"I appreciated every minute in your office. All staff were very kind to Moose and I. The doc took his time and checked my baby out to make sure he was healthy and gave me several ideas to help with his separation anxiety. Thank you all so much"
- Amber Lamanske
05/16/2019 20:30:30
"Friendly staff, clean rooms, free parking, that’s why I keep coming back. I love that Irene is there. She’s been part of my pet care experience from the last owner that owned the clinic. It’s wonderful to have her still there. It gives me great comfort because she has helped care for so many of my pets. "
- Barb Joseph
05/04/2019 15:33:27
"I’ve never had a bad experience. Dr. G and Dean have always been so kind and always take the time to say hi even when I’m there to give up medicine. They both give amazing health care to all of my dogs. As well the techs are front staff are equally friendly and helpful. "
- Susan Cooper
04/28/2019 18:14:41
"Everyone there is great. The staff take time to endure that any and all questions are answered. They are kind and caring and it shows in their work."
- Rebeca Estrada
04/15/2019 19:13:50
"Dr. G was great and I really appreciated the time that he took to see Bella on a Saturday...making sure that I had all of my questions answered. Staff here are absolutely the most caring folks."
- Sandy Parry
04/03/2019 02:46:35
"We feel incredibly welcomed and well cared for by both docs and all of the staff! The front desk girls Jessica and Heather are always so sweet and ask how are pups are doing. We’re so glad we found you guys! Dr Dean has been wonderful in helping plan out our old girl’s care and end of life planning."
- Evelyn Forrester
03/21/2019 16:23:56
"The whole staff is always so welcoming, accommodating, and creative about getting my little grrrl what she needs. Yes, I am the mom of "that" dog, but we are never made to feel anything but welcome. And the care is excellent -- always has been across multiple dogs. When you have dogs with health issues, having such complete confidence in your vets is such a blessing. Thank you all."
- Jo Baim
03/19/2019 18:13:56
"My pets are always in good hands at Pet Care Center! Dr Griffith and Dr Dean are so friendly and caring and all the techs and front staff are kind to me and my "kids." "
- Katie Sergieff
03/06/2019 19:11:22
"Dr Dean amd Tori were super helpful with my stressed out kitty and explained everything in detail to understanding. "
- Whitney Cook
02/28/2019 17:13:48
"I brought my dog in for a vaccination and the staff and technician were great. My dog is anxious with strangers and the tech handled her perfectly. Managed to calm her down quickly, take her temperature and administer the vaccine quickly and gently."
- John Feodorov
02/16/2019 05:34:05
"I really like Mitsy your Receptionist. She is always very nice, caring, and has a fun sense of humor. We really enjoy working with the doctors to take care of our pets needs. I really like how there is no push on unnecessary tests and procedures. "
- Jennifer Hill
02/14/2019 23:32:30
"I have loved every visit my dog Annie & I have had. These people are family to us. You will love having your pet cared for by this wonderful, loving staff."
- Kristen Beasley
01/29/2019 15:15:03
"Your caregivers were excellent. They made my cat comfortable when he was nervous. Both Dr. Dean and the tech were easy to talk to and it is evident they love what they do. Great service I would recommend to others. "
- Terri Varney
01/27/2019 17:29:38
"All aspects of the clinic are very good. We are always greeted as soon as we walk in the door. Staff are helpful getting pets back to a room. They take time to find out what's wrong or what we need for our pets. They are compassionate about loosing a pet. They take the time to explain procedures and follow up care. And called home after to make sure our pets were doing good after their procedure."
- Kristi Brown
01/24/2019 22:33:57
"Excellent service, as usual. We have been bringing our pets to Pet Care Center for more than 3 decades. Pet Care Center has always provided our pets with excellent care and have treated us very kindly. Keep up the great customer service."
- Ray Gabuat
01/23/2019 20:57:49
"I really appreciate how kind and caring everyone is with Pepper. He is an older dog and we bring him in a lot. I appreciate how much everyone listens and how hard they all work to make sure he feels comfortable during our visit. I also appreciate that we can call and talk to the doctor or get a prescription without jumping through a ton of hoops. It is evident that everyone there cares so much about animals! Thank you! "
- Jessica Wride
01/06/2019 05:44:58
"We are long time loyal clients of Luna Park Pet Care Center. We appreciate the care that Sue and Bob have provided to our pets. "
- Rhonda Porter
12/17/2018 22:18:21
"Dr. Dean and Dr. Griffith are the finest Veterinarians we have had in the state of Washington. Not only are they skilled, but compassionate and understanding. Am very blessed to have them as doctors to our dogs. With this said, their Veterinarian Assistants are remarkable. They are always willing to help, bright, and compassionate."
- Jude Sharp
12/01/2018 04:05:12
"We feel very positive about Pet Care Center and it's entire staff. Over the past 9 plus years Bella has had a wide variety of needs from hip surgery to allergies, GI issues to dental care, boarding and grooming and you have handled each one beautifully. We know that our girl is in the best possible hands.....and we truly mean that! Thank you for your expert, loving care!"
- Mark Turner
11/01/2018 02:27:05
"We love you! The care we have received has been warm, caring and compassionate."
- Angela Palmer
10/23/2018 22:50:14
"Really appreciate that the veterinarian took to logical approach to medications for Rascal (our cat), rather than put her thru a mired of tests that would have only served to stress her out even more. Didn't feel we were rushed at all - all of our questions were answered. Very pleased with the personal attention to Rascal and us during our visit!!!!!!"
- Diane Hintz
10/10/2018 16:45:03
"I had my Senior Citizen kitty in Tuesday for a serious health issue. I was able to get an appointment the same day and, as usual, we received excellent, warm and compassionate care. It is well worth the drive from Kent to West Seattle to come to the Pet Care Center as I trust them so much. I have been taking my cats to them for years and have always appreciated their dedication to excellence and caring, both for the kitty and for the human companion! "
- Cynthia Cosgrove
09/12/2018 19:05:53
"We've been more than happy with Pet Care Center's care of our cats Boo Radley and Mojo over the course of the 13 years we've been bringing them in for their veterinary care as well the the past couple years of occasionally boarding them for a few days. I think they appreciated our most recent trip in particular as we have construction going on in our basement and the loud noised involved makes them very anxious."
- Susan Andersen
08/20/2018 20:42:00
"I love bringing my Siberian Kitty Star to Pet Care Center. Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable, they take such great care of my baby. They create a climate of calmness that rubs off on my kitty. Dare I say she enjoys going to the vet? I always know she’s in good hands every time we step through the door at Pet Care Center!"
- Lisa Corr
08/14/2018 22:17:29
"The entire Pet Care Team is exceptional from the front desk to the techs to the doctors! We are so glad you are all here for us."
- Bob Lewis
04/29/2018 20:43:10
"I cannot imagine Seattle without Doctors Dean and Griffith. You both, as well as your staff, have given our animals the same loving care that, I am sure, you give your own. We are forever grateful to have you in our critters lives. Thank you"
- Phyllis Ward
03/15/2018 17:19:28
"We love you guys! Our WHOLE Family... & it’s a big one! (90% of which West Seattleites)... & not just for the good news today that our Jackie Bear’s lungs are free of metastatic disease, but because we trust you, appreciate your candor, honesty & professional opinions/ referrals & because EVERYONE we have meet there has been wonderful, genuine & sympathetic at minimum... Love & appreciate you guys so much!"
- Stephen Locke
03/03/2018 02:50:49
"Just a sigh of relief knowing you're there."
- Patty Magnuson
10/19/2017 01:51:46