"Robinson's always treats us with the utmost loving care with our pets. They have been with us thru the most devastating moments as pet owners ( parents) and have been like family members to us. I love these people. God bless them!"
- Teresa Dykes
03/26/2023 23:43:53
"I love the caring staff and doctors . I would love for this hospital to go back to 24 hour service for emergencies ."
- Liz Jones
03/26/2023 23:24:21
- Virginia Stemen
03/25/2023 20:38:24
"It’s always been great having been bringing working k-9s for over 20 years never had a bad experience thank you for the support you have given me "
- Correctional F. Northeast
03/24/2023 14:28:10
"We have always had a good experience."
- April Merryman
03/23/2023 20:57:16
"We love Dr.Sybers. "
- Lori Gangewere
03/23/2023 16:08:20
"I really like Dr. Hinkle, he's super nice. "
- Melinda Tweed
03/22/2023 22:59:48
"Best care of my pets (cats) "
- Kusuma (Kim) Holla
03/22/2023 17:17:27
"The experience was great and they answered all my questions with no hesitation"
- Michelle Carver
03/22/2023 17:09:54
"Everyone was friendly and professional "
- Holly Ruff
03/22/2023 15:42:43
"As always, very friendly, courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. They go above and beyond!"
- Noel Gardner
03/22/2023 15:09:37
"Very good care no complaints"
- Sandy Hutchison
03/22/2023 13:18:42
- Leo Edwards
03/22/2023 13:13:38
"Everything was great! They called to give an update on how Wookie was doing, the doctor came out when I picked him up to talk through the surgery and share anything I might need to watch out for. "
- Lindsey Welch
03/22/2023 11:56:57
"Everyone has been so compassionate with my animals and they take me in quickly and I am seeing quickly."
- Claudia Randolph
03/22/2023 11:44:46
"Overall care for my pets goes above and beyond and the vets and techs are very caring and loving on my babies. If I had to note one thing it would just be the waits that are incurred. Being in the room one of my pets stresses out so in/out is much better for us that being stuck in a room waiting. Other than that no other notable issues."
- Roy Cline
03/22/2023 11:43:14
"Prompt with Izzy’s appointment. Courteous staff. "
- Judy Massouras
03/22/2023 11:42:40
"Great service. Never have to wait long. Always very nice and understanding to Doby. "
- Leslie Lovelady
03/21/2023 18:31:44
"I have been taking my rabbit Pierre to Dr Hinkle for 4 years. He always takes time to squeeze in Pierre’s monthly tooth trimming and the staff are always kind and friendly"
- Debra Cisowski
03/21/2023 12:30:06
"Dr Fogg is THE BEST!"
- Merry Miller
03/15/2023 16:04:43
"Very prompt, caring, friendly, and helpful!"
- Susan Eaton
03/14/2023 12:36:26
"We appreciate you guys so much. Familiar, friendly faces are great to see when making visits."
- Stan Hathorn
03/14/2023 11:03:37
"Your staff are the key! Dr. P is awesome! The Watagua location is less crowded and the staff so thoughtful. They are sensitive to the emotional needs of both the pet and pet parent. They make you feel special to them. They are certainly special to me and my six pets!!!"
- Deborah Joyner
03/13/2023 13:50:10
"The rabies vaccination was fine. However, I didn't get a clear understanding (or maybe I didn't hear it) of the outcome of the wellness exam. Perhaps a brief written statement (e.g., heart rate, no lumps, eyes, and whatever is looked for) would be helpful. Thanks. "
- Mike Miyamoto
03/10/2023 16:23:10
"My dog was treated well which is all that matters to me. I was given time to discuss any concerns and was listened to. What was needed for my dog was discussed and explained. I felt I was given good advice. Front desk staff were friendly and professional. Building is clean and attractive. We did not wait very long to be seen. We were seen by a third year vet student and I was pleased that this practice is helping train future vets. "
- Karen Nelms
03/10/2023 14:53:48
"Excellent care for our animals I rarely have to wait upon arrival The vet and staff genuinely care for my animals"
- Kay Grogg
03/09/2023 18:36:54
"No long wait period once inside screening room. Vet tech was competent and personable. Vet was informative and took action to address the issue as to why were were there and performed the needed procedure. Cost for services is reasonable."
- Katrina Talbert
03/09/2023 00:04:10
"Wonderful staff and love all the employees. Vets take care and time with pets."
