"We've been to several vet clinics and have decided to stay with Robinson's, even though there is another facility across the street from my house. Everyone is so nice and attentive and at the ready to help our furbabies. We love you guys!"
- Sue Brown
12/08/2023 14:26:30
"Dr Khan was so caring and explained everything so well. We appreciate that! And the nursing staff was wonderful. So thankful we have you!!"
- Judy Earp
12/08/2023 11:08:48
"Everyone was great. Kept me informed of what they were doing and why. Went over medication and made sure I understood. "
- Elizabeth Carmack
12/07/2023 03:09:52
"You are doing a great job."
- Gary House
12/06/2023 17:09:08
"I have been to both Gray and Peoples St and i cannot brag enough on the staff and doctors. Everyone is so kind and caring and the doctors are so personable and understanding. Wonderful facilities and i will not take my pets anywhere else"
- Autumn Messer
12/06/2023 14:36:32
"Our cat care is fantastic! Dr Fogg, dr Moore and P are such a huge asset to the Robinson’s team . I think it’s been an improvement having caring vets at this hospital. We’ve gotten over our bad experiences there and focus on the good things. "
- Lisa Kerley
12/06/2023 14:11:43
"Great experience, everyone was terrific with Lilly. She was not afraid. "
- Shannon Dykes
12/05/2023 19:07:49
"Great experience. I was able to get right in. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Christina Ridings
12/02/2023 18:10:49
"My puppy is my baby and I would not entrust him to anyone else. Everyone cared for him as if he was their own. The instructions after his surgery were clear. "
- Joan Stark
12/02/2023 17:45:38
"No problems. Helpful staff. "
- Shanon Savage
12/02/2023 14:22:41
"My overall experience was excellent. The staff were very efficient, courteous and well versed in their positions. "
- Melissa Shelton
12/02/2023 10:57:02
"The appointment was great, the only thing I didn't care for was the long wait . I would still never take my dogs to any other vet as I am completely happy with you."
- Diane Andes
12/02/2023 00:43:23
"Fantastic, I was able to get an emergency appointment very quickly. The vet was very knowledgeable and communicated well what options were available. The process was fairly quick and everyone was very kind."
- Luthien Baker
12/01/2023 23:13:40
"Gave shots to my cat with loving care. Thank you Robinson Animal Hospital. "
- Marie Graves
12/01/2023 17:28:12
"Everyone was very welcoming and helpful!"
- Tammy Minor
12/01/2023 17:16:28
"Rosco and I enjoyed our time at Robinson vet in Gray sometimes we go in there just to visit and we are always welcome thank you all for giving my fur baby such great care "
- Tammy Reed
12/01/2023 15:50:55
"I stopped to refill a prescription for revolution for my cat at Watauga. Was happy to find out that though I got it at Peoples Street first time it could also be filled at a closer office. I was taken care of within a few minutes.😊"
- Marie Saltys
12/01/2023 12:27:01
"Good job "
- Kathy Peltier
12/01/2023 01:36:16
" Ease of making an appointment, experienced vet and competent staff."
- Katrina Talbert
11/30/2023 11:36:09
"Excellent "
- Ted West
11/29/2023 17:55:18
"Great place! My dog loves it there."
- Jill Dillow
11/29/2023 15:30:24
"I think they are doing an excellent job. They are always very polite and supportive. "
- Melba Hughes
11/28/2023 23:00:06
"Always try to help anyway you can and I appreciate you so much "
- Judy Crouch
11/28/2023 16:35:07
"You guy's are doing great!"
- Debbie Hampton
11/28/2023 12:04:39
"I have nothing to complain about other than the price, but inflation has affected everything worldwide, so blaming any one location for the increase would be insanity."
- Annette Kinderman
11/28/2023 03:11:20
"Dr.Hinkle is especially good with cats. My cats never get traumatized when he exams them. I would recommend him and the Robinson Animal Hospital to anyone that has pets."
- Teresa Black
11/28/2023 02:09:32
"The staff went that extra mile to make our visit a great experience "
- Chris Noel
11/27/2023 19:27:07
"My pets and I love the staff at Robinson's!"
- Betty Pierce
11/26/2023 04:04:42
"They have been responsive to my concerns about all my pets needs."
- Terecia Belcher
11/23/2023 01:42:30
"You are doing fantastic. I really appreciated the pre-surgery call from the dr. and the call after surgery. I also appreciate the time that you are open to accommodate those of us that work."
