"You guys are always so honest and great! I thought I wouldn't like the new appointment system but I think it works really well and creates less wait time. Our family truly appreciates the care you give to our pets! "
- Angela Carman
03/30/2017 17:49:54
"I am very please with the doctors and staff. My dogs are always happy to be there, which tells me how great everyone is! I never feel taken advantage of and I know that everyone truly has my dogs in their best interest. I continually recommend Pet Care Center to everyone. "
- Susan Cooper
03/30/2017 16:55:02
"I love everyone at the Pet Care Center in West Seattle! I've been going there for years and even if I moved out of West Seattle, I would still take my pets here. I wouldn't even think about going anywhere else."
- Rose Nicolas
03/19/2017 17:57:00
"I was very impressed by the quality of care that Raga got in your office. I did not feel like the visit was rushed and there was a lot of time to address all of my concerns and answer my questions. Raga was extremely relaxed in the exam room due to the calm way he was being handled. Your staff was professional and caring. "
- Luli Weatherwax
03/18/2017 11:31:55
"Pet care has always provided us with the best service & now that you do appointments, it makes scheduling a visit much more predictable"
- Robert Scheurecker
03/14/2017 17:30:47
"Very Good. Liked the groomer that took care of Sadie a lot. She did a great job. We will bring in Rosie in a month."
- Mark Silver
03/13/2017 15:29:33
"Everyone is great, prompt, and attentive to our family's needs! Excellent team environment with great attention to you and your pets experience being the best to be offered. "
- Jamie Clay
03/02/2017 12:57:30
"always a calm, relaxing both for me and for Fish. he loves evwryone there because your staff is so lovely and kind."
- Edwin Cendejas
02/24/2017 09:29:29
"We love taking our Sumo here. Good care and reasonable price. "
- Bret Schultz
02/23/2017 18:49:22
"I always feel very well taken care of at Pet Care Center. All the assistants are helpful and cheerful and I really like Dr. Griffiths. I will continue to come here for many years to come."
- Kim Jones
02/23/2017 13:17:07
"Service was great from the minute we walked in the door. Everyone is friendly and caring!"
- Tanya Toschi
02/23/2017 12:32:15
"I was happy to see that we can make appointments now. "
- Robert Lopez
02/23/2017 09:17:08
"We have been bringing Jack to Pet Care Center since we got him about a year ago. We've been very happy with the service we have gotten and the staff is so friendly and helpful. We recently had Jack neutered and chipped. Everything from check-in to pick-up went very smoothly and all my questions were answered. Jack had some minor nausea afterwards to to one of the meds. The Pet Care staff took time to consult with me by phone after consulting with a veterinarian. Everything has gone great and Jack is entirely recovered after only a week. "
- Rick Cowan
02/22/2017 13:18:41
"I really love coming to Pet Care Center, because all of the staff are very friendly and genuinely want to help. We had to put our cat down 2 years ago and it was a horrible experience, but being at Pet Care Center was the most positive thing about it and I'm so glad we came here for our cat's diagnosis/treatment. We used to live in the Junction and we moved farther away but still come here because the service and people are so wonderful."
- Robin Park
02/20/2017 18:38:23
"I love Pet Care Center- they genuinely care about my dogs and I love the treatment they receive! I wish it wasn't quite so expensive but I pay that because of the care my dogs receive. It is also not close for me as I live in SeaTac but again i drive there because of the wonderful customer service"
- Christy Birch
02/13/2017 13:16:07
"I love your clinic! I can't imagine anything you could do differently. All my West Seattle friends who are pet parents agree. "
- Megan Murphy
02/12/2017 19:19:22
"You're doing great. So far all I've had for my pet is puppy shots and examine, but the office staff is nice, the place is clean, and the vets nice to talk to. All good."
- Kathleen Greiff
01/22/2017 13:13:35
"Everyone was great! Dr. Griffith handled a painful situation with kindness and empathy. "
- Tiffany Plovie
01/21/2017 10:05:04
"the team is the best. walk in nail care and the people are like family for my chihuahua Annie & I. I just love these folks."