- Jeanette Bergmann
03/08/2023 14:52:38
"I havent been to the vet much .i always had outside dogs of the neighborhood..so everything is new to me an your buisness makes me feel not as nervous ..nice people an fast service"
- Chris Morelock
03/08/2023 03:26:02
"very well"
- Marilyn Goslawski
03/08/2023 01:46:50
"Trust Dr. Hinkle completely with his knowledge, professionalism and communication skills."
- Maria Lazcano
03/07/2023 17:45:35
"I think you guys are doing an excellent job. I ESPECIALLY APPRECIATE you taking my fur babies when I have an emergency situation and, as you have done in the past, keeping my precious fur babies when they pass, until I can get them to the crematory. I'm very thankful for ALL you guys have done for me & my furbabies. Thank you !!!"
- Karen Walker
03/07/2023 17:34:31
"Overall great. We have only experienced you during an emergency visit, but so far very good."
- Joe Schrock
03/06/2023 23:33:46
"We love Robinson's."
- Jennifer Williams
03/06/2023 21:57:15
"Mollie absolutely loved the ladies who cared for her. They said she was very well behaved when the took her blood and gave her the immunizations. The vet was willing to sit and talk to me about her "cough" and I was very very happy with everything about the visit. "
- Teresa Jensen
03/06/2023 18:25:18
"Awesome job on taking care of my Nala. Nice and excellent customer service."
- Ronda Ramirez
03/05/2023 20:58:04
"Very good experience and all my questions were answered and we were not rushed."
- Nicki Hellis
03/05/2023 14:24:07
"I’ve had very good experiences both times I’ve been there with my dog. Everyone was very helpful, friendly and attentive. The doctor was able to squeeze us in on short notice to take care of an issue that was a big concern for me which I really appreciated. "
- Suzanne Burns
03/04/2023 23:37:36
"Great place, great staff and happy place"
- Shannon Dykes
03/04/2023 23:14:53
"Arrived early for appointment and were taken early. No waiting at all on this visit."
- Linda Fox
03/04/2023 20:52:09
"The staff was very friendly and helpful this week when I came in with Sampson, Sampson's doctor, Josh was super nice, friendly and went out of his way making me feel comfortable with Sampson's medical condition at that time. The ladies at the front desk was very friendly and helpful as well. You have a wonderful staff. This is why I come there with my pets. Alan"
- Alan McInturff
03/04/2023 12:46:06
"Everyone was so nice and helpful. I was going to have trouble getting the kitten there the morning of the surgery so I inquired about boarding her the night before. I was told that would be fine and there was no charge. It made my experience so easy. I really appreciate it"
- Cynthia Hopson
03/04/2023 12:28:32
"Always treated Bella very nice and took very good care of her."
- Debra Mcclain
03/04/2023 01:47:04
"Great! Dr P is the best. Very knowledgeable and listens to your concerns. The scheduler on the phone is very helpful and accommodating "
- Diane Siedentopf
03/03/2023 14:14:40
"Everything was excellent, everyone was real nice and listened to us "
- Lisa Peters
03/03/2023 14:06:53
"Medical care and customer service are both above expectations. Cost is high. "
- John Webb
03/03/2023 13:35:14
"I think how you all do everything is good "
- Brian Buckner
03/03/2023 13:18:51
"My former vet of 20+ years retired 8/31/21. My search for another vet wasn't easy; I had a bad experience with the first vet I tried (not at your office). Then I remembered how much I had liked Dr. Hinkle when I had to take my dog to the emergency after hours/emergency clinic. After a lot of thought and prayer, I decided to take my dog to Dr. Hinkle. I'm so glad I did! He has been wonderful to my dog and me, and I really like him. I've also found all the employees I've dealt with, including John and the vet techs and the ladies who work the front desk, to be great to work with and very helpful. "
- Margaret Miller
03/02/2023 20:43:55
"Love the new interior - looks more modern and up-to-date. Care for my dog was great (though he wasn't thrilled to be there, thinking he was getting stuff in his nose!)."