- Patti Dunn
11/22/2023 18:36:41
"Staff was friendly n willing to help. Thanks !🐕😽"
- Shirley Miller
11/22/2023 15:59:02
"Overall, I feel my pets are cared for adequately, the entire support staff is kind and knowledgeable. Most of the charges for services and medications are reasonable. The clinic facility- waiting area and treatment rooms are dated but very clean looking (and smelling) which is important. I have never seen the same Vet twice but for the most, they are knowledgeable, mostly thorough and mostly easy to talk with. The “set-up” seems to be more geared to say an “urgent care people clinic” than a neighborhood Vet Clinic or animal Hospital though. There are a few things, 4 specifically, I feel could be improved. Since I am directed above to not be shy, I will be thorough. First, Vet availability. Robinson on Foy Fitch in Gray has been our vet choice for 2 years and over those two years we have made multiple visits. Only once have we seen the same Vet. Every other time it has been a different Vet. It seems to be a revolving door. To be fair, I have not asked for any specific Vet so it could be an issue of how I my schedule our appointments. The name does imply hospital instead of clinic too. The support staff faces are familiar but not the Vets. The issue with this is the Vets don’t get familiar with the animal history. Lack of familiarity with the pets wouldn’t be terribly huge if the new/different Vets took time to review pet history/previous treatments and working treatment plans. Second, record keeping/pet treatment recall. As there does seem to be a “revolving Vet” occurrence, I would imagine that is a “known” instance and as such, the treating Vet would be prompted to write adequate notes so any receiving Vet would have some idea of history, treatments and the like. Not the case as each time I visit I have to restate the pet history and treatment every time. Also, I have made appointments and been told there are no records of our being there. Specific example: I had one issue- a rough and challenging pet illness that required several follow-up visits. The slack record keeping and revolving Vet issue compounded my situations because with each check up I had to reiterate the entire history, advise the current vet of the last Vet’s treatment plan and it got very daunting because it was treatment follow up for a litter of kittens. Third, treatment options. (Above example- expanded): I had 2 foster litters of kittens. 1 litter was positive for Pan-Luk and 1 litter had been exposed by the +Pan-luk as was my resident cat. The lack of treatment suggestions for the 2 kitten litters was- nil. I was advised to take the + litter back to the shelter to be euthanized. Little hope was given for the exposed litter. My resident cat was well vaccinated and older so outlook was very good for her. Not satisfied with that, when I went to shelter with the kittens, the shelter staff told me there was a chance and asked if I was willing to take on possibility of saving them. I was, so they supplied me with fluids and a treatment plan. Out of 9 kittens, sadly 2 were too far gone and did not make it but 7 are heathy, thriving and have great homes now. The Vet I saw for the PanLuk kittens was by far the best of all I’ve seen at any visit and she was very positive and helpful with treatment of my resident cat but for the + kittens, the most advise I got for them was take them back and bleach everything that could stand immersion in bleach solution for 10 min. She didn’t mention the 2 other cleaners that were also effective in killing the very resilient virus but weren’t as damaging as bleach. The next problem was ear mites. I received another foster kitten who needed Vet care. Before I got him, pet shelter Vet records he had been given Revolution to treat ear mites. I brought him in for double check of that and for a check of a post op infection he had. Another new vet. He did a quick look at his ears and incision site said he was good, no need for ear wash or further treatment for ear mites and finish the antibiotics for the infection. Well…a little time later and more ear scratching’ kitties! just yesterday I had to treat 4 kittens for ear mites. The original ear mite kitten plus 3 more who picked them up from him. This not only cost extra time but a lot of extra money for 4 more doses of Revolution instead of being thorough with the re-check of the first one. Lastly, scheduling/emergency and some ancillary charges. On one of my last trips in, I noticed a sign that read all same day appointments will be considered emergency and will be billed as emergency service. I don’t think that is quite fair. I believe that a standard algorithm could be devised to objectively identify what constitutes an emergency charge if there isn’t one already. This leaves one to believe there is no option for a same day visit even if the schedule allows. Visit scheduling can be padded to allow for emergency needs in many ways. Extra charges: On one of my visits with kittens I brought a “sample.” Turned out the sample wasn’t needed so I asked if they had a receptacle. The sample was disposed of - and I was charged for it. The reason it irritated me is because I could have just dropped the dodo baggie in the “doggie doo” receptacle out front had I been told there was a charge for it. As I noted in the beginning, over all, this is a fine Vet clinic. I do feel though that I would find it better if I could build a better relationship with the Vet. “Any available” is definitely fine for an emergency situation, but a scheduled visit for check ups and the like with a known Vet would be appreciated. If that’s not available then at least a quick read over treatment notes and plans before seeing the animal would be beneficial all around. That would be easier done with thorough record keeping. Even a brief SOAP notes can still be very informative. A hint of charges beforehand would be also be appreciated."