- Kristen Beasley
01/21/2017 06:05:02
"We really like pet care. Everyone seems very caring and loving of our dogs. "
- Nancy Holert
01/20/2017 18:50:03
"I am very happy with the family treatment we get for all of our pets. "
- George Sly
01/20/2017 12:26:00
"I've had no issues with either of the vets. The front desk is very helpful,and know what I need."
- Michelle Boehler
01/18/2017 18:56:06
"We always appreciate the caring service we receive at PCC.......Even though Ivy may not."
- John Williams
01/18/2017 17:16:17
"Our Dog Charlie loves your office and the staff is very happy to see him when we board him."
- Kevin Ainsworth
01/18/2017 15:13:12
"I always feel everyone there has my dogs health as their only priority during my visit."
- Ellen Saboe
01/18/2017 10:06:50
"Cat's claw clipping was prompt and pleasant."
- Russ Dow
01/17/2017 19:46:47
"We love everything about this clinic, especially Bob and Su-Chin."
- Julie Stonefelt
01/17/2017 18:23:16
"All of you guys are wonderful. I couldn't be happier, nor ask for more in trusted veterinarian."
- David Caldwell
01/17/2017 16:04:54
"I was very pleased you were open on Monday (a holiday for many) and was also happy to be able to make an appointment. It is tough to sit and wait for 1/2 hour or more with two dogs and sometimes I have all three. Thank you for taking good care of Peloto and Tinks."
- Jerilyn Mallory
01/17/2017 15:46:04
"Everyone is very compassionate and friendly and I believe Edgar receives excellent care. "
- Katherine Coolures
01/17/2017 12:37:30
"I don't think I've had a bad experience at PCC on Avalon, so nothing to give there :). So far, everything and everyone at PCC has been so nice, helpful, and understanding. With our adopted dog Ernie we have brought him in for several things as he has been adjusting to normal life with us. In particular I really appreciate that the folks at PCC have not made me feel like I am overbearing for my various questions and concerns about Ernie. His behavior has been fluctuating quite a bit after his arrival and it's been difficult to tell what requires medical attention, what is training-related, or just simple rescue dog adjustment. On the contrary, both doctors and staff have been more than willing to see us, check Ernie out, and they are all so gentle and nice to Ernie during the process. They provide the best for Ernie. Thank you!"
- Betsy Radtke
01/16/2017 16:36:51
"I continue to come back to Pet Care Center because of Dr. Dean. It feels to me that she truly cares about my dogs. I also like that you now take appointments! "
- Amanda Doucett
01/16/2017 16:34:29
"We LOVE Pet Care! I have referred all my friends here! I enjoy even calling the office, everyone is so kind, professional, and positive. Keep it up, you guys are truly awesome"
- Amy Banks
01/16/2017 16:06:44
"I appreciate the way you respect and trust a good pet and good owner"
- Mike Coms
01/16/2017 12:29:06
"Love the new appointment system!!!!!"
- Michael Zanoni
01/16/2017 12:26:56
"It took me a long time to find a vet that I trusted with Marlee as she's had quite a few medical and behavioral issues, but the entire staff at your office has been nothing but wonderful with her from the start. Caring, patient, and knowledgeable - everyone has Marlee's best interest at heart and does a great job of laying out options, but never pressuring us into paying more for unnecessary testing. "
- Stephanie Hall
01/16/2017 10:23:29
"Everyone is very professional, kind and gentle with my dog."
- Carolyn Sifferman
01/15/2017 14:47:31
"Like the ability to make an appointment now. Good doctors, good people working there. Always have had an excellent experience. A lot of kindness has been shown to our pets over these years. Thank you for that."
- Sean Sullivan
01/14/2017 08:40:19
"Everyone there is super friendly, and helpful. I brought in Wobbles as a walk-in, and I was seen as soon as there was a moment to fit her in. I have problems walking and was given help by the tech carrying the carrier into the exam room for me and even helped me out to the car with my precious cargo.. Even seat belted the carrier in.. I loved that. What service. I made sure to thank her double for that. :) "
- Siobhan Chandler
01/13/2017 00:37:51