- Susan Epps
03/02/2023 19:38:37
"Everything was great. Really. I wouldn't change a thing. "
- Diane Doucette
03/02/2023 18:18:23
"I always feel like using a voucher is frowned upon there but she almost wouldn’t take it this time because I’d waited two years. I was never told they expire. Geez "
- Chelsea Lewis
03/01/2023 14:49:40
"While the treatment my dog received was excellent, I have very seriously considered switching vets. Twice I have called during your “emergency” hours so to TRUE emergencies. Not hurt legs or “my dog is coughing a lot “. I’m referring to eating grapes on one occasion and eating rat poison on another. BOTH TIMES, although it was during “emergency hours”, I was told they could not take the dog and go to airport 30 minutes away, when time is of the essence when treating poisoning. If you are going to turn away critical patients then you need to stop advertising as Emergency. Bc you are truly not an emergency vet (unless you happen have appointments still open and are not about to close and be inconvenienced). This is misleading and untrue. The wait at the airport clinic was unreal when my dog ate rat poison and he could very well have died. But yet an “emergency” vet 3 minutes from my house couldn’t take him on a Sunday at 3:30. "
- Julia Williams
03/01/2023 14:33:20
"Everyone goes above and beyond to make sure my boxer girl is well taken care of. They always make sure to answer all my questions. My Sunny girl is always happy to make a vet visit, everyone there makes time to love on her :)"
- Meagan Meade
03/01/2023 13:41:35
"Doctor Khan always does a good job. Everyone in the office is very courteous."
- Barbara McElyea
02/26/2023 23:22:16
"Ok, as much as I love my dog, I find that the prices (no matter what vet clinic you go to) are just too steep. I have noticed that on more than one occasion it has cost a LOT more to pay for his vet services than it does when I go to my doctor. That being said, I do find great care and compassion from the vets at Robinson, especially Dr. Fogg, who saw him the last two times. But -- once my sweet boy passes, that's it for me on pets. It's just too ridiculously expensive to have a pet anymore. And I'm not the only one who feels this way; I've had my parents, an uncle, and several friends and coworkers say the same. We just can't do it. I guess it'll be goldfish or hamsters in our future, if anything!"
- Angie Vines
02/26/2023 21:48:03
"I thought the care was very good."
- William Ruble
02/26/2023 18:15:55
"Yall are excellent with my dog thank you"
- Debbie Tanner
02/26/2023 14:39:09
"Staff were very caring and informative. We really appreciated the daily updates on our cat’s condition. Dr. P was great. He even called to check on our cat the day after he was discharged. "
- Christy Gibbs
02/25/2023 20:46:06
"The staff was very helpful informing me a change of the kind of food I can feed Gracie. Royal Canin SO has been food I have used since 2018 but will no longer be available. The staff assisted me in getting the two big bags of food out to my car."
- Teresa Black
02/25/2023 16:36:34
"Last three times we had his nails ground they have hurt him you can hear him yelp. This does not happen when he goes to groomer. Your staff need training."
- Frank Calderala
02/25/2023 14:31:01
"The staff and Dr. Nix is wonderful!!! The check out process could be a bit faster. "
- Teje Liles
02/25/2023 12:36:39
"Dr Fogg is wonderful with my 2 dogs and those that went before them. I trust her decisions and judgement for their health. Staff was nice and helpful even though they were very busy."
- Vickie Shepard
02/24/2023 23:36:53
"Our doctor was kind, gentle, and respectful to my fur baby."
- Sheridan Nice
02/24/2023 20:47:39
"Dr. P and Dr Khan listened to me and my concerns about Joey. Of course there will never be another Dr Robinson. He was the gold standard in veterinary care."
- Amy Steppe-Jacobs
02/24/2023 17:37:16
"Nothing bad ever with your staff!!! I live in kingsport and will drive 30 minutes to you! "
- Marcy Vance
02/24/2023 16:30:15
"Your staff is amazing. Always remember pet's name and treat him like family. Dr. Fogg spends time to explain everything and make good decisions and recommendations. Always a positive experience."
- Susan Halliday
02/24/2023 14:13:15
"This animal hospital has alway treated all my pets with the best of care I will continue to use them as long as I have pets"
- Betty Williams
02/24/2023 13:55:56
"Always treated nicely by the staff and I think Dr Hinkle is the best"
- Richard Nave
02/24/2023 13:50:47
"I have 9 cats that I bring to your facilities and each time the kindness and caring of the techs and the doctors keeps me coming back. I have used other vets and stopped going because I did not feel like they really cared and I was bothering them somehow but that is not how I feel when I walk into Robinsons I feel the caring and desire to help right away. "
- Terry Ingargiola
02/24/2023 11:26:27
"I am SO THANKFUL CASEY WAS THERE!!! Thank you! And the staff was so kind! Esther had staples. She’s doing well! Thank you again, Dr Casey SAVED her !!♥️♥️♥️"
- Mary Lockett
02/23/2023 23:28:54
"Helpful and efficient "
- Sandra Shumaker
02/23/2023 20:56:39
"Love Dr fog and staff"
- Bonnie Pedersen
02/22/2023 19:01:38
"I have had great experience with every visit and appreciate the good care your office has provided to my furbaby, Ace."