- Renee Midgett
11/22/2023 13:50:26
"you all always take great care of my girl"
- Michael Powell
11/22/2023 13:22:34
"Dr. P is the best. He takes excellent care of our cat, Rambo. He really cares about the well being of your pet."
- Gail Lyons
11/22/2023 11:13:18
"The Dr listened to my Concerns and addressed each one."
- Linda Dewald
11/21/2023 17:22:47
"Great experience! "
- Sloan Rainwater
11/21/2023 14:28:00
"I have been a client with RAH for decades, and I have no complaints. The vet techs are friendly, and the vets are top notch. I sure do miss verbally sparring with MOMO-Mean Old Mean Old Dr. Robinson, but his legacy continues to thrive."
- Danny Trent
11/21/2023 12:54:10
- Teresa Maness
11/20/2023 02:34:10
"The girl that came in first was not very knowledgeable of my questions. The doctor came in for a quick moment. He never ask if I had questions or concerns. My cat got blood and vaccines. I wasn’t in formed on what type of vaccine she was getting. The lady at the front desk had to go ask the doctor for some of the questions I didn’t get to ask.My cat is 7 months, no diet plan was discussed. I felt confused when I left . "
- Hiwatha Baker
11/19/2023 12:51:47
"The communication is complete and understandable. Billy doesn't mind coming into the facility and is willing to go with the vet techs."
- Patricia Mosman
11/18/2023 19:57:54
"Wonderful experience! The tech was very patient with Fynley, even sitting in the floor and reaching behind the chair to comfort her with treats before checking/swabbing her ears. "
- Kris Fisher
11/18/2023 13:27:25
"Our interaction with staff was excellent, but the estimation for weight time was off. We were told their activities would take about 10 minutes when it took closer to 30. Everything else was great."
- Allen Coates
11/17/2023 21:07:15
"Staff was very polite and helpful!"
- Craig Johnson
11/17/2023 14:21:38
"Personnel friendly and helpful"
- Naomi Shell
11/16/2023 16:08:06
"I love that there are 2 entrances to come in and leave. My dog is huge and when he sees another dog, it is hard for me to handle him. Another client came in with her dog and the receptionist asked her to wait until I left through the front door, before bringing her dog around. I truly appreciated that. One thing I would suggest, having a leash holder under the front counter. While trying to pay and balance the leash and my purse, it can be difficult. I have been to other clinics and they have a leash holder to put my pet on, so that I can be a little bit hands free while paying."
- Shelly Lawrence
11/16/2023 14:27:30
"I brought my two Weimaraners in for their yearly check up. Staff was excellent with my girls. They kept me informed every step and check they was going to do for my girls. The visit went smooth and we all left happy."
- Kenny Young
11/16/2023 12:55:55
"I felt the vet was very caring towards my cat and tested him well"
- Lorraine Veltri
11/16/2023 12:20:54
"Doing Great. "
- Judy Wilson
11/15/2023 20:19:15
"When I get ready to check out it would be easier if there was a better method to check out. Currently you have your pet and you have to take care of them and search for you card or form of payment. There used to be a hook for your leash to hold your dog while you checked out. "
- Sam Mosier
11/14/2023 17:01:28
"I have no complaints. Staff are all very helpful and pleasant. Dr is caring and explains everything"
- John Arnold
11/14/2023 15:09:35
"Front desk greeting quick, efficient, friendly, professional. Interaction with Dr. Hinkle the same…. He listened, understood our concerns, asked questions, helped to formulate a plan going forward."
- Barbra Hess
11/14/2023 12:55:07
"Your practice needs to be more knowledgeable of other modalities like herbs homeopathy acupuncture etc. "
- Eddie Moreno
11/14/2023 11:42:11
"Awesome job! Friendly and helpful staff!!"
- Rachel Swoboda
11/13/2023 21:25:38
"I brought my cat in for an emergency visit over a weekend and I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the facility and kindness of everyone there on a Sunday afternoon! The only feedback I have is that I wish they had given me an estimate of the cost prior to administering medication/treatment so I was prepared and could make an informed decision. Getting to the check-out desk and learning the final amount was a bit of a shock. Otherwise I loved our visit and the team there."
- Erica Tompkins
11/13/2023 17:05:34
"You all are great! Been with you almost 10years. I wouldn't take my babies anywhere else. You all are doing a great job!"
- Jessica Taylor
11/13/2023 15:45:10
"I was disappointed that you no longer offer topical flee/tick treatment meds. I do not trust the 12 week pills since I have a grin whose Great Pyrenees was killed by this medication and a second friend's Alaskan Husky experienced severe seizures for several months after taking. I refuse to allow these medications to be administered to Auggie. They may be FDA approved. I assume the payment to gain that approval was great. However, they should not have been approved, in my opinion."
- Daniel Moon
11/13/2023 14:39:59
"Whenever I visit the clinic in Gray I am greeted quickly by the staff and they make sure Iget what I need."
- Deborah Morgan
11/12/2023 21:29:18
"Friendly staff "
- Brian Buckner
11/11/2023 14:57:20
"Really appreciate the care shown for our pups!! It is reassuring to have quality caring people. ❤️❤️🐾🐾❤️❤️"
- Karen Schavrien
11/10/2023 23:57:25
"My dogs were happy and healthy at pick-up. Thanks for keeping them fed, watered, rested, healthy and safe while I was away! I did not hear of any issues with my high anxiety dog, so I assume his anxiety level was lower on this visit. My only disappointment was that my freezer packs were not placed in my cooler. My cooler was returned with my dogs Vetsulin, but my freezer packs were not in the cooler, and I did not notice this until I arrived at home. I had a 45-minute drive home on a warm day, so the full vial of insulin and almost empty vial of insulin was not kept cool. This was overly concerning to me but all I can do is hope that the expensive insulin has not spoiled."
- Tracy Murray
11/09/2023 14:38:21
"Any visit I have brought Zarie and Jackie in has been a great experience. Each veterinarian that took care of Zarie and Jackie took their time and checked them over and gave me the information I needed. The staff was very welcoming, very nice and polite and business. "
- Donna Ingram-Hatchett
11/09/2023 11:03:39
"We have used Robinson for multiple pets through the years and continue to trust Robinson with our pet's care."
- Paul McDaniel
11/08/2023 12:44:10
"Everyone is always so welcoming and willing to answer all of my questions . I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else."
- Diana Bowers
11/08/2023 11:47:13
"I'd spent an anxious Sunday worrying that Jasper might have an intestinal blockage and need emergency surgery. When I called the office at 7am Monday, I got an appointment immediately. We were put in an exam room as soon as we arrived. Dr. Hinkle was in surgery, so there was quite a wait, but Jasper got the diagnosis and care he needed and I got a clear explanation of his condition and instructions about signs to watch for, and was told when to return if he did not recover as expected. "
- Janice Hornburg
11/07/2023 15:50:32
"Sweet staff! Wasn’t there to long!"
- Chelesa Roark
11/07/2023 15:11:51
"Everyone is so nice and they always have kind words about my Asia. "
- Jerrie Sanders
11/07/2023 14:07:15
"Every member of the staff was very friendly and answer education all my questions. Dr Kennedy took the time to return and review the estimate for Sam’s care and was very engaging while doing so. Other providers might have acted inconvenienced by being asked to review the plan. "
- Robert Beals
11/06/2023 12:29:40
"I needed a weekend appointment because my regular vet was closed and I got right in. When I arrived I went to a room immediately and the vet and tech came in within 2 minutes. I've never had any other doctor come so quickly which I loved and he was so loving with my dog. The facility was clean and decorated nice too."
- Cindel Baker
11/06/2023 09:46:15
"I love Robinsons! I feel like the staff really listens and cares for my dog. "
- Penny McElroy
11/05/2023 20:04:37
"Excellent visit. No waiting. "
- Teresa Holsclaw
11/05/2023 18:45:44
"All good, very receptive staff, vet is great as usual. Thank you much for taking care of Jane. Could use better seating in the waiting room 😃"
- Ronnie Hensley
11/05/2023 13:30:17
"Best Vet in JC! I so appreciate the fact that you have the after hrs pet emergency service- I hope I never have to USA it!"
- Dr Becky Copeland
11/05/2023 12:57:22
"Excellent care for my sick baby. "
- Martha Buck
11/04/2023 21:17:07
"Staff is friendly and efficient. Bldg. Is clean and pleasant. "
- Karen Nelms
11/04/2023 13:52:15
"Good friendly interactions. Good staff at entry desk. Thanks."
- Robert Armistead
11/04/2023 02:47:58
"Doing great! Entire staff is friendly and really cares about the animals."
- Neil Macdonald
11/03/2023 21:39:51
"Thank you for the great care and excellent service to our pet Blackie. "
- Pre-school Central Baptist
11/03/2023 15:34:20
"Very accommodating, very friendly and experienced staff"
- Vickie McClurg
11/03/2023 14:15:36
"my husband came in and has Aphasia (language disorder from stroke) and everyone was very patient and understanding. He brought in a note from me to explain the problem but allowed him to talk as well and cared for our Lady AnnaBella with care as always. Love Robinson's and have been loyal patrons for many years with our pets."