- Peggy Willingham
01/31/2023 19:53:05
"I really like Dr. B. She explained things well and was good with Charlie. "
- Sue Lockmiller
01/28/2023 04:07:36
"I didn’t make an appt but needed to drop off a stool sample. Quick, inexpensive and was called with the results. Very happy. "
- Tina Riley
01/26/2023 22:43:36
"Always great experience. We love Dr Fog. Everyone truly seems to care and love their patients."
- Nicholas (Nick) Smith
01/26/2023 18:44:18
"I have had very good experiences with all the vets I have seen. The one thing I wish is that NJC was a bit larger or reconfigured to have a well appt rooms and emergency rooms. You can really get stuck up there and I have waited for hours before. Its worth it to get great vet care in my opinion, but it would be nice if more exam rooms could somehow be added. "
- Amy Williams Moore
01/25/2023 19:39:29
"My pets are always very well cared for here. "
- Constance Sousa
01/25/2023 17:24:23
"A good job fancy is doing a lot better"
- Brenda Mumpower
01/23/2023 19:30:33
"My experience has been very good."
- Marilyn Goslawski
01/22/2023 23:33:26
"Very good vet care and boarding"
- Paula Alexander
01/21/2023 21:57:27
"Doing great!"
- Jerrie Sanders
01/18/2023 20:23:30
"Dr. Fogg recently treated our 13-1/2 year old Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen (GBGV). She was very knowledgeable and very caring about our old girl. I moved here in 2016 with several dogs and I was a bit stressed out to find a veterinarian I trusted after 40 years with my vet in F;orida. I was very pleased with wtih Dr. Fogg's sincereness and knowledge. "
- Marla Anthony
01/18/2023 01:19:38
"I am pleased with my pet care. I am always shocked by how much it costs but I don't know that it would be any different anywhere else."
- Margaret Anderson
01/17/2023 19:33:07
"Prompt, professional, knowledgeable doctors and staff"
- Patricia Boyle
01/17/2023 18:15:22
"I honestly believe Doc Robinson would be proud. We moved here in 1997, Doc was recommended, and we have used you all since. They treat our fur babies with love and respect and are honest to us. I want the best care for them and I believe in Dr Fogg! Next to Doc Robinson I think Dr Fogg is the best!"
- Ingrid Gordon
01/17/2023 17:38:08
"Great environment and people so caring for me and my pet "
- David Bryant
01/17/2023 17:15:46
"Vet on Sunday was very thorough and helpful. "
- John Kistner
01/16/2023 19:13:16
"Thank you for seeing Barkley during an emergency visit and helping bring him back from being so sick. "
- Melissa Carney
01/16/2023 18:11:26
"The staff is always so helpful "
- Kim Honeycutt
01/15/2023 20:53:30
"Had a hard time paying and holding the leash- need a hook at the desk to hold my leash. You used to have one there.-"
- Linda Huneycutt
01/15/2023 05:00:19
"Always a pleasant experience "
- Sharon Pate
01/13/2023 21:05:59
"completely satisfied and happy"
- Patricia Espinosa
01/13/2023 17:21:07
- Salinda Westphal
01/13/2023 14:50:12
"Lily's skin problems much improved. Think Omega 3 and probiotics have helped."
- Martha Brown
01/12/2023 21:44:53
"We and our babies receive excellent care when we go for a visit"
- Jeanette Bergmann
01/12/2023 20:08:43
"Appts are made timely as well as notices given. Staff knowledgable and helpful and have a family like atmosphere "
- Susan Eaton
01/11/2023 22:08:40
"I am so impressed and grateful for the cat expertise of Dr. Fogg. She is very knowledgeable and clearly loves cats. "
- Merry Miller
01/11/2023 18:00:03
"The only reason I have stayed at Robinson animal hospital is Dr Fogg. And I will not see Dr. Hinkle ever again."
- Blair Reed
01/10/2023 23:56:42
"Staff is very friendly and always squeezes Pierre in for his monthly teeth trim"
- Debra Cisowski
01/10/2023 10:36:07