- Roy Cline
11/03/2023 13:41:08
"Always polite and helpful. Dr Hinkle is an exceptional vet"
- Richard Nave
11/02/2023 12:51:44
"Personnel were friendly. Was able to be seen prior to my appointment time. Overall good visit. "
- Tembra Aldridge
11/02/2023 01:49:35
"I think all the staff is super kind and make it very clear they care about our pets! "
- Ashton Adkins
11/01/2023 18:02:34
"Great service"
- Dr. Judson McGowan
11/01/2023 17:22:08
"The front desk staff is wonderful."
- Amanda Haynes
11/01/2023 11:12:10
"Great staff great doctor ❤️👍"
- Bonnie Pedersen
11/01/2023 11:04:16
"I called ahead for a refill of Cassie's medicine. It was ready for me when I arrived. I paid for it and left."
- Barbara McElyea
10/31/2023 19:12:17
"Dr. Moore was excellent. My Lucie was sick and her "vet" refused to see her until 11.16.23. That was NOT acceptable. I called Robinson to see if she could be seen. Immediately got an appointment that day - she was seen and treated. She is going so much better today. I am so thankful for Robinson. I have transferred both my Linda and Lucie to Robinson. They really show you they care. Thank you, everyone., "
- Melissa Webb
10/31/2023 19:10:07
"Absolutely wonderful walked in and received my pups flea medication right away.. the front office staff was amazing and so kind."
- April Nave
10/30/2023 15:18:15
"Dr. P was amazing and the staff!! Glad there was care for my dog on a Sunday"
- Brandon Jones
10/30/2023 14:12:30
"We got seen very quickly and vet checked our pup over and read her records. He prescribed meds needed to deal with her issue. Staff were very friendly."
- John Kistner
10/30/2023 13:38:05
"I am happy with the way Robinson Animal Hospital conducts their veterinary business."
- Sharon Harbourne
10/29/2023 20:25:36
"Good I guess"
- Dennis Mull
10/29/2023 01:00:04
"I personally loved how I didn’t feel overcharged at any of our visits or made to feel less than for opting out of particular treatments or diagnostics. I appreciate a conservative approach, and being respected for the choices we make for our furry family members. I’ve been letting friends know about both great doctors we’ve seen there. Also amazing how wait time for appointments is like nonexistent but maybe we’ve just been lucky!? Either way, we are very happy to have Robinson downtown as our pet care provider! "
- Jenna Upton
10/28/2023 15:41:59
"Excellent quick service and herb did not act neurotic afterward of horrible long toe nail trim. Will definitely be bringing both my dogs there for all future care"
- Church Lori
10/28/2023 07:44:39
"The care given to Skipper is thorough and kindly administered. I know that my pets will receive good care on every visit."
- David Clegg
10/27/2023 15:00:13
"As always, great service and friendly people."
- Russell Moore
10/26/2023 21:00:12
"Wait time was fairly long after we got in exam room, but care was excellent"
- Kathy Isakson
10/26/2023 14:12:20
"Dr. Hinkle is a God send he has been our vet for many years and he has never let me down on the care of our 2 fur babies. I have complete faith in him that they are getting the best care possible. He is always is always willing to discuss my problem with my pets when I call needing his help and advice. He is always prompt when I need his help. I trust his advice completely.My pets are getting old and I need his advice more than ever. It is so very important to me to know he always there willing to help. I admire him as a person and as a veterinarian He is definitely a people person. All the people working the rest of the office are exceptional as well and I greatly appreciate their helpfulness and their location is so very easy access on People's St. in Johnson City TN. Thank you so very much!!! "
- Kathy Whitson
10/26/2023 12:42:09
"Satisfied "
- Janet Baron
10/25/2023 20:40:00
"One of the staff who answers the phone at Peoples Street office does not seem to understand the basics of customer service. I am listed on my boyfriends account because he is not able to take off work to bring in our dog himself. I was told I wasn’t listed and that they could not process by phone a refund on a prescription their pharmacy could not fill. A simple look into the account would show that the last charge from the pharmacy of $49 and change was never picked up. Obviously another staff member had no trouble charging my credit card by phone. I was told to calm down and that I must drive to the office to receive the refund. Will not be using that office any longer even though it is the most convenient location. Have had nothing but problems between the front desk staff and the pharmacy rarely having medications. "
- Ryan Osborne
10/25/2023 16:57